Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seedy Sunday

We planned to be in Melbourne this week and this day is supposed to be Rayyan's complete corrective cardiac surgery that we have been waiting for a long long long time. However, the day before Rayyan's pre-check up before we fly off to Melbourne, on Thursday morning Rayyan fell down from the bed and fractured his collar bone. I did not realised he fractured his collar bone as this was not his first time fall down from bed. But he seems in pain the whole morning and I had to rush to a meeting with my supervisor after he settled down to have his morning nap after breakfast. My husband brought him to the hospital after he finished work and Rayyan had his X-rayed confirming that he had a minor fracture in his collar bone. So Rayyan had to wear a sling now for about 2 weeks. Of course, the next day for his cardiac appointment the nurse and doctors were stunned to see someone had a fractured collar bone when he is set to be operated. After discussion with the surgoen in Melbourne, the surgery will be postponed for about a month until Rayyan collar bone is properly healed. We are having a difficult time to make sure Rayyan not hurting himself, with a sling in one hand, he still attempt to climb the sofas and bed. Although he is already 17months old now, he is just learning how to walk a few steps and he weights 8 kilogram. It amaze us to see Rayyan with a sling and out of breath (due to his condition), he is still determine or stubborn to walk  a few paces carefully. I honestly don't know how I survived last week.
So, I thought I could not participate Seedy Sunday at Glandore Communtiy Garden which is organised by Seed-Savers Group Adelaide where you bring your excess seeds,seedlings or cuttings and share with other seed-savers because we were supposed to be in Melbourne.  But due to our bad luck, we managed to join in this group of wonderful people. I always wanted to join in but I am actually a very shy person. I needed something to boost up my spirit after a very busy and eventful week. I would like to thank Andrea and other people inviting me to this Seedy Sunday and made me feel so welcome.
I made a seed inventory and my seed wish list last month, from this 'Seedy Sunday" most of my wish is fullfilled and I am so happy! So many seeds and bulb will be my first attempt at growing them, I hope in my hands they will grow well. I never dreamed that I can have a go at growing potato onions and elephant garlic this year.Any idea how to plant potato onions? My mother was so happy to meet someone that is very generous to share some blue iris (Japanese~ayame) rhizomes. She planted it almost immediately after we reached home.
I have always wanted to try dragon carrots and looks like this autumn we will be growing them. Hopefully in early spring, we have colourful carrot harvest as we plan to grow other afghan carrot variety as well.
I was planning to buy some parsnip seeds but there were parsnip seeds on Seedy Sunday! My umbellifers seed wish list has all been ticked off~ fennel, chervil and parsnip. We also got some parsley and dill seeds.

This are silverbeet seeds look similarly like lettuce. I really have to plan my cold-season planting very well as there are many new seeds I am trying this time which I have never even eaten these western vegetables before like silverbeet, red chard and rainbow chard. There are also other new brassicas seeds that will be introduced in our garden mizuna, purple sprouting broccoli and giant purple mustard that comes from Seedy Sunday.  I learn a lot from this Seedy Sunday about seeds and meeting people dedicated with collecting seeds is very inspiring and motivated me more to collect my own seed as well.


rainfield61 said...

I learn from what you have learned. And this carries on as long as the chain never break.

And this will always bring good luck to you.

~TastyTravels~ said...

Sorry about Rayyan's surgery being postponed. I hope his recovery is speedy so he can have the surgery. You are in my thoughts!

Congrats on getting a lot of cool new seeds to try!

Veggie Gnome said...

It was lovely to meet you, and I am very glad you overcame your shyness and joined us! You are welcome to more spring bulbs in a few months' time.

I am happy to hear your mum planted the irises! There are more colours in our garden and we can dig up some more.

I forgot to take some of your white hollyhock seeds! Would you believe that?! Do you still have some left? If so, I'd love some. Please? :)

All the best to your little one! :)

miruku said...

I'm so sorry to know Rayyan fractured his collar bone and the operation has to be postponed. You're a tough mommy and i hope he will get well soon. Poor Rayyan!

p3chandan said...

Kesian Ryyan..I guess kids his age is very boisterous and hyperactive with lots of mishap, I know how tough to control and take care of them when they were at that age, as I got 3 boys!But you are one super mom Diana, you can juggle study, kids, gardening, blogging and what else, just amazing! Anyway, a silver lining in the unfortunate thing that happened, was you got your wish list from Seed Savers Group! Thats a lot of seeds for you to plant!

Mr. H. said...

I'm so sorry about the boy's collar bone and hope that he is able to recover quickly...poor little guy. It is really neat that you have a seed savers group in your area and were able to attend. What a nice variety of plants you will be able to grow now...how exciting. I can't wait to see your purple carrots.:)

Alison said...

I'm so glad to hear that you have met a bunch of seed-savers, and have found most of the seeds you wanted. You will have so much fun growing new stuff!

Sorry to hear about your little one's mishap. Hope he heals well, and there are no more problems leading up to his surgery.

CathJ said...

Oh gosh.. so sorry to hear that.. I hope things will become better soon..

handling kids is not that easy.. oh dear...same here..

I hope your boy will recover soon and can go thru the operation smoothly... (so heartache to hear.. but wish you all a smooth progress)

take care.. be strong..

Sue Garrett said...

Poor Rayyan what really bad luck.

We are going to grow elephant garlic for the first time this year too! And thank you for the seeds they arrived in the post today.

cinafong said...


Did you get my email? Having a little trouble with my internet connection here. Nice seeds there.

shaz said...

Poor Rayyan. He sounds like a very determined little guy though :) Great spirit.

Wow, you sure collected a whole heap of interesting seeds, can't wait to see what sprouts.

Stephanie said...

I hope both you and Rayyan are better now. Keep faith high and pray for full healing through the surgery ;-)

Your seeds delights me. It's difficult for me to collect seeds from my garden. They either wiped off by rain or scorched by the sun before I could harvest them.

Malar said...

Hope Rayyan feel better soon and the surgery will take place on the appointed date! You're one tough cookie!
Your seeds look good! You're really a determined gardener! I learn a lot from you!

James David said...

Boys being boys, they are full of energy. I remember my son fractured his finger but nothing stopped him from having his fun.
Don't worry - soon you will find Rayyan jumping around after all the ordeal and you might just remember back again - just after few years when another friend or blogger mentione theris experience to you.

Makarimi Abdullah said...

I hope Rayyan will be fine, you are super mom. You still can manage your emotion, facing something burden your mind and heart. You still can blogging and the same time gardening and you are studying PhD. I salute you Diana. Be patience everything gonna be Ok and maybe better. I pray for your little boy Rayyan. If I join the seeds weeks, I thinks I just can bring along my orchid rhizomes and dragon fruit plant haa..haa, too shy.
I hope everything going well for coming weeks and future for you and your family.

kitchen flavours said...

I hope Rayyan will recover very soon. My heart skipped when I read that he has fractured a collar bone. Will pray for his speedy recovery and a smooth operation. You are a good and brave mommy!
Glad to know that you have enjoyed the Seedy Sunday. It is great to exchange seeds and tips on gardening. Looks like you will be kept busy with many new seeds and new anticipation for the plants that you have not grown before! Happy gardening!

cikmanggis said...

Siannya Rayyan.Semoga cepat sembuh.Jika patah tulang masa kanak kanak insyallah cepat sembuh.Cm patah colar bone masa umur dah tua hingga sekarang masih rasa kesannya dan belum sembuh dengan sempurna..

Kagumnya dengan biji benih yang Diana ada.Biji parsnip tu,Cm tak pernah lihat lagi.Terima kasih kerana berkongsi ilmu sebegini.Banyak yang Cm dapat pelajari.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Rainfield61~ All of us learn from each other. It is a wonderful thing.

Holly~ Thank you. The challenge with the seeds I received is how am I going to squeeze on all this in my tiny plot;-).

Veggie Gnome~ Thank you for making us feel so welcome. I would certainly look forward for the next event. You are very welcome to have some of the hollyhock seeds. Just send me your address and I send it to you via post. No worries.

Milka~ I think I am growing many white hairs now with this so many unexpected surprise;-).

p3chandan~ Like my mom said maybe there is a reason for all this. Mana tahu mungkin ada sesuatu yg kita tak tahu akan berlaku, mungkin lebih baik untuk Rayyan tangguh operation dia. Baru 2 boys dah pening...tapi mak nak cucu lagi katanya kena cuba anak perempuan.

Mr. H~ I am excited to try them but according to the seed-saver group that this variety bolt easily in our weather. Lots of new adventure this year!

Alison~ Thank you I am preparing myself to be mentally and physically strong when the hard time comes.

CathJ~Thank you dear, now we know how our mama took care of us when we were little. Constantly worrying about us when we were a child even now when we even have our own kids:).

Sue~ That is wonderful, hope you have heaps of fun with the seeds. Yours are the first one to arrived.

Cinafong~ Sorry I forgot to inform you that the seeds will be posted hopefully by next week because my mama will help me post it through Pos Malaysia as she will be back home tomorrow. The seeds are all ready pack in an envelope address to you.

Shaz~ Rayyan surprise us many times with his determination and stubborness. But those qualities help him to be strong and cope with his unperfect heart till now.

Stephanie~ It can be quite tricky sometimes collecting seeds when we cannot control the force of nature.

Malar~ Gardening is my salvation when I need to gather my strength to get through a very hectic and eventful time.

James Missier~ Yes boys will be boys. They have their own mind. One day a friend surprise me by saying that I got so many things on my plate but I managed to get through it all. If I reflect again on what happened, I am surprised we did fine getting through those hard time.

Orchid de dangau~ You must post about your dragon fruit all of us are curious. Oh if you join in with orchid rhizomes and dragonfruit that will be the main things that people quickly grab and keep in their bag!There were times I did not think I will managed with my studies. But due to my supervisor and labmates that help me to keep my research on track, I am surprised I actually managed to do it rather than dropping out.

Kitchen flavours~I hope I can be a better mommy for him. Kesian at him, sometimes I have to rely on others to take good care on him when I have to juggle with other responsibilities.

CikManggis~Saya yakin dia boleh cepat sembuh sebab operation dia pertama kali masa umur 7 minggu cepat je dia sembuh dan luka luar pun parut cepat hilang. Adui, ada sebelah tangan nak pakai pun lasak sangat. Saya pun pertama kali tengok benih parsnip, terkejut juga rupanya bentuk macam ni.

fer said...

I hope Ryan is ok. I think his activeness is a good sign that he will do well. I am sure he will heal fast and be ready for the next step in no time.

Sorry I didn't post earlier, I got knocked down by a mean cough and got to rest a bit.

Hope you are good.
thank you very much for the seeds!