Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Frontyard (四月)

Our frontyard is a bit messy at the moment. If you walk in through the driveway this is the first patch which hot fiery red chilies, bright colours of African Marigold blooms, Da  cheong chae and purple giant mustards interplanted with broccolies will welcome you.
As you walk in further...
What is covering the ground?
Sweet potato plants.
I don't really think it is still ready to be harvested,
but I might be behind schedule for growing cool season vegetables in this area.
This patch received the most sunlight compare to other areas in the garden.
Then this perennial Lebanese eggplant turn to welcome you.
It was growing in pots in 2010summer, last spring I re-planted this plant in this patch.
It grown twice taller and bear more fruits last 2011 summer than 2010.
I was thinking of clearing this patch because it was getting colder and it has stop fruiting. However, warm weather last week have trigger the plant to bloom. This week, we see some fruit developing. So the plant stays there a little bit longer.

As you near the frontdoor, this patch is growing volunteer potatoes (nicola). The plants decided for me what to grow in this patch, so I let them do what they want. I just sowed a row of bush peas at the middle which has just sprouted. At the back, hollyhocks, when are you going to bloom almost a year now? Hopefully next spring.
Have a nice week!


Chloe m said...

You are having quite a lot of success with your marigolds.
Can't wait to see your Hollyhocks.

kitchen flavours said...

You call that messy, I call that "I wish it's my messy garden!"

Mark Willis said...

How long does an eggplant plant live then? Can you treat it as a perennial? I never grow eggplant myself, but I had always assumed that they were annuals.

JGH said...

That's great that you're still getting eggplant blooms!

Lrong Lim said...

Looks like your garden is still on the go, despite the changing season...

One said...

Joy has said it for me! You call that messy?!!!

You write Chinese? I thought you learned Japanese.

I didn't mention that my photos were taken in Kuala Selangor but you knew. I wanted to mention it only in my next post. I better mention it in case everyone thought they are in my garden.

Hughbert said...

One: looks like Japanese to me, katakana I'm guessing, but it's been a while :-) Chinese characters usually look a bit busier than those to my eyes.
My eggplants are still going, I sowed an heirloom mix and I've mainly had luck with the 'Slim Jim' variety. A few of the others are fruiting now but who knows if anything will come of it...
My hollyhocks are doing the same thing as yours... six months in the ground, bushy but no stem yet!!

Stephanie said...

Such a wonderful front yard. A. marigolds are marvellous! You have a nice week too.

shaz said...

What a lovely walk up to your door :) My mini eggplant suddenly decided to flower too. I have one lone fruit on it now. I thought they were a summer crop! I'm definitely going to try to grow some sweet potato when spring comes, cos I like to eat the leaves.

cikmanggis said...

bagusnya!!!guna ruang yang ada secara maxima..tiada ruang yang kosong.Kebun Cm agak terbiar 2-3 hari ni.

p3chandan said...

Wah, look so neat, mine is like a secondary jungle already with the mulberry bushes not trimmed! I just sown your African marigold and other seeds you gave me, hope they will germinate soon to be planted in my new flower beds.

Skeeter said...

I like this front yard as most everything is edible! Volunteer potatoes, you really have a happy garden to provide volunteers!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Rosey~ Hoping so much those hollyhocks will bloom for us.

Joyce~I don't have time to prune these days.

Mark~ Eggplants, capsicum and chilies are perenniel in tropics. These plant can produce at least 3 years. But I think it can survived in mediteranean climate through winter providing they are not expose to frost.

JGH~ The blooms was really a nice surprise.

Lrong~ A change of warm weather make them produce longer.

Kwee Peng~ That is kanji in Japanese which is Chinese Character. They just pronounce differently in Japanese. That is the second place my dad usually bring her girls for outing other than the zoo.

Hughbert~ Hollyhock are biennial but I heard that someplace it can be treated as perennial. Do you think Adelaide can make them perenniel. Only one plant gave me tall stalk of bloom in early summer. I have never tried slim Jim. But I grew in 2010 summer early long purple and it was so prolific.

Stephanie~ A. marigold are usually much taller than the one in this patch.

Shaz~You will have plenty of sweet potatoes leaves with 2 or 3 plants.

Cikmanggis~Pengantin Baru dah pergi berbulan madu ke.

p3chandan~I hope you have many seedlings from them.

Jody said...

What a beautiful display. Many of us keep our gardens in the backyard, because they're not always that pretty. Yours deserves the pride of place you've given it out front and everywhere else!

littlekarstar said...

Lovely edible front yard! So lovely. You're still getting eggplants!! It's getting frosty here already!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Skeeter~ I guess the potatoes were happy there but we are happy too with this unexpected gift.

Jody~It is difficult to make plant happy in our very sunny frontyard in summer with flower. Flower will mostly wilt.

Mrs Bok~It was a nice surprise with the eggplant that they are still wanting to fruit.