Monday, October 3, 2011

Begedil Beetroot (Beetroot Croquettes)

We entered the mid-spring season now here in Adelaide. Our fall-sowed beetroot has already starting to bolt. So this week I had to harvest most of our beetroot.  Parsnips were growing on the same patch with beetroot. So I decided to harvest everything on that veggie patch and in replacement direct-sowed some summer vegetable and flower there. 
So what to do with these beetroots?
I would like to thank Shaheen author of Allotment 2 Kitchen Blog who has kindly give me suggestion and link to her beetroot archive when she commented on my previous beetroot harvest post about how to enjoy beetroot since this is a very new vegetable in our kitchen. We like croquettes very much and I can trick my eldest to eat it because it does not have the form of vegetables anymore. All the vegetables nicely hidden inside. I really enjoyed Shaheen's beetroot croquette recipe and just change a bit of the ingredients to suit for my kids. I bet Shaheen's version is much more tasty.
500gram mashed potatoes
300gram beetroot (peeled and grated)
1 Tablespoon Sweet paprika
Small handful of fresh parsley( or coriander), minced
1/2 teaspoon salt,
1 egg, beaten,
Vegetable Oil

Combine well mashed potatoes, grated beetroot, sweet paprika, parsley and salt.
Adjust seasoning according to your liking.
Make a shape of croquette that you prefer from the mixture.
To firm up, place it on a tray and keep in fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Dip it into the beaten egg and coat it well with breadcrumbs.
Heat oil (quantity for shallow frying) at low heat.
Shallow-fry those croquettes and gently turn them for all side until golden.
Ready to serve.
This is the first time we try growing purple top turnip thanks to Mr. H (Subsistence Pattern) for the seeds. Our Ruby chards also needed to be harvest as quickly as possible this month before it bolts.
This year is a very good year of Italian sprouting broccoli for us, so many side-shoots that keep on coming since last August. However, peas were not as generous as last year. But our kids still happy with the amount or peas they can have everyday. Not enough to freeze though.
Opps...Some of the cauliflowers and broccoli were harvested too late made them loose instead compact heads.


Sunray Gardens said...

Looks great. You make things to eat look really good.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Cat-from-Sydney said...

MKG dear,
Beautiful colours...though I still prefer beetroot juice than any other form of beet. purrr...meow!

shaz said...

Pretty purple patties:) Sedap!

Tira said...

You have lots of pretty, colorful veggies! I made grated beetroot salad on the weekend.

makcikmanggis said...

merah menyala pastinya jadi daya tarikan anak anak kecil:)..pokok bunga matahari yg Cm tanam sudah sama tinggi dengan Cm :)..bestnya Diana dapat tanam bermacam macam jenis sayuran yang tak terfikir akan tumbuh jika tanam di Malaysia.

tina said...

I love it how you combine eating food with growing food-it's always such a nice combination and so beautiful!

JGH said...

I love the color-- I harvested some beets last week too. I chopped them into cubes and roasted them in little butternut squash cups. I seem to have to add sweetness to get the kids to eat them, though.

Mias Trädgård said...

That sounds wonderful! Have to try it some time! Y`Thanks for Your comment on my blog! Have a godd day! :) Mia

kitsapFG said...

I have some beets to harvest and that recipe sounds yummy! The parsnips and beets both look good. Our parsnips are ready for harvest any time, but I am leaving them until later this fall when the rest of the crops really start slowing down.

Sue Garrett said...

I'm using beetroot now too and have just made a beetroot, onion and apple dish which I will post on later.

Barbie~ said...

Diana - THose croquettes look wonderful!

CathJ said...

sooo freshhhh.....

Unknown said...

What a lovely harvest! Those croquettes will be tried over here as well. They look just delicious:)
Have a lovely week,
Cesar's Garden

Shaheen said...

Thank you so much for the link up and kind words of support. I have to say they look spectacular; and I am liking your adaptation.

Mark Willis said...

Have you tried this comination: boiled beetroot, Broad Beans and Feta cheese (or equivalent, tangy, salty chesse)?

Liz said...

Those beetroot croquettes look lovely! I love your turnips - very pretty what did you use them for?

ejaMaria said...

seronoknya menuai... ;p

One said...

I came here to salute you! You make growing food and making food so easy and inspiring. I'm too far behind and would not try to catch up anymore...

MaDiHaA a.k.a Ratna said...

seronoknya... banyak sayur yg dituai... pertama kali MaDiHaA makan beetroot masa try 3 days diet.. hahaha.. tp itu masa zaman sebelum kawin lah.. skrg ni.. dah tak buat lagi dah.. tempohari beli beetroot utk buat kek pula.. beetroot ada rasanya yg tersendiri kan..

Kelli said...

Beautiful harvest. The purple top turnips look great. Your broccoli looks super. Recipe looks really good too.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Cher~I think the camera has to take the credit for the trick to make it look good.

Cat-from-Sydney~I still have not brace myself for some raw beetroot juice;-).

Shaz~Had fun rolling it and getting purple palms.

Nicole~Your grated beetroot salad sounds good.

Makcikmanggis~Wah cepatnya tinggi bunga matahari CM. Seronok tengok tinggi mana bunga matahari boleh pergi.

Tina~Now I know thinking and preparing what the garden provide us can be sometime challenging. Its different with buying where you can cook anything as you can buy whatever needed for a dish. But its fun. Never know what I can harvest each week. The garden plan our dinner.

JGH~Sounds delicious and fun. Healthy food for the kids!

Mias Tradgard~Good day to you too. I wish I have an apple tree when I look at your big apple harvest.

Sue~Look forward to read your post on how you enjoy your beetroot harvest.

Barbie~Its different from the normal croquettes that I usually eat. An interesting first taste experience for us.

CathJ~Nothing beats home-grown.

Madame C~Thanks. We did enjoyed this croquettes and plan to make some again in the future.

Shaheen~Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe. We had so much fun making it. It makes us want to grow more beetroots again.

Mark~I just saw this recipe in one the cookbook I borrowed from our local library this afternoon. Feta Cheese is not something familiar to us. Perhaps when we have a chance growing broad bean we will have to try this recipe.

Liz~Oh since we just harvest a few turnips this time. I added it into beef stew with other vegetables.

EjaMaria~Menuai seronok tapi tak sangka ambik masa lama juga nak petik sayur-sayuran tu;-).

One~I usually only cook using not many ingredients. Save time for preparation. This way can enjoy the original flavour more:).You have many fruit to enjoy in your garden.

MaDiHaA~Tak tahu pula beetroot ada kuasa untuk kurangkan berat badan. Macam ni rasa nak rajin pula tanam lagi banyak beetroot dan masak beetroot...hehehe...Dekat Malaysia beetroot mudah dapat di pasar malam? Beetroot ada rasa manisnya tersendirikan. Dulu saya tak faham kenapa orang suka makan beetroot.

Kelli~I wish we have some potatoes like your beautiful harvest.

Shawn Ann said...

beautiful! The parsnips look great! I can't wait to harvest mine. Not too much longer!

Wendy said...

Wow, what a beautiful color on those croquettes! I love using beets in cooking. Gorgeous harvests as usual!

lena said...

purple pretty! alway envy your harvests!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Shawn Ann~Hope you have a good parsnip harvest!

Wendy~It was fun making them.

Lena~ I imagine purple turnip like gasing...hehehe...I still don't have that much idea to cook turnip. Any suggestion?