Monday, May 7, 2012

Thank you for your advise about the stolen post

I hope everyone benefit from comments@advise from my previous posting by blogger friends about stolen post/photos about what to do when your post has been stolen or how to prevent them from being taken. I really appreciate each helpful advise and your kind support. I have reported to blogger and gave them 10URL postings from the thief blog that belongs to me and blogger has taken action within less than a day  to delete this 10postings from that theif blog. It will take me sometime to report more than 300 posts that it is still there. Hmmm...wondering how to convince blogger to close that theif blog account since it will be much easier for me.
Any suggestion?
I have just left comment to the theif blog today about deleting all my post on that blog will see what that person will do.

Daphne reminded us that there is a link at the top to report abuse example for stealing copyrighted material.

Autumn Belle gave 3 points to protect your copyright:
1) Install 'right click disabled' on the blog post.
2) Insert watermarks in photos
3) Insert a copyright message in all blog post.

You can also get the right click disabled code from Herny to copy the code.

Tina give good tips for 'Feed Setting', better set it to short than a full one. My Feed setting was full so I think that is the reason it was easier to copy the whole post. Thus, I have changed it to short. 

There are also several good links from blogger friends as well left in the comments from my previous post.

Cooking varieties has recently posted about stealing other blogger post.

A few posts/photos being stolen is not unusual but all of your postings will be too much. Hope many benefits from my unfortunate experience and helpful to alert other blogger especially new members in the blogger community.
It has taken me years to gain confidant on myself for speaking publicly about my thoughts and share my experience by blogging. Instead of keeping quiet about this matter, I decided to take action. I was annoyed this time because some family personnel post is there as well such as Rayyan previous surgery postings. 
To be more positive thinking and on a cheerful sight from our garden space,  we got bitter gourd, capsicum, cucumber, beans and eggplant for fresh harvest for last week and hopefully this week too. Beet roots are also available for fresh picking (notice anything on the beetroot?).
To avoid our only 5 jicama (yam bean) plants tuber from getting rotten, I harvested them earlier this year compared to last year as the weather can be under 15 degree Celsius at night now. Jicama tubers are very sensitive with cold, prone to rot. Harvested tubers were about the same size last year but last year harvest was much sweeter. I think because we have warmer summer this year so less moisture in the soil effect the taste. Two of the tubers are really small though and one has cracked indicates not given enough water. These was sowed in October and growing in container with okra. The plants did produce buds but they never bloom here. However, early January I went back to Malaysia and did manage to sow some jicama seeds in my mother garden. My cousin reported that there are jicama flower blooming in my mother garden and some has produce seed pods to save seeds from the ones I sowed. Jicama really likes humidity and needs plenty of moisture to grow well. It will be a challenge for hot and dry summer to grow them but it still can be fun not impossible.
I grow kangkong for 3 years in our garden during warm season.
But this is the first time, the kangkong plant gave me a bloom.
I was really surprised.
I would not notice it, if I don't water the plant in the morning last weekend,
That is why there are water droplets on the plant.
I did not one to bore anyone with my kangkong harvest this week, 
so I like to share the kangkong bloom instead.
Resemble closely to morning glory since they belong to the same family.

I still left many question in comments unanswered yet.
Will reply, sorry for the wait though.


Lrong Lim said...

Wow, Diana, having our blog posts stolen is serious stuff... I am not sure if this has happened to me... compared to text, I am more concerned about my photos... hence, the unmistakable watermark on all my photos... anyway, hope blogger can delete the thief's blog... it is more efficient, so to say...

Liz said...

I'm glad that they have started to delete the stolen posts. I'm also glad you had a nice harvest this week. The beetroot looks huge, the jicama look interesting and very impressed that you are still getting cucumber - mine came out about a month ago.

Unknown said...

So sorry about your stolen blog posts. Your harvest looks great -- that beet is wonderful!

kitsapFG said...

I am glad Blogger has responded promptly to your reports. Frustrating to have to deal with.

Your harvest (as always) have lots of variety again this week. You really do grow a lovely mix of things in your garden.

Sue Garrett said...

It's a pity that they won't remove the whole blog in one go. I can't imagine why anyone would want to copy your personal posts and surely to incorporate photos of your children is totally unaccpetable on lots of levels!

I've added a copyright message in my post feeds and set a Google alerts for the copyright text.

I'm loathe to shorten the feed as doing this prevnets me using other settings that I want to use.

Amber said...

how do you right click disable???

Amber said...

Oh and how did you find out someone was doing this???

rainfield61 said...

What a lesson learnt.

And I wonder if there is anyone out there "using" my content to "fool " around.

Amber said...

OK figured it out...thanks. Still wonder how you knew. Glad they took them down.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

And my offer to claw out some eyes glad to be of service. purrr.....meow!

pooks said...

For me, any harvest with a glossy eggplant in the middle of it is gorgeous, but your addition of pink roses truly set it off!

Daphne Gould said...

I love the flower. It does remind me of a morning glory.

tina said...

You are very welcomed for some tips I learned the hard way. Your veggies look great!

Julie said...

It's crazy that people will steal blog posts! Thanks for the link about how to disable right clicking. I have gotten lazy about putting watermarks on my images. I thought.. who would want to steal a picture of beets or carrots?

africanaussie said...

I am glad that you got it sorted out, and really it would be better if they just closed down the entire blog. I have never had much success with jicama - also small bulbs. I left one in for longer this year, and need to dig it up and see if it got a little bigger. I normally harvest one the vine dies down and you are supposed to remove the flowers and pods to get bigger bulbs. I bought kang kong at the markets a week ago and they have developed roots. I hear they like swampy ground - to you grow in a regular pot and water lots or in water? I don't want to attract mosquitoes.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Sounds like you've gotten some results. I've learned a few things from everyone's comments as well.

The happy harvest is good to see!

Mac said...

Sorry the contents of your blog were stolen, glad blogger responded to the complaint. It's hurtful and disgusting when dishonest people steal from others. I have had my food blog photos stolen and sold, I finally decided to close the blog.

You've nice varied harvest as always, I've never grown jicama before, I don't think it likes our dry hot summer.

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Diana, I'm glad that at least blogger has taken immediate action, which is good. It's good that you have listed out the links on what to do for stolen posts!
Your harvest all look very good. I thought of trying to grow turnips. But I was so discouraged by my radish. Out of 8 seedlings only two managed to grow at the moment!
Take care!

Wendy said...

Gosh - maybe i'm just really ignorant, but I just can't understand why someone would do that. Stupid. Anyway, glad you got a quick resolution!

Stephanie said...

Originals are still the best. Happy dishing up kangkong! Btw, if all goes well, I expect a precious carnation blooming soon. The plant was grown from seeds from your garden (thanks again!!).

Malar said...

Glad that you manage to find way to protect you blog! ;)
Great harvest!

Mary Hysong said...

what a great harvest! glad you found the blog thief and the posts are being deleted, but of course it would be much better if the account was simply closed.

I tried jicama once and they didn't make any roots at all. I might try again next year, now that some of my soil is in better shape.

Your beet is awesome! looks huge.

Bee Girl said...

Glad to hear that blogger is helping your to resolve the thefts. I hope it all gets taken care of shortly!

Your harvests, as always, are gorgeous! I would love to learn how to grow jicama! I'll have to do some research :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Diana, for sharing the information with us all. I will disable the right click option on my blog too. Your harvest looks great! love the gloss on your egg plant and your beat root looks so fabulous.

Kelli said...

Glad to hear Blogger has taken some action. I hope they will remove the site completely. I have read on Google Blogger web pages that they have the authority to close it down fully so hopefully that's what they will do.

Norma Chang said...

How did you find out that your blog was stolen?
Glad to know Blogger is taking action.
I wish I could grow jicama but our growing season is just way too short.

Unknown said...

i take overnight last night (since im working on night duty) to explore your is really motivated me... i love to see your beet root and daikon ...

lena said...

i'm glad that you have given some notes on what to do to prevent people from stealing posts and i hope that the person will remove all of your posts from his or her blog immediately. Hope you're alright there.

Sean L said...

Thanks for the link Diana. Blogger should just take that blog down. I love the kangkung flower! Too bad we seldom see it flower here (short day plant). Is that a worm on the beetroot?

shaz said...

That's terrible that someone stole your posts!!! People don't realise the amount of work that goes into a post.

Hugs to you and hang in there :)

Autumn Belle said...

Diana, I'm glad that you are in control now. If you have time, do read the link I gave that directs you to my affected post. At the bottom of the post, I have provided the links to info such as how to deal with Feed Scrapers, How to protect yourself from copyright infringement and how to protect your published contents in blogger.

After seeing your kangkong flower, I am hoping that mine does too.

Jennifer said...

My sympathies, Diana! I don't know that I have had whole posts stolen, but I do know that I have had pictures taken. Creating bog posts is lots of work and it is upsetting to think that someone is taking advantage. I hope you are able to work past all this. On the upside, your kankong bloom is pretty. It does look very much like a morning glory.

Sue Catmint said...

lovely post and lovely flower, hope you are starting to get over the shock and sense of violation, Diana. I don't think the internet can ever be really closely policed, and as we know there are all types out there.

James David said...

When I think about it. (stolen post)
You can actually embarrass the blogger who steals your writing-up.

1)Continue to harass him - don't give up. He will eventually give up and find another unsuspecting victim.

Good luck.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Sorry I am late to this post. I totally understand how you feel because this stolen case also happened to me. They just simply copy the whole post, pictures and recipe, and claimed that are belong to them. These peoples are no manner person ..

petite nyonya said...

i wonder what thrill the thieves get fr stealing posts. sigh!!! i just bought a packet of sengkuang seeds. thks to you i am planning to try grow it too :).

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Lrong~Even there is watermarks on my photos, some people are still using it without permission. I just found out my photos were also used for selling stuff in EBAY.

Liz~Oh the beetroot not that big actually. Its weird this year for our cucumber harvest, they produce rather late for us this year.

Allison Preiss~Thanks. Its common for stolen text but surprising for a whole post with text and images 100% same.

KitsapFG~I can't resist trying new things each season.

Sue~I need to check closely with my feeds again and put a copyright. How do you set a google alerts for the copyright text?
I do understand some settings need a full feed. But at the moment I am not using any other program since this year is rather busy to play around with new program ;-).

Amber~Glad you found the right click disable. Blogger friend give notice to me about the matter when he stumble on my stolen post.

Rainfield61~You never know...maybe someone using it silently. Your photos are beautiful someone else might make money out of it like postcards or calendars.

Cat-from-Sydney~Thank you for the offer will happily accept.

Pooks~The roses to cheer up inside the house.

Daphne~Change to purple and it will be morning glory in disguise :).

Tina~The tremendous supports received has helped me take action.

Julie~Yes sometime I too become lazy putting watermarks on my images. But surprisingly veggies pictures are also stolen by some people for selling seeds or other stuff. My photos were also used in EBAY.

Sue Garrett said...

Use the web link that I have added Diana

click here

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Africanaussie~You are right removing the flowers and pods will produce more bigger jicama tubers. But I so wanted to see the flower that I left them as they are.I grow kang kong in regular pot and make sure it has moist soil. They do well in container as well provided lots of moisture.

Gardener on Sherlock Street~Big relief that blogger took action. Wish that blogger just close the theif blog though.

Mac~Jicama likes humidity. If you provide plenty of moisture it can still produce bulb. But it does need a long growing season.

Kitchen flavours~New plants usually needs several trial to understand their requirements. I have many failure as well but I am kind of stubborn and try to find solutions ;-). For me I found long radish variety root easier to grow than globe ones as we don't have much rain here.

Wendy~I also can't understand what benefit some people to steal other person post/images except if the reason is money of course.

Stephanie~Yeah originality and experience is something other people can't take it away from you I guess :).Looking forward for your carnation to bloom, very curious what colour will it bloom.

Malar~So many methods still available to copy I guess.

Mary Hysong~Jicama needs a lot of moisture and they like humidity. Just be careful not to leave the tubers in the ground too long when the weather starts to cool down.

Bee Girl~Hope you can grow jicama next warm season. Not a fussy plant just plenty of warmth and moisture.

Sri Ranjani~I think that is the only not funny looking summer beet root that we harvested this month.

Kelli~Yeah google blogger has the authority to close it down.

Norma~ Blogger friend notified me about it since it was clearly my watermarks on the images.

Hernyhafiz~Oh lepas ni bolehlah pula cuba-cuba tanam beet root.

Lena~I have not received any reply from the thief yet. I am fine thanks.

Sean L~I did not realise it is a short day plant. Always thought it like more neutral days. My white sweet potatoes is also starting to bloom. Yes it is a worm on the beetroot.

Shaz~It does take an amount of time to get a post ready. Thanks. Hope you get use to Singapore life-style already.

Autumn Belle~I will read it closely again. Thank you so much. Hope your kangkong will bloom for you.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Jennifer~Yes creating blog post does take some work and its really upsetting when someone else took advantage. Thank you.

Catmint~Yeah I still think some of my photos or images will still be used without my permission again next time. Not really easy to monitor.

James~Hehehe...I like your suggestion.

Sonia~Yes I remember you encounter similar experience some time ago.

Petite nyonya~Good Luck with growing sengkuang :).

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Thanks Sue :)