Monday, September 20, 2010

Bonus token


















Our local newspaper ‘The Advertiser’ has printed bonus token that we can exchange the bonus token and a $1 coin for one packet of vegetable seeds from Yates company at certain outlets. Usually a packet of seeds cost about $3.00. I exchanged the bonus token for watermelon ‘Candy Red’. This summer I plan to grow ‘Cream of Saskatchewan’ watermelon that I bought from Phoenix seeds and here information written inside the packet:

Cream of Saskatchewan is originally a Russian variety that has undergone further development in Canada. It is capable of producing fruit in shorter season than is possible with standard varieties. Fruit weigh around 2~4kg with suitable cultivation. Sweet, juicy, creamy-white flesh.

After reading this information there was an alarm bell ringing in my head...I don’t think this variety will suit well with Adelaide summer. We have sometimes a week of heat wave continuously above 40 degree Celsius. A big possibility more than 50% I wager it is not suitable for our summer. But we try anyway and see how it will cope.

‘Candy Red’ watermelon will be our back up plan because it is said to be heat tolerant. So we are growing two variety of watermelon this spring.

Last year was fun growing watermelon from supermarket bought watermelon seed. The seed germination was no trouble at all and we got different shapes of watermelon fruit in one plant.

I have to search for other bonus token that I might skip and forget to cut from ‘The Advertiser’ last August editions. I suddenly remember one of last month edition there was a bonus token for free rocket seeds. Must find those bonus tokens.


Yuzie Amir said...

Hi selamat hari raya..ada mkn ketupat ke di Adelaide?
I think seeds come yates is the most reliable seed i've ever bought.i've bought strawberry seeds last month..and this week..i can see i few tiny leave come out.I'm so happy to see them in the little pot.u think better let them grow in a pot or transfer to veggie bed?u have experience planting strawberry right?

JGH said...

Growing melon is so much fun! I'm anxious to hear how the "Cream of Saskatchewan" does. I grew some tiny canteloupe called "Minnesota Midget" that were good for short growing seasons. Have never tried watermelon though!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Yuzie~ketupat tak de tapi nasi himpit ada la. Is it Alpine strawberry seeds that you bought from Yates? I have more than a year old Alpine strawberry plants that I grow from Yates seeds now fruiting almost a year round. They look great on hanging containers, pots or on the veggie bed.But if you are growing them in veggie bed just be careful with snail or other pest that like to feast on seedlings. I did a post on Alpine strawberry in July.

JGH~ I hope the "Cream of Saskatchewan" will give us some produce. Have fun with your autumn plan preparation.

Sue Catmint said...

I think you are very brave and adventurous to try to grow watermelon. It's worth trying - I would think even in Adelaide's climate if you give them water and they are in the right spot, they should do well. Part of the fun is trying, and never being able to predict the outcome in advance.