Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A bouquet fit for cute little flower girl

My brother in-law has just got engaged last weekend in Terengganu. Unfortunately we could not come to his engagement party. Back in Malaysia it is school holiday, many people will usually have wedding during this time of year. My husband and I also took advantage of school holiday like this time of year to get married 4 years ago. I was looking at flowers that is blooming in our small garden and notice several cute flower which will fit perfectly for cute little flower girl tiny hands. No need for special flower arrangement let nature design it for you and it is free.

Calendula (Pot marigold)~I find this one unique. It is from one bud but it looks like lots of tiny flowers on it. Usually it has multiple petal layer on it forming a flower on one bud.

calendulas (2)














































The most loving couple in our garden.



One said...

Yes, you are right! They look like flower girls' bouquets. Very pretty. Did you plant the pot marigold from seed? I am not sure if I should buy the seeds again. The last batch didn't grow.

Sue Garrett said...

Are the polyanthus flowering now?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

One~I planted the pot marigold from seeds last early autumn. I am drying and collecting the seeds now (Not sure I am doing it the right way still a bit new to me). I have not tried growing them during summer so I am not sure either whether the seed will germinate if temperature range around 30 degree celcius like Malaysia. I read pot marigold prefer temperate weather. Marigold has many variety. I find that African marigold (or crackerjack) does not like cold weather. It would love Malaysia weather. It has big flower like pot marigold.

G.L.A~ Yes they are. It is my 2nd year growing them. In Adelaide from observation, they start to flower end of July.

rainfield61 said...

Your pictures of flower look like Batik printing.
They are beautiful.

One said...

Thanks! So I should purchase African Marigold. You could be right. Some of them are unsuitable to be planted under such hot weather. That explains. I didn't have a problem growing the marigold seeds many years/decades back in a small town but then the weather was cooler then.

kitchen flavours said...

Your flowers are beautiful. Yes, they would be perfect for a flower girl's hand bouquet!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

They are beautiful. Definitely suit for a wedding or engagement. Congratulation to your brother in law... Now I am inviting you to a different thing... check it out. ~bangchik

Malar said...

Such a pretty flowers! Definately suitable for flower girl's bouquet!

Wendy said...

what a cute photo of the love birds!