Monday, August 29, 2011

Bakul RayaKu

The garden seems to know that I am feeling down this week and want to lift my spirit up with a variety of harvest. A few winter tomatoes has also managed to turn red. We harvested all red choi since it will produce flower soon. Pulled out all snowball turnips grown in polystyrene since it is not growing that much and not very productive in our garden. Lettuces are also readily available from the garden.
Italian sprouting broccoli side-shoots constantly need to harvest these days. Lack of enthusiasms on my part last week, causes some side-shoots were harvest late and cause it to flower.
We harvested our first home-grown watermelon radish (seeds from Mr. H author of Subsistence Pattern).  Asian greens like tatsoi, pak choi and komatsuna are showing the sign of producing flower buds so in the basket harvest they go.  Bloomsdale spinaches, chards and Florance fennels were also harvested last week.
We inter-planted some hon tsai tai (purple-flowered choy sum) in between red onion seedlings which are growing rather slow at the moment to save some space and harvested all of them last week. 
Some beetroots, parsnips and Red Russian Kale were also harvested last weekend.
Most of our Asian greens have holes on it courtesy of caterpillars.  Surprisingly, we had one yellow capsicum harvested last week.
I will like to wish "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri".
Thank you for the wish too.
Have a safe journey balik kampung and hope you have many good memories on this special festive season in Malaysia.
Ingat-ingat kami di perantauan ya :).
Sigh. ..dalam 10 tahun ini cuma 2 kali je sambut di tanah air yang lain di negara orang. 


Sunray Gardens said...

That is some harvest. Everything looks wonderful.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Unknown said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! That broccoli looks great!

Thomas said...

What a fantastic harvest! I'm looking forward to our fall broccoli.

Hopefully you get well soon!

Makarimi Abdullah said...


Salam Aidilfitri dari Malaysia untuk seluruh keluarga ;)

CathJ said...

Dalam 10 tahun baru 2x??? wahhhh... mesti rindu kan...

anyway..wishing you Selamat Hari raya...

Good harvest there... envy nyaaa... hihihi

Psst ..

Mr. H. said...

What a plentiful harvest you have had this week. I'm glad you were able to grow those radishes...I have never had much luck with them. Your beets look terrific, very nice size.

Sue Garrett said...

Tomatoes ripening in winter - ours are taking their time and it's summer

Jody said...

I hope you feel better this week. You're right, your harvest knew you were down. All that exotic food and wonderful variety, surely you feel a little better. Just looking at it makes me feel good. Thanks for posting.

~TastyTravels~ said...

I hope you're doing okay! **HUGS** I continue to be impressed by your winter garden!! Amazing!!

My Little Space said...

Gosh, I am always dreaming to have my own little garden. Seems like you've plenty to feed the family after the havest. Really really impressive. Thanks for sharing & Selamat hari raya to you & your family.
have loads of fun & food!

kitsapFG said...

I am always so impressed with the bounty your garden produces. The variety and abundance is truly inspirational.

Liz said...

Winter Tomatoes???? What sort, when did you plant them? Have you been pleased with them? I have been admiring your little yellow ones each week but these are new and big. I wonder if I could get them to grow in Melbourne.....

shaz said...

Awww, hope you get a chance to do something speacial anyway dear. Susah when you don't have your family close by for those special times. Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri.

tina said...

So glad the garden cheered you. It sure cheered me too with all that bright yummy looking produce. Not much is coming from mine here at all.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Such a bountiful harvest- it would cheer me up as well. Next year I must learn more about growing vegetables before I plant seeds. My fennel went to seed and became wooden. My radishes were planted to closely together and became mis-shapen. My tomatoes need better support. As I say, I have a lot to learn!

One said...

Selamat Hari Raya, Diana! Your harvest seem more bountiful than usual.

Where are you going to keep all that? I usually only harvest what I intend to cook.

Hoping that you are feeling better...

Cat-from-Sydney said...

MKG dear,
What a "green" Eid you're having! Wish we have your harvest. Mama's been cooking spicy and oily Eid stuff for other people...and she's eating just vege soup (sayur air). Still unwell.... purrr *giggles*

Daphne Gould said...

Wonderful harvests. I really miss the Asian greens right about now. I had a disease go through the bed while I was on vacation. It killed all my Asian greens. I'm going to try to get more in but it is less than two months until frost and the garden is getting pretty shaded about now. I hope they have time.

Mark Willis said...

I hope the Eid festival has restored your normal good humour and optimism! You could certainly be cheered-up by that very varied harvest.

cookingvarieties said...

hi malay-kadazan-girl, first time visiting here. your blog looks great. i love to see your vegetables growing very well and looks like a great harvest indeed :)
it feels so good to reap from own garden, the veggies always taste naturally sweeter, with all the healthy nutrients intact.
do visit my blog, would love to read a comment from you too.have a nice day

Rosie Gan said...

Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family, Diana.
Great harvest!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Cher~ Some of the harvest gave me a reality check with holes in it;-).

Allison~Thanks. Its hard to keep up cutting those broccoli side-shoots these day before it flowers.

Thomas~Good Luck with your fall broccoli.

Orchid de dangau~ Thank you for the wish. Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family too.

CathJ~ Rindu nak balik Malaysia. Tapi kesian kat anak-anak tak pernah rasa meriah berhari raya di kampung.

Mr. H~Only few made into roundish roots. Some bolted, my mistake on sowing them on the wrong season. I got too excited and rush on sowing them :). But thanks to you, I still have plenty seeds to try again.

Sue~That winter tomatoes have taken it own sweet time~ had to wait more than 2 months for them to ripen.

Jody~Felt good to harvest all that goodies. But I don't have much time these few weeks in the garden. So many things got neglected in the garden.

Holly~Winter gardening takes a long growing season. On the other hand, it have to be harvest quickly as it bolts quickly as soon as its ready.

Kristy~Thank you for the wish. Start with a few plants first and then expand expand expand when get used to the chores needed in the garden. You can do it! I always thought I can't grow anything with these 2 hands of mine 3 years ago. Now with the gardening is producing enough for the kitchen, the next challenge for this gardener is to learn how to cook!

KitsapFG~The varieties is for back-up, when certain plants fail.

Liz~Actually, I did not plant those tomatoes. I found many self-seeded tomatoes sprouted last fall. They did grow fast readily during fall and blossom. The only challenge was that those tomatoes took more than 2 months to ripe. I was just testing this year whether tomatoes can survive here or not since we managed to escape frost here. To be honest, I did sowed some tomato seeds last fall as an experiment. But that did not work well-growth were stunted. I guess self-seeded tomatoes are more hardy and survive by their own which was a nice surprise and gift for us.

Shaz~For raya, ponteng sekolah;-), spent time with family and visited friends house. Thank you for the wish dear.

Tina~Your cantaloupe look so nice. Hope you have many juicy ones to harvest.

Jennifer~I guess the garden teaches us so much each year. I always made mistake by not giving good support to our tomatoes~ a mistake I kept on repeating.

One~Sharing those bounty with my neighbours and friends. My freezer is to full to keep them. But my cousins remarked that the more we share the more harvest the garden seems to be giving.

Cat-from-Sydney~Oh hope you feel much better soon. Tak pe sana raya meriah sebulan. Still have time to enjoy those delicious foods.

Daphne~Hope your Asian greens will grow very quickly.

Mark~Hopefully with Ramadhan has passed. I have more energy to balance everything now :).

Cookingvarieties~Thank you for dropping by. Will come and visit.

Malar said...

Hope you had very good Raya celebration!
That's very good harvest!

Wendy said...

awesome harvest!!!

hijaudaun said...

wahh meriah betul bakul diana ye. byk dah boleh jimat kan dari beli kat luar.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Malar, Wendy~ We are thankful for fresh veggies well-supplied in our kitchen. Thanks.

Hijaudaun~Syukur banyak jimat sekarang.