Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carrot and Chinese Celery/Coriander Frittata

Oh No! I am hooked on cream and cheese at the moment. So I am trying to find recipe that will give me an excuse to use cream and cheese. I am not concern about calories at the moment since we are fasting during the day during Ramadan. I have been wanting to make vegetables frittata. But I usually don't have all the necessary ingredients from the garden at the same time. So Nigel Slater's carrot and coriander frittata recipe from his book Tender was my first attempt at frying carrot frittata. However, instead of using coriander leaves, I use Chinese celery and it was good too.
352g carrots
a medium onion (finely slice)
a clove of garlic, crushed
150ml heavy cream
an egg,beaten
3 heaping tablespoons grated cheese, such as good strong Cheddar
a handful coursely chopped Chinese celery/coriander leaves
a heaping tablespoon all-purpose flour
Olive oil for shallow-frying
Scrub the carrots and grate them by hand using the coarse side of the grater. We sliced the carrot manually into thin strips. Transfer them to a bowl.
Mix carrots with onion, garlic and a seasoning of salt and black peppers. Stir in the heavy cream, beaten egg, grated cheese, coarsely chopped Chinese celery/coriander and the flour.
Warm a shallow layer of olive oil. Drop large dollops of the mixture into the pan, a couple at a time, and fry until lightly cooked on the bottom. Turn with a spatula and let the other side colour. They should take 3 or 4 minutes per side. The cakes are ready as soon as they are dark gold. Remove to a warm plate. A sheet of paper towel will remove any oil.
Its a bit tricky to fry it as it was a bit fragile. It was my first time so perhaps next time I will do much better. So since it is a new dish on the dining table, I wonder how it will be accepted by our dining table members. I was surprised no left-overs, and I don't even need to open my mouth and ask every member to finish it. I agree with Hearts_in_asia that fritters does not look photogenic but it tasted good.


Sue Garrett said...

I'd love to make this but having to watch my cholesterol levels I'm the opposite of you and looking to avoid cream and limit the amount of cheese so I wonder whether low fat yoghurt would be a good substitute.

shaz said...

looks delicious. Hope the fasting is going well.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

we have a similar recipe with zucchini.. looks yummy.

How is your little boy doing. HE is still in our daily prayers for a strong heart

Daphne Gould said...

That looks delicious.

Jody said...

Wow. That looks so good, and not to hard to make. We found our excuse to eat cream cheese by putting it on crackers with jabenero pepper jelly. Mmmm.

Katie M said...

Maybe not photogenic but I bet it was yummy!
Thanks for the blog link xx :)

lena said...

i think your fritata looks good.i'm not sure how they taste like cos i havent tried making one. are they crispy..they look kind of crispy to me.

cikmanggis said...

adakah rasanya sama dengan cokodok hehe.Pasti nak cuba jugak ni:)

Sunray Gardens said...

I think it looks real good. :)
Cher Sunray Gardens

p3chandan said...

Nampak macam cucur, akak selalu buat dengan kentang, tapi nak try la campur carrot, mesti crispy setelah digoreng.

Mark Willis said...

Well, if you're in the mood for cheese, you would have enjoyed my day out yesterday. We visited a tiny artisan cheese-factory, watched cheese being made; bought cheese; ate cheese (3 different types) for dinner!
P.S. I like cheese too!

CathJ said...

brilliant menu... ^_^

JGH said...

My family loves fritters so I should get adventurous and try some new vegetables. Believe it or not, I saw a recipe somewhere for a carrot top pesto. Now I'm wishing I printed it out.

rainfield61 said...

It must be very delicious.

Wendy said...

Yum - I love fritters!

miruku said...

Ooo looks delicious. You're not only a great farmer but a good cook.
Happy Ramadan and selamat berpuasa.

Stephanie said...

Yummy! Maybe it is less messy to fry the ingredients like a pancake ;-)

alison@thisbloominglife said...

Yummy. My family would love them. How do manage to cut so fine - I take it you use a knife by you reference? There is no way I could do that!

Lrong Lim said...

Looks very oishii....

Unknown said...

looks delicious!

Autumn Belle said...

I agree, nampak macam cucur. My mom is correct - You know there's a good cook in the family from the plants she grows in her garden.

Skeeter said...

It looks yummy for the tummy! We have a grater that does a wonderful job on the carrots. That helps me when I grate them...

Liz said...

I fritter pretty much everything - corn and zucchini are my personal favs but I've never tried carrot. How much flour do you use? I couldn't see it amongst the ingredients? I think feta would make a nice substitute for the cheddar although I should really try both....

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Sue~Oh what a great idea. Substituting it with low fat yoghurt sounds much more healthier!

Shaz~Thanks. Tummy getting used with fasting now.

Mom of M&Ms~Zucchini fritters sounds delicious. He is doing really well. Feel happy that he can do stuff like other kids his age can do.

Daphne~ Thanks. It is something new to us.

Jody~Your jabenero pepper jelly sounds delicious.

Hearts_in_asia~Oh No worries. Your rainbow chards is so pretty.

Lena~Crispy on the outside.

Cher~ I still need to more practice on frying it.

p3chandan~Saya kekadang masa buat cucur kentang campur dengan carrot juga sekali-kala.

Mark~I enjoyed looking at your holiday photos.I might become a cheese addict:).

CathJ~ Healthy for the kids.

JGH~Carrot top pesto sounds a very interesting recipe!

Rainfield61~Healthy and delicious. My boy soldiers need more calories so its suits them.

Wendy~ fritters nice snack.

Milka~Ohohoho me not a good cook. All my recipes are the easy ones.

Stephanie~Yup I think so too.

Alison@this bloominglife~Fortunately the carrot variety we used for this recipe is a bit soft and tender. Easier to cut compare with other orange carrot variety.


Ewa~Fortunately I manage to do it.

Autumn Belle~I wish I can do some experiment in the kitchen as well. But its getting busy these days that I even spend less time in the garden than usual.

Skeeter~Grater is in my wish list :).

Liz~Opppss...thanks for telling me. I accidently left out flour. Will edit this post again. 1 heap tablespoon. But I think it will be much better to add just a little bit more.

~TastyTravels~ said...

This looks so yummy! Pretty carrots!