Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Imperial Larkspur Life-Cycle (Seed Give-Away)

In our garden, larkspur grows really well and thrive with neglect as long as it received ample sunlight and the soil is not dry out. The blooming period of each plant growing in different corner of our garden varies starting from mid-spring until mid-summer. Sometime Imperial larkspur plants can grow over 1.5metre tall. Pruning the spent bloom will help to make the blooming season longer. Imperial larkspurs make nice cut flower.
Larkspur seed pod near our watermark.
The seed pod will automatically pop open by itself when its ready.
 You probably get many self-sowed larkspur next year.
Larkspur ancestor colour is commonly purple.
So purple will be the dominant colour.
Fresh collected larkspur seeds.
The seeds are very easy to collect.
 Seeds that had just germinated.
It was easier to differentiate those seedlings to avoid weeding it out.
The seedlings have stripe leaves at this stage.
How young larkspur seedlings look like.
We found many self-seeded larkspur seedlings from early April through the month of May.
Probably indication the best time to sow Imperial larkspur seeds here in Adelaide plain.
Imperial larkspur flower bud.
All of those are self-sowed flowers~larkspur, calendula and sunflower.
The imperial larkspur is not a bushy plant.
So it can be grown closely together.
Larkspur grows well in container as well. 
These are larkspur volunteers.
It was not our intention to grow them in container.
Larkspur growing in container blooming with dragon carrot side by side.
Most larkspur plant are toxic.
Don't take a chance nibbling on them.
Like to have them growing in your garden?
Just drop a comment.
We will pick 5 randomly.


Sean L said...

Love the colours - very intense. The feathery leaves looks delicate and graceful when compared to the bold flowers.

Sunray Gardens said...

They look lovely, the colors are so vibrant.
Cher Sunray Gardens

One said...

These are gorgeous. Somehow I cannot imagine them growing well in Malaysia. I haven't seen them around before.

cikmanggis said...

cantik sungguh bunga -bunga ni:)terutam yang kaler biru tu....cantik!!!

Shoutforfood said...

the colours are awesome.

Jody said...

What beautiful flowers. We would love for you to share a little bit of the beauty of your garden with ours.

Sue Garrett said...

I love things that self sow - always an added bonus!

Unknown said...

Love it! senang tak jaga pokok ni? & boleh ke tanam kat msia? huhuhu

Kelli said...

They make lovely cottage garden flowers. I have seeds already so maybe next year I will grow.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

I think that larkspur are the among the most charming of old fashioned cottage florals. You don't see them in gardens nearly enough.

Mark Willis said...

As others have said, this is one of the real old-fashioned "English Cottage Garden" flowers. That deep blue is absolutely fabulous. Love it.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Sean L~The flowers and leaves colour really contrast to each other.

Cher~So vibrant that we can notice it from far away.

Kwee Peng~I am not sure whether they grow or not in Malaysia. But it will be interesting to try.

Cikmanggis~Tahun lepas ada warna ungu cair tapi tahun ni tak de pula warna tu.

Loveforfood~ Very bright.

Jody~Hope to hear from you soon. So these seeds can have a new home next year.

Sue~Yes me too. Self-seeded one are more durable and reliable.

HangKebon~Pokok ni senang juga jaga. Takde pula binatang perosok kacau. Tak pasti boleh tanam di Malaysia atau tak. It will be fun to try.

Kelli~Hope they provide plenty of bloom for you next year.

Jennifer~Yes we rarely see them here too. But they really thrive very well in our climate here.

Mark~It was tricky to take photos for this flowr especially the blue-purple ones. Because the colours are too bright.