Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poppy Candu

I really like poppy in the garden. Looking forward for them to bloom in spring every year. I received some opium poppy seeds from a very generous blogger friend this year. I sowed the seeds at first too early because I was too excited. But the seeds germinate well in May~June.
The opium poppy foliage is different from the Shirley poppy that we usually grow. The seed pods are much larger as well. Wonder if we have volunteers next year.
Bees love them as well.
A shy bee hiding behind the poppy stripey petal.
Hope you get all your festive season shopping done.


James David said...

When you mention that its a ganja.
Is it really a drug plant or is it just a name??

Have a wonderful Christmas & a New Year 2012

Sue Garrett said...

Lovely poppy and I am sure you'll end up with volunteers next year maybe in different colours.

marinahunny said...

is this really pokok ganja? tak sangka bunga dia cantik :O

Sean L said...

Such lovely colours and petals. Too bad tak boleh tanam kat sini, gerenti kena tangkap nak buat candu.

Sunray Gardens said...

Really lovely blooms. Poppies are such beauties.
Cher Sunray Gardens

shaz said...

Oh so beautiful. I love poppies but have never succeeded in growing them. I wonder if they need some cold weather? Hope you get some time off over the holidays :)

cikmanggis said...

Ganja?lain macam bunyi tu hehe.Cantiknya bunga poppy ni..oh ya Cm dah petik bunga matahari tu tapi sayang semua bijinya kempis..kosong.

Mark Willis said...

Great flowers - and don't they make great photographic subects too?

Mr. H. said...

They are beautiful.:)

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I love the color. Those poppies are stunning.

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

poppies look lovely...
nice cliks..:)
Tasty Appetite

Unknown said...

tak kena tgkp polis ke tanam ganja? hehehe

MaDiHaA a.k.a Ratna said...

memang cantik bunganya kan... tapi kalau kat M'sia sah2 dah kena tangkap nih.. hehe..

lena said...

its flowers are beautiful. Like the first commenter asked, is this the real ganja? Happy Holidays and Happy new year to you!

One said...

Wow! I love these. So tempted to grow them after seeing your photos. I have a pack of seed someone sent me from US.

Kelli said...

What a beautiful poppy! One of my favourite plants.

my name as... said...

baru tau pokok ganja ada bunga... org kta pokok ganja busuk betul ke... hehehhehe

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

James~It does have medicinal value and these poppy seeds I have used them in cooking. Hope you have a nice holiday as well.

Sue~I hope we get some volunteers next year. Strange but we did get some self-grown poppy growing in containers with the vegetables this year. Don't know whether I was careless handling poppy seeds.

Marinahunny~Bunga dia cantik. Cuma orang boleh salah guna tapi kat sini kena ada lesen buka ladang poppy ganja ni untuk commercial pharmacuetical benefit value.

Sean L~I was thinking if the ornamental poppies like Shirley are allowed or not to be grown in Malaysia.

Sunray~It such a bright and cheerful flower to look on.

Shaz~I am not really sure but the seeds might need some cold to trigger germination perhaps. Maybe can use keeping the seeds in the fridge trick. Hope you have a nice holidays.

Cikmanggis~Oh cuba tabur je kat tanah mungkin ada yang bercambah. Bunga matahari ni daya tahannya kuat sikit walaupun nampak je macam tak elok. Walaupun isinya nampak kosong kekadang boleh tanam lagi.

Mark~Yes poppies make great photographic subject. I never tire of taking picture of them especially if there are bees buzzing.

Mr. H~ Beautiful simple flower. Just a bit sensitive to mildew.

Gardener on Sherlock Street~Our favourite colours too.

Jay~Poppies very photogenic. The bright red ones can be a bit tricky to shot though.

HangKebon~Tanam sikit-sikit takpe.

Madihaa~Kalau kat Malaysia dah kena tangkap dan denda besar. Tapi biji poppy best buat kek, kuih dan roti.

Lena~Boleh buat ganja I thinklah. According to my husband, ganja are made from the young seed capsule yang ada getah putih mengalir keluar bila kena toreh. But poppy ganja was firstly use for medicine discovered by some arabian scientist before it was wrongly use.It is just not use to make "dadah" but drug as ubat yang kita selalu beli kat pharmacy.

One~It will be interesting to see whether poppies grow well or not there. But you probably have to grow them in private place. Just don't grow them in wet season cos it is prone to have disease during that time. Poppy prefer drier condition.

Kelli~ They really hardy aren't they and requires minimum water.

My name as...~Hmmm...macam tak de bau je. Cuma petal dia as soft as tissue muka. Lagi lembut kut.

kumittyi said...

What a fasinating photos!
I love Poppy,too.
All of this poppy plant which bright color patal,odd bud and the way a bud split open and so on , is real intriguing for me.
However,it is a little bit hard to grow them here.
It will occasionally wilt and rot in hot,humid weather here.

Sue Catmint said...

Dear Diana, I'm so pleased they've taken to your garden so well. Divine photos. cheers, catmint

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Kumittyi~Poppy seems to prefer dry weather. They get easily sick on humid condition.

Catmint~Thanks to you we had poppy blooming in our garden.

Kris said...

The word "poppy ganja" is misleading and might've confused readers of your blog who have commented here. The Malay word for opium is candu. Ganja is marijuana.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Kris~ Oh you are right. Thanks for the correction. We rarely use the word candu that ganja got stuck in the head. The different variety of dadah is not something I am familiar with. But thanks for telling us that.