Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bunga Gladiolus (Tempahan Benih Ubi Gladioli dibuka)

My brother helped me brought back some gladiolus bulbs and other flower bulbs for our mother from his last visit here in our place. I have seen gladiolus flower growing very well in Malaysia gardening blogs so I really wanted my mother to try grow this flower in her garden. Those gladiolus flower bulbs grow easily in my mother's garden. In fact, her gladiolus bloom earlier and did much better than the ones I grow here in Adelaide about the same time. She was very excited that she post a few pictures of the first gladiolus bloom in her garden to me through her phone (a reason why pictures quality not good).
Many identified gladiolus species originate from Africa which include the tropical Africa (Source from Wikipedia). Probably the reason why gladiolus easily adapted to the tropical climate of Malaysia.
Asiatic Lily bulb also grow without worries in my mother's garden.
I am planning to purchase some gladiolus bulbs again for my mother maybe for Mother's day gift. Not many supplier have gladiolus bulbs in stock at the moment because it is more common at the end of winter on the nursery shelf. But I did managed to find a supplier that have very limited stock. Trying to decide which variety to buy at the moment. Which one you like from these selection?
Kepada sesiapa di Malaysia yang teringin mendapatkan benih ubi bunga ini juga,
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Sue Garrett said...

We used to grow lots of gladioli on out plot for cut flowers but haven't grown any for a few years now. There are some beautiful colours. We tend to dig them up to overwinter but I guess you leave them in the ground!

Sue Garrett said...

Oops didn't answer your question I like the deep colours Plum Tart and Zorro

Bom said...

I like Zorro. Very rich color.

Bom said...

I like Zorro. Very rich color.

Mark Willis said...

That's funny - I don't associate Gladioli with tropical climates. To me it seems such an archetypical English cottage Garden plant!
I like the Semerang one best (the colour reminds me of chillis!)

Kelli said...

Gladioli are really popular in the UK, however, I don't think they do well in clay soil which is what I have as the bulbs tend to rot. They are beautiful plants. I think they enjoy warm climates. A good gift idea!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Glads are great. All the colors you have chosen are nice. It's fun to see someone get excited about the plants you share with them. Nice that they are doing so well for your mom.

rainfield61 said...

It is so hard to choose, as hard as choosing a wife.

They are all very beautiful.

But we can have all of them.

Only that we cannot married to all the beautiful girls.

tina said...

They are really pretty. It is nice your mother was able to send you some great photos of them. I like that first one with the purple and chartreuse. Very nice!

Stephanie said...

Love that stalk of gladiolus blooms at your mother's garden. Very striking. Makes the whole garden looks really good hehe... Love this plant as well. Mine was white. Happy planting gladiolus to you and your mom!!

~TastyTravels~ said...

Beautiful flowers!

Sean L said...

Jester, Wine and roses and Zorro looks nice. I have grown them before in Pg from bulbs taken from Japan. Yeah, they grow well in the tropical lowlands as long as you feed them well. Tapi I malas after 5 years or so of collecting the corms and replanting them as I planted it in pots - too much work.

Jennifer said...

I actually did not know that gladiola bulbs originated in Africa. All the colors you have shown here are really nice, so it is hard to choose a favourite. I guess that I would go for one of the varieties with the slightly larger flower rather than the Plum Tart or Zorro.

kitchen flavours said...

Beautiful flowers! I like the Jester, Zorro and Semerang!

lena said...

looks like your mum is also a very keen gardener like you. all of the gladiolus look very beautiful to me, like the plum tart and jester.

kitsapFG said...

Glads are such a happy flower. They are obviously growing very well for your mother.

Jody said...

We love Gladiolas! Belle planted a long row of them at the top of our garden last year. They were so beautiful. Your mom seems very happy about them too. I think they'd make the perfect Mother's Day gift!

cookingvarieties said...

hi diana, very beautiful colors, difficult to single which gladioli is best- but have to say i like best #1,4 anf 6..
i believe you will buy more than one color for your mom.
have a nice day

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Sue~We have mild winter. I guess it is safe for us to just leave them on the ground to re-shoot. We don't have much rain either. So the bulbs won't get rotten that much.

Bom~ I like Zorro colour too and just ordered the bulbs.

Mark~Gladioli do like warm weather. Just not extreme summer like ours in Adelaide which close to 40 Celsius in mid-summer though. Semerang looks really bright like ripe chilli and the name sound like a place in Indonesia.

Kelli~I found bulbs on water-logged soil will be hard to take care of too.The bulbs are buried so deep inside, its hard to know how much water retain around the bulb.We don't have much annual rainfall here so the bulb can still somehow be planted in clay soil. In contrast, during dry season the bulbs will have a hard time to poke out of soil because the soil will be too hard.

Gardener on Sherlock Street~The plants did much better on my mother garden than mine. I pick not a good location for summer growing because they were growing where they received full sun during the hottest time in the day.

Rainfield61~Hahaha...maybe someone who experience love at first sight senang cari isteri.

Tina~I guess its fun to try grow plants that are rare in your own country but not common in others.

Stephanie~Your gladious is really pretty. I remember you photos of it.

Holly~Flowers that brighten up any garden.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Sean L~I was reading about them that I know if growing them in pots you need to collect the corms for continuous supply of new plants. 5 years lama tu collecting, rajinlah you.

Jennifer~I am quite surprise lately after looking at different type of bulbs that does well in Mediterannean climate which is getting popular originate from Africa.I guess bulbs store a lot of energy for them to re-shoot when the season is right and survive in extreme weather.

Joyce~I like those colours too and have already ordered them. Can't wait to receive those bulbs.

Lena~My mama like to garden too. She has more time now to garden.

KitsapFG~I always have to remind my mother not to over-water when the plants are not sprouting. She gets too excited.

Jody~I remembered your gladiolus last year was really beautiful that inspired me to try growing them.

Cookingvarieties~I bought her 7 colours this time around.

suka suka said...

boleh lagi ke order benih pokok ni

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Suka-suka~ Boleh saya terima tempahan lagi tapi sampai 9hb Mei ni. Tengok pilihan dekat Kebun Bahagia Bersama label gladiolus.