Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mid-Autumn pickings

This month harvest is all rather quick process of picking what I needed while cooking so did not taken many photos of our harvest this month. This month available harvest in our kebun (garden) are mainly consist of...
Some of our banana capsicum is ripening at the moment. Banana capsicum is not a hot but sweet variety type so Rayyan can enjoy it as well. He won't eat spicy food yet. Brought in our last batch of home-grown onion that were hanging out at the shed. Cut some Chinese celery stalk. It was growing under the canopy of our tree dahlia plants that I almost forget I have them in the garden. It does not received much direct sunlight at the moment. Harvested our first 'bari' cucumber. Its actually a melon and very mini size type. I did not realised that it is actually a 'heirloom' cucumber that is not available in catalogues. I got it from our local seed-saver group. 
With the warm mild weather, the garden is producing eggplants, cucumbers and okras. I tried to grow several variety of beans in the shade during summer as they still get indirect light. We did get some produce though not as prolific as the ones that are growing in sunny position during spring/autumn. In the basket, bean harvest from shade position.

Pull out some of our summer growing parsnips to see how they are growing under the soil, glad that they are roots to enjoy. But I will leave some for winter harvest. 'Cherokee Wax' and 'Redland Pioneer' bush bean has been the main bean that we harvested this month. I am excited with the 'Redland Pioneer' harvest because it was my first time growing home saved-seeds of this bean. The bush bean 'Redland Pioneer' produces the first batch of bean to harvest the same as the fast growth of Pak chois for fast crop. Everyweek we have some kangkung to harvest.

What amazed me is how tolerant the savoy cabbage and Italian sprouting broccoli withstand our extreme summer weather. I have one neglected happy Italian sprouting broccoli plant and still producing shoots for us at the back of our backyard fence. It only gets water 3-4 times a week during the warm season. It is already a year old.
We caught many bream fish but there are still small (mostly almost 20cm) not legal size. So have to be released back into the water. The only legal size catch that we had is whiting.


~TastyTravels~ said...

Pretty harvest! I love your savoy cabbage! Pretty!! =0)

Sean L said...

Bestnya tengok terung yang Diana harvest. Berkilat and besar. Isi Whiting manis kan? Sedap.

TK said...

I wish i could plant broccoli kat blkg umah which is impossible la kan..
Its my fav vege. Everyday masa cuti ni i msak brocccoli
Btw, daun pandan pun xde kat blkg rumah i..mmg teruk i ni bab2 menanam ni..
Dr dulu lagi berangan nak tanam itu ini..tp slalu angan2 tahi ayam

Kate said...

I grow Cherokee wax beans too. Some vegetables need good timing here. These beans can be juicy and sweet one day, but starchy and tough the next. I save the seed every year anyway, that's how much I love them.

Mac said...

Beautiful and varied harvest, how do you grow your kangkung, I have to struggle with it, do you grow them in semi shade?

kitsapFG said...

You have such great harvests each week. So much comes from your garden and the quality and variety is very impressive.

Liz said...

The broccoli looks great - anything I ever grow in summer is so infesteed with aphids its not worth it but yours looks great.

Rosie Gan said...

Diana, not only are the vege lovely to look at, the photography is also very good! I've submitted my email add to follow your posts. Are you on networked blogs, or do you have a facebook page?

Sunray Gardens said...

Your veggies look wonderful. Really nice harvest right now.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Sue Garrett said...

Great autumn harvest I think at the moment your autumn is better than our spring!

littlekarstar said...

Your harvest totally puts me to shame! I've really let the garden go...haven't done much at all. You are always inspiring! I'd better get onto sowing broadbeans...

Lrong Lim said...

Envy your savoy cabbage... the deep colors, wooh... by the way, just posted some pics on that sakura tree by the tangga...

Daphne Gould said...

Beautiful harvests. Your harvests are always so colorful.

Kelli said...

Some lovely photos of your veg. Always looks so healthy and such a great variety you grow. I'm growing eggplant this year for the first time; fingers crossed for results.

Mary Hysong said...

very impressive harvest! Wow a year old broccoli? you must have mild winters!

Jody said...

The broccoli and cabbage are really impressive. The cabbage is so big! How you got broccoli to live for the entire year and still produce is a complete mystery to me. I bet you'll treasure the heirloom cumcumber/melon seeds you were given. Our kids are like yours, not really into spicy stuff yet. We give them a nibble here and there. C. James is starting to try things. We'll see how much they learn to enjoy it.

Jay said...

That is a beautiful harvest - especially that melon. I have been collecting rare cucumber-melons. Do you know the name of it? Perhaps it is a Mandurian Carosello or a Carosello Massafra? Do you ever trade seeds?

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

You just have great harvest all year round! Totally jealous.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Your harvest is making me excited to get the veggies going. Neat to see the fish.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Holly~ I might get addicted growing savoy cabbage. But I still have not figure out my timing right. I will have to practise succession sowing and remember which is when I sow later on.

Sean L~Isi whiting sedap. Papa si Rayyan selalu tangkap sikit je, yang merasa Rayyan sorang.

TK~You tengah pantang lagi kan. Broccoli sihat and bagus untuk baby juga. Saya pun dah lama berangan nak menanam masa kerja kat Malaysia. Bila datang sini baru start bosan weekend takde mana nak pergi sini...hehehe...

Kate~Thank you for telling me about the beans being different in some days. I was wondering about it too. I have not found the perfect recipe for Cherokee wax and hope you can share with us.

Mac~I tried growing kangkung in semi-shade since we have very hot and dry summer. Unfortunately it looks like they don't grow much there very slow. They really need sun and plenty of moisture. My kangkung growing during hot summer usually look arrested. But they pick up again in autumn when it is much milder and the soil stays moist much longer.

KitsapFG~I don't think our vegetables has the same shining and perfection like the one in the market. But it is organically grown.

Liz~I had same problem with aphids too especially on part-shade area. The brassicas-cabbage and broccoli was total damage and could not get decent harvest from them.The one I got to harvest were all from very sunny places. The aphids won't be very comfortable there so probabaly it was trouble free except providing water.

kumittyi said...

Wow! Whiting is great!
Fishing sounds good.Your son must have enjoyed it.
I go fishing in sea in every summer with my family.
I really get excited When I landed fish Which I have never caught before.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Rosie~I am not on networked blogs and don't have a facebook page yet. I just try to make the photos a bit fun. Terima kasih.

Cher~Hoping we have more to harvest as we have more cool season now. Its been hard during summer to maintain the garden. I almost give up half-way.

Sue~Autumn like second spring to us. Many plants died in summer. It is much easier for us to garden in the cooler season.

Mrs Bok~I have never tried sowing broadbeans. Must try one of these days.

Lrong~I really enjoyed looking at your sakura pics. They are spectacular.

Daphne~We don't really have much this year. Just started sowing some veggies for cool season.

Kelli~Hope you have much fun growing eggplant this year.

Mary Hysong~We have mild winters. No frost. But the summer really extremely hot and dry.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Jody~I am not sure myself how my broocoli survive the heat. But I reckon if a plant is well-established it can endure extreme weather for a few days.The cabbage not that big maybe just the angle taken made it look big. I have to see whether I can save some seeds from the heirloom cucumber.

Jay~I am not really sure what variety it is since not much info can be found in the web.
Here some link which I found out about the cucumber-melon:


Maybe the original name is-Caroselli Baresi.
I do trade seeds.

Charmcitybalconygarden~It will be depending on which month what we get a good harvest or not.

Gardener on Sherlock Street~You will be busy preparing all your veggies bed now.

Kumittyi~My youngest son like fishing. He always ask his father to go fishing.