Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cymbidium finlaysonianum

 I am not very good with orchids and my knowledge about them is close to nothing. But my mother likes to collect them if any caught her fancy. Once she had a spot in the garden especially for orchids. But now none of her orchids are growing in pots but attached to tree barks all over her garden. She said it looks best this way more natural and I agree with her. The main problem is now that I am the caretaker and the boss meaning 'mama' not around since she is living in Borneo island currently. I have no idea which type of orchids she is growing on which tree plant unless they bloom. This orchid has started blooming the second season since I have been back and caught my eyes. Thank you to Sean and Sophie Mohd for identifying this orchid as Cymbidium finlaysonianum.
 Living on a tall plant, makes blooming flowers of the cymbidium as falling from the sky. My simple and naive observation compare to other orchid type plants around the garden is that this one had longer and bigger leaves. I should cut off the spent stalk but will need a tall ladder to be able to do that. Another task list will be dividing some plants and allocate to other plants in the garden (with labelling).
 Buds and young blooms.
 Lacking knowledge in the world of Cymbidium, I did not know that some actually produce fruits until Sean informed me about it. So here one dried up fruit of the Cymbidium finlaysonianum that I managed to find. Fresh fruit will be greener and a little bit fatter I suppose. Length roughly guessing about 5cm~ 7cm.


MaDiHaA a.k.a Ratna said...

cantik bunga dia kan.. agak2nya ada bau tak? kdg2 ada spesis orkid hutan yg berbau wangi kan...

just imagine.. mcmanalah your mom panjat pokok tu masa menanamnya dulu... hehe..

baguznet said...

wah! memang cantiklah bila ditanam secara semulajadi mcm tu cuma penyelenggaraan menjadi cabaran.

Sue Garrett said...

Fascinating to see them growing like that. Beautiful flowers.

Sunray Gardens said...

I love Orchids. It's really interesting to see them growing like that on trees.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Dani P. said...

She's a beauty :)

admin said...

Hai Diana,

Rimbun bunga orkid kamu, mesti cantik bila berbunga =D

Dulu-dulu pernah tanam bunga orkid tapi semua nya sudah pupus, teringin pula mau tanam semula =D

Sean L said...

If you get a few fruits on each inflorescence, they look pretty for a few months as the fruits grow plump like err, pardon me, goat's bollocks hanging from the tree. Makes up for the flower that only last about two weeks or so. Too bad this fruit was aborted. Be careful with Cymbidiums if you want to split the clump - use a sterile knife as you wouldn't want to infect it with orchid viruses and then it becomes a virus reservoir in your garden.

de engineur said...

The orchid looks very healthy and i suppose there should be more flower. Right?

kumittyi said...

How have you been?
Your blog is fascinating as usual.
You have a lot of lovely and elegant flowers which I can't see around my house.
I envy you.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Kak Madihaa~ Saya tak pasti ada bau ke tidak hidung asyik tersumbat je kebelakangan ni dan tinggi pokok. Ya spesis orkid hutan ada yang berbau wangi terutamanya yang special kembang pada waktu malam. Itulah saya pun tak tahu macam mana mama saya boleh sanggup panjat tinggi nak tanam orkid-orkid dia tu.

Baguznet~Penyelenggarannya tak perlu selalu. Cuma bila dah beranak banyak sangat je kekadang perlu dialihkan sedikit.

Sue~ Yes I enjoy looking at them that way than in pots.

Cher~Since we don't have winter, we can mimic their condition growing in the wild.

Dani~ Yes she is :).

Donny~Bolehlah menjamu mata tak payah nak keluar window shopping hehehehe....tanamlah semula kasi udara pun elok.

Sean~ Oh yeah I found one goat's bollocks the other day hanging from the tree ;). Will make sure we use sterile items. I think there are tightly clumped now have to divide some.

De engineur~I hope so they bloom again soon.

Kumittyi~ Ohisashiburi. Genki desuka? We are fine thank you. Well I envy your garden as well since I like to grow some plants in your garden which is hard to grow here.

lena said...

i never knew that some orchids produce fruits too!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Lena ~ Samalah kita geng ;).