Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hidden Hippeastrum

 This salmon colour hippeastrum is one of the common hippies here in Malaysia known as Hippeastrum Roseum. Because I am not familiar with my mother garden at the moment I need to jot notes of the plants and the location. I did not expected that this area has hidden hippeastrum bulbs growing under the soil. I think my mother planted this hippeastrum bulbs while I was living in Adelaide. The blooming Roseum was obscured by the huge Elephant Ear plant leaves. I recently discovered this hippeastrum plant when I was taking photos of other plants at this area.
Desperate for some light, the hippeastrum has grown really tall, at least 50cm. As you can see the plant is shaded by surrounding plants.
 Well I would have not imagine that the bulbs were sleeping underneath these dried leaves fallen from bigger plants in this area. I am often ask what kind of fertiliser I used for the plants. But honestly, I have no time at all to feed the plants. Almost all follow the cycle of life. Fallen leaves decomposition brought back food for the living plants. We often have self-seedlings plants as well sprouted.
Biggest contributor for composted material in this area is the vigorous climber Bauhenia kockiana living happily above the Roseum hippeastrum.
 It feels like spring on this area many type of flowers starting to bloom one by one. One of it is 'Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow plant starting to bloom next to the Roseum. This is a very old collection of my mother's, we had this plant when I was still in primary school.
Roseum in full bloom.


Nor Azlina Yusof said...

Saya duk panggil bunga lili ja..hehehe..ada 3 warna saya tanam..kaler peach..merah n tggl yg merah x pnh berbunga lagi

Sunray Gardens said...

Lovely blooms going for you now. I really like the big shrub.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Sue Garrett said...

Beautiful flowers. I've had many hippeastrum bulbs over the years but planted in pots in the house. They are a popular Christmas gift. I've rarely managed to get one to flower again the next year though.

rainfield61 said...

Everybody struggles for survival.

Plants too.

Unknown said...

I've just finished pruning my huge Bauhenia kockiana vine. Like yours it it is truly glorious when it blooms. My Hippeastrum has been a no show this year, so I'm glad I'm able to enjoy yours.

rainfield61 said...

Thank you very much.

I have received the seeds.

Hope to show you the fruits in pictures very soon.

But how soon is soon?

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The joy of surprise blooms in a new to you garden. Nice color.

Stephanie said...

Dried leaves that will eventually turn to humus are really good for plants. It must have been good for this hippeastrum. It has the longest stalk I have seen so far, amazing! ;-) Btw, my pink one just finished flowering. Love seeing hippeastrums flower. They have very attractive blooms.

kitchen flavours said...

Beautiful flowers! I have always like the climber Bauhenia but sadly I do not have the space to grow this plant! The flowers are very eye-catching, growing in large clusters!

Lrong Lim said...

Looks just like the old fashioned loudspeakers to me... :-)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Nor Azlina Yusof~ Bunga ni juga dikenali sebagai Amaryllis.

Cher~It does take a lot of space. But helps cool the garden during dry season.

Sue~Do they produce bulblets after flowering? Oh surprising that it is a popular Christmas gifts when the plants like warm weather.

Rainfield61~ Yes plants are very clever as well. Happy to hear the seeds safely arrived.

Stiletto~The hippeastrum around the garden is not blooming at once. We just had another plants starting to bloom.

GoSS~I like the romantic salmon colour.

Stephanie~Yes this kind of humus is very good will keep the soil and plants nourish for a long tima.

Kitchen Flavours~Let the bauhinia climb your roof. Each time people ask direction can use bauhinia as a guide.

Lrong Lim~ Ahahaha sakit perut ketawa. You are right like old-fashioned loudspeakers :).

Anonymous said...

so luvly lah.... tq share this with us yer