Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saving Half-Legged Gladioli

 Don't know why but whenever I planted flower the ones which are yellow or orange seems to grow/bloom more easily compared to other colours without care. Although, I bought mix colours but I still get a lot of yellows. It likes a curse you can't shake off but actually a blessing in disguised as yellow attracts beneficial insects and the cucurbits has yellow flowers too. This gladioli is blooming this week and my hubby kept confusing the name with daffodil. Well in this colour both kind of look alike and my daffodil bulbs are still hibernating in the crisper for the time being. Yes, I brought back our daffodils that have bloom 2 season for us from our old garden.
When I spied this emerging flower stalk, I was very excited. However, this gladioli plant almost got into a fatal accident. Mr. Hubby was cutting the grass and sand got into his eyes. So he accidentally swing the grass cutter blade near this gladioli bottom and part of the gladioli plant cut until half. I got very annoyed, especially now we still have heavy rain almost each afternoon. The plant flop to the ground several time. From my previous post, I had to cut some leaves stalk of our large elephant ears because it was blocking the hippeastrum plant. So the elephant leaves stems were recycled to keep the gladioli steady from its half-legged condition for the time being. Thankful it work and the plant gave us something to look at from the kitchen door.
Unfortunately the hippeastrum bulb that I planted next to the gladioli from last November had a really bad hair cut. Sigh.....wondering whether it will bloom or not. Anyone sharing similar experience?
 Still waiting for another 4 buds to bloom.
 Five years old Ilhan and 3 years old Rayyan has been spending a lot of time outside playing which I think is good and healthy for them. Rather than watching TV or playing games using screen. Six months old Abby also don't like to be left out and now can sit in her bumbo chair and watch her brothers playing outside under the gazebo.
 Happy Weekend Gardening!


Anonymous said...

Yellow is a special colour, a royal colour.

That's why it always outshines others.

Anonymous said...

Yellow is a special colour, a royal colour.

That's why it always outshines others.


Ibu Qistina said...

Kurusnya ilhan.....makin gelap la mereka berdua lepas ni main luar. Ok la tu,asal cergas dan sihat itu lg penting. Abby pun dah besar,kejap je rasa. ;)

Awin said...

Cute je dlm bumbo seater tu. Should buy yellow bumbo seater :) sedondon lah dgn gladioli :) watching tv n games is not good for kids. I myself was once 'rosakkan' tv dgn sengaja so that kids can play n talk among them. It last about a month then i 'fix' it back with tv schedule. x heran sgt dgn tv. Even they can be more focus on their school. Playing video games are prohibited in the house. Prefer them to play real things...not virtual things :)

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

OMG. Your kids are SOOOOOO cute!!

Mark Willis said...

I'm glad the Gladioli survived the accident. If it hadn't, you probably would not have been speaking to Hubby for the next month! :)

Mama Pongkey said...

Both of my gladioli that bloomed were yellow too. At the moment, no blooms forthcoming yet.

Hugs and kisses to your kids! My, Abby has grown so much.

Sue Garrett said...

When we grew gladioli we always seemed to have colours flowering at different times too rather than giving a mixed display. For us though gladioli would be flowering in the summer - not at the same time as daffodils.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Adorable photo of the children. So good for them to get outside. Good job on the yellow glad. So nice to see blooms on your blog!

KL said...

It does look like daffodil. The baby is cute :-)...good that they play outside unlike children everywhere sitting attached to TV or gaming screens!!

CathJ said...

Hi Diana.. Its been a while didnt drop a comment here... Sudah balik malaysia ka? So happy to see u still doing your gardening.. I am going to start my engine on gardening too.. Wow.. Jelesnya looking at your own eggs there.. :)

Happy gardening :)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Rainfield61~ Lots of benificial insects are more attracted to yellow flowers. A colour that really outshines others.

Ibu Qistina~ Sekejap je Abby besarkan. Kami pun terkejut masa balik tengok Ilhan kurus dah. Mukanya pun tak chubby macam masa duduk Adelaide dulu.

Zamzurina~ Tak de banyak choice colour masa nak beli bumbo seater tu...ada that colour je.Kami pun dah makin jarang pasang TV. Sampai this week Ilhan tanya kenapa hari ni TV tak pasang langsung.Yes its a good thing for them to play outside and do creative play.

Charmcitybalconygarden~ People often don't think I am the mother ;). Cos I been playing outside much that my skin so tanned.

Mark~ Yeah I probably have a long face for more than a week...hehehe...happy it bloom gloriously.

Mama Pongkey~ Saya ni kuat puaka warna kuning...hehehe...but I finally got a red one.

Sue Garrett~ Yes you are right different colours seems to be flowering at different times in mixed display.

GoSS~ Spring is around your corner soon and I will be enjoying your blooms then. It is getting warmer here and we get lesser rain.

KL~ No IPAD for them or they won't be interested to play outside.

CathJ~ Sudah saya balik Malaysia. Lain macam rasa kalau ndak buat gardening.