Monday, April 15, 2013

Gaya Street Tamu

  I managed to persuade my sister yesterday morning, to visit the Gaya Street Tamu held every Sunday Morning, knocked on her bedroom door and told her little Abby all dress up to go out. Gaya Street Tamu is in the middle of the Kota Kinabalu city, just a few metres away walking distance very close to the sea. We barely made it before all the stalls are ready to pack up.  I just wanted to do a little bit of surveying as my stay here still permits me to have a visit again. The sellers are more willing to give a discounted price depending on their total sales for the day before they close shop, so  I preferred this hour but it will be very rush from one stall to another unless you have a specific items you are looking for. One of Sabah popular souvenirs is seashells or decoration made from seashells.
 If you are an antique item collector, you have to come earlier browsing several stalls. It was also interesting to note that I found one stall selling stamps for stamp hobbyist.
 The main reason, I wanted to visit the Gaya Street Tamu was actually plant hunting. This stall was selling orchids but only this in the basket were not safely pack up yet for the day. Lucky for me, my wallet was save. Another stall had one type of orchid that almost tempted me to empty my wallet but I managed just looking at it and not even asked how much for the plant. The orchids in Sabah is a heaven for Orchid lovers. I don't want to buy my first orchid yet. Because once I started, it is difficult not to start making one own collection. So for now, no orchids.
 One of the stall selling fruit plants. A very good incentive of providing a rubbish bin so people won't simply throw rubbish around. Several stalls selling fruit plants are from nearby nursery. There was one fruit stall that has my wish plant and I asked him if he will be at Tamparuli Tamu on Wednesday, please bring some along as I don't have a free hand carrying Abby and stuffs. Since my mother will also be there, it will be easier to ask what fruit plants I can buy for her as well. I wanted to buy some flower plants for her today but most of the plants that were on sale that day is already in her garden which I am supposedly looking after.
 A stall selling traditional medicines. I don't know what type of plant it is. But I found it interesting because some looks like it came from wood bark or chips. The stall owner were busy with other customers so I did not have the chance to ask.
 Chicks! Wish I can bring back some with me at least 10 chicks. If I had the chance before, I would have love to buy some ducklings for my late-grandmother. It was hard to find a stall selling so many chicks, ducklings before in Tamu as it is always sold out quickly if you don't come early in the morning. So easy to get them now. 
 I can't believe it when I see koi for sale at Gaya Street Tamu for a very good price. Two months ago, one of my mother pond which has some very big tame koi in it died because no one remembered that night to switch on the pond filter suis. So the next day, koi's were floating on the pond breathless. No one dared to report to my mother about the incident until she came back and found out by herself that her koi's are not swimming around in the pond.  The pond still remained empty, according to my mother she had to put in special order for her koi's before. The ones gred as 'AA' on the middle left side really attract my attention. I probably dream of koi tonight. Thinking is there a way for them to be on flight with me.
 You can also shop for pet stuff at Gaya Street Tamu. First time today I observed different kind of kittens and puppies pedigree for sale at Tamu.
 After a long walk, you can pamper your tired feet with reflexology and foot massage service.  Each Tamu in Sabah is unique has different type of atmosphere. Gaya Street Tamu is more like a modern bazaar, a bit here and there that summarise Sabah if you have only a short stay.  Tuaran Tamu is more for the local need and you will experience another feeling of Sabah more closer as you observed the everyday life of the local people. On Wednesday, hopefully we will be going to Tamparuli Tamu.


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

More wonderful booths of merchandise. Thanks for sharing. Love seeing the chicks and the koi! Beautiful!

africanaussie said...

Oh that was interesting! Will you be going back to Australia? I thought you were now permanently in Malaysia?

Sean L said...

OMG, that is a beautiful specimen of Dendrobium lindleyi.

Stephanie said...

Very interesting street market. I must go there one day! That stall selling traditional medicine barks etc. like that, is new to me...

Umm AA said...

Bestnya market cam gini..mcm2 ade..kalau i pun nak jugak beli ayam gitu wat balik umah..hehehh..nie kena bwk byk duit nie nak shopping kat sini sbb takut cepat jer poket habess kan..hehe

veggiegobbler said...

So interesting to see markets from different places.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

MKG dear,
We've been to KK so many times this year but don't seem to be able to catch the Tamu...koi and birdies...heaven for any feline! purrr...meow!

Mark Willis said...

A market like that is really the old-fashioned equivalent of a Department Store - you can get just about anything you need (want) there!

Unknown said...

Pernah sampai sini a few years back...lupa dah exact year bila...mmg geram tgk brg2 kat sini...rasa nak angkot semua hehehe ;)

olive said...

My favourite spot during my study yr lastime. really miss it!

Anonymous said...

wah menariknyer this market yer !

Unknown said...

Wow! It's good that you are able to talk the local lingo and get the best price. I love this market too but it has been ages since I last went there. Good to stock up all you need to bring back to KL :)

Sunray Gardens said...

What a great market to go to. Lots of everything.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Liz said...

I have loved reading about the markets. I think you showed great restraint not to buy an orchid!

rainfield61 said...

It is like a supermarket.

Everything you name, you find it over here.

Norma Chang said...

A very interesting market tour, thanks for taking me along. I could probably spend a whole day just browsing.

Kadazan sis.TRG said...

Hi, love the Gaya Street Fair (GSF). Whenever I go back to Sabah, I will make sure to make a date with the event. Yes, it is the BEST place to buy....everything BUT, make sure you ask for the BEST price. Ask around before deciding to buy anything coz if you're good at bargaining and comparing prices, you will get the BEST things with the lowest price. Usually, I will shop for flowers and fruit plants.I noticed that there is differences in prices of the plants sold along Jalan Gaya and at the back of the street.The plants along the main street cost more than the ones at the back of the street! Even the vegetables and fruits sold there are cheaper. So, next vist GSF, you know where to find the BEST product with the BEST price.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

GoSS~ I was excited like a kid looking at the chicks and the koi.

AfricanAussie~ Yeah at the moment we don't have any plan to go anywhere except staying here at Malaysia. But I am kind of hoping to have a chance to live at Borneo island raising the kids.

Sean L~ Bersiap sedialah dengan dompet yang penuh bila pergi ke Tamu Gaya Street many beautiful exotic orchids ;).

Stephanie~Yes some of the stall selling traditonal medicine stall I happened to come accross at tamu has decsriptive information. But I did not have that much time to browse.

UmmuAidan~Kalau bela ayam telur tak payah pergi kedai beli telur. Saya pun teringin.

Veggigobbler~Yes one market is not the same as others.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Cat-from-Sydney~ Maybe next time you will have the chance :). I could not make some time this around for island hopping.

Mark~ Yes the department store in the earlier times.

HangKebon~ Betul-betul kalau bukan sebab nak jalan balik ke kereta jauh, mau je borong banyak-banyak.

Olive~ Nice time to spend some hours year on a break.

Kesuma Angsana~ Macam-macam ada.

Ash~Yeah wish we have more luggage we can bring along.

Cher~ Yes so many choices and things to browse for the whole family.

Liz~ My budget was not enough to splurge on orchids ;).

Rainfield61~ A nice place for collectors.

Norma~Same here it will easily to spend the whole day here.

Kadazan sis. TRG~ I wish I had the time to go again before I return. But I definitely go there again with my next trip.Yes the one usually not on the main street is much cheaper. Now we can do some budget spend for the day when we to Tamu Gaya Street.