Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our first cauliflower produce for this year, will it be snowball or all year round variety first?


We planted 2 varieties of cauliflower this year: snowball (from phoenix seed) and all year round. We started to plant cauliflower end of April last year and our first harvest was in August. I without any knowledge of planting cauliflower last year simply choose the all year round variety seed pack in Bunning last year. On that same day, I also bought a cauliflower seedling. However, the cauliflower seedling bolt to seed (I did not even realised it was bolting that time) several weeks after. Cauliflower was our first brassicas that we grow for our first time. Although caterpillars are happily munching those leaves, all of the cauliflower produces good firm head. Not even one bolt to seed. Moreover, no pesticides were used. The only mistake we had was sowing too many seed at a time, actually only once. Succession sowing was not in my gardening notes yet that time. We had to give away lots of cauliflower to friends and neighbours. Yes, blanching and freezing are still not a familiar term with me back then too. Above picture is our last year cauliflower produce. From last year experience how to grow cauliflower all year round that I am applying this year will be:

1) Succession sowing (Result: I can prolong harvest cauliflower this year)

2) I can start sowing cauliflower in Adelaide by end of March (start harvest Mid-July)

3) For all year round variety, use the leaves to shade the cauliflower head for blemish free white head.

Picture above is our first time growing all year round cauliflower.



This is snowball variety. I have to pull away the leaves to snap picture because the leaves fold around the head. Naturally, shielding the head from direct sunlight so the head is not blemish. Looks like this will be our first cauliflower harvest for this year. The biggest in our patch right now. When I was walking around the veggie patch yesterday morning only 2 cauliflower heads I could find. The other plant is all year round but still a golf ball size.



Broccoli also is developing head in our patch.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Cauliflower, a plant I never try yet. I tried cabbage recently, putting in all imagination to create a cool surrounding for the plants to grow. I guess cauliflower requires similar treatment.
Happy Hardening,

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I think my mother tried plant cauliflower in Sungai Buloh early this year but I don't know what happened with her project. Yes, they need cool weather to develop nice head.
Have you ever tried cabbage 'Early Jersey Wakefield' variety. It is suppossed to be heat tolerant. There is a picture in this website
Your cabbage look great though, mine full with holes.