Friday, July 30, 2010

Purple Choy Sum

Hon Tsai Tai or known as ‘Purple Choy sum’. Sowed them last month and transplanted them to their permanent place 2 weeks ago. We look forward growing ‘Purple Choy sum’ as it has been said the stem become more purplish as the weather gets cooler.
Intercropping hon tsai tai with cauliflower to utilise space. We tried using coriander to prevent snail or cabbage butterfly from chomping the leaves. Not very effective this time . Hon tsai sai were planted near the fence and it is too far for me to stretch my body to  check for cabbage butterfly egg or caterpillar.

We could see different shade of purple colour hon tsai tai stem.
Mik was collecting seeds from English Daisy flower when she heard a loud bang on the sliding door window. To her surprise she had to rescue a fainted bird. Mik pampered the bird I reckon cause it gets very comfortable in the house and is not afraid of us. The bird had 5 fresh fat caterpillar pick from vegetable leaves for tea and chook food for dinner. Mik even made the bird its own little nest with tissue box and put in on top of the kitchen cupboard. The bird did not attempt to fly outside when it is much warmer in the house then outside. Clever little bird. Of course the kids are excited too.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

The colour of the stems is cool. How would we describe the colour..., redish purple or purplish red.... or brownish red?... haha... the bird decides to be a pet..


Malar said...

Purple stem? That's interesting! Hope you will have handful of harvest! Do update!
Hope the bird will help you to eat all the caterpillars!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

When I returned from school, Rayyan had a long face because Mik had released the bird outside. Hope the bird come back and help us control those caterpillars:)