Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wong bok 1st attempt

wong bok bolting (2)This is the first time we are growing wong bok. I am not really sure whether it is the correct time to grow wong bok in Adelaide or not. The seed packet did instruct that we have to experiment or do trial on which suitable planting time in our area. I did a series of succession sowing from end summer through mid-autumn. The seed germinate almost 100% during this period.Transplant seedling when they are big enough to handle ( I let it be at least more than 5cm tall). We were so looking forward for many harvest with this good start.So far, I have at least 9 plants that is in the process of bolting. Picture above after close up look like it is forming flowers. Mik (my cousin) help with pulling out all the bolted wong bok so we could plant other veggies on that now available space. Space are limited so I decided not to let it flower to keep seed because we still have so many seeds.wong bok (7)

Picture Left: Some of the wong bok that Mik pull out from containers yesterday. I am going to reserve some of the available space in the container for onions ( another 1st attempt).Mik tied recycle stripped cloth to make wong bok look like barrels which they supposed to be look like instead of the leaves lay flat on the ground looking like a green rafflesia. We hope this will prevent more bolting.


This one look promising the leaves has shapen itself like a barrel. I am going to sow wong bok seeds next month and see how it goes again.

If we could keep bunny as a pet. It will be so fat eating wong bok!!!

Alas, off you go in the compost wong bok…

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