Sunday, October 3, 2010

At last a name…



Firstly, I wanted to thank Veggie Gnome from The Mad Gnomes Strike Again!, Green Lane Allotment from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments and Bangchik from My little vegetable garden for helping me identifying plant in my garden. I have another flower here that I do not know what its name is. This flower plant has been growing at our place before we moved in to this place. But looking at them, I think it is safe to call them geranium as well. I never thought that my other geranium plant (previous blog post) has family connection with this other plant because they do not have similar shape of leaves. Although they have the same pinkish colour flowers.DSC09025

It is a perennial flower here. This plants is producing many flowers now.

My husband went fishing yesterday. On his way back he went to get me another 5 sacks of free horse manure near the stables that is near to Morphetville Racecourse. Because I had only a pail of horse manure left for spring planting, we had to get a new supply of horse manure.


Fresh horse manure.


More than 6 weeks old horse manure.



Autumn Belle said...

This looks like a plant I have seen in Malaysia too but I don't know the name. Hope you'll get this sorted out soon. Wow, horse manure as food for the plants? That's cool.

miruku said...

I don't know, i will call it geranium :) Very interesting to know you use horse manure in your garden. FOC and 100% organic, cool.

takaeko said...


There is a racecourse near your house? I know you are lucky to get free house manure. Well I wish to get a winning betting ticket..

Is the manure fermented ? I wonder how you can deal with smell of it.

rainfield61 said...

Do you want me to send some cow dung over?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Autumn Belle~ I am not very good with flower names.

Milka~ FOC, now can channel the money to something else.

Takaeko~ The racecourse about 20minutes drive from where we live. You be surprise it does not really smell that much (本当ににおいはあまりしないよ)たとえ一メーターに近くてもまだにおわない。 It might be because we have very low humidity here thats why it does not smell. Liquid fertiliser smell stronger after I water the plants than the fresh horse manure.

Rainfield61~ Too far away. Raincheck boleh?

takaeko said...


I'm surprised with the fact that horse manure is less smelly than I thought.
Various ideas and opinions have been posted on my blog.
I'll start to make vegetable waste into compost.