Saturday, October 16, 2010

Merry round pots

 We had too many choy sum seedlings to transplant about 2 weeks ago, so we transplanted some in this almost empty hanging basket with sweet william that has produce some flowers. Even it is growing a metre high from the ground some of the leaves has been munched and I don’t know who the culprit was. This picture taken a week ago.


This morning choy sums already producing flowers. Soon it will be harvest for fried noodles or fried rice. How I love Asian leafy vegetables in less than a month we could already harvest them. If the weather were warmer than now it will not produce flower this much early. But the flowers are edible.

DSC09193 Potato and radish grown in the same pot. Radish is about to be ready to be harvested. So potato can have more space.


This leeks has grown in this pot through winter with broccoli. Broccoli has long been harvested and leaving the other half of the pot empty.  Since leek leaves looks a bit ornamental as a good background, I decided to plant one dahlia plant in the pot. Hopefully they will be good friends. DSC09189  Hope you all have a merry weekend!!!


miruku said...

It's interesting to see you grow your veggie in a hanging basket and they can actually grow so well. Happy weekends!!

One said...

I'm very amazed with you. Constantly showing new veggie in your garden. You must be a superwoman.

takaeko said...


I'm gonna ending the harvest of our sweet corn in a few days and think of planting young leek after the corns.
Temperature is cooling down in Osaka this weekend...

Ellie said...

Interesting to see what you are growing on the other side of the world! I've grown interested in Asian vegetables the last year. Apparently, some of them do well in our Dutch climate. Well worth a try.
Your leeks look good. Hope the dahlia isn't of a large type? Otherwise they may smother the leeks.
Never thought of growing radishes and potatoes together. I will try it next spring!

JGH said...

I'll have to look for some of thos choy sum seeds - that is a super-quick crop!

p3chandan said...

I envy you MKG with your endless varieties of vegetables, the plus side of temperate weather! Have a good weekend!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Milka~ Asian leaf vegetable grow well on hanging basket. I also have failure in my trial growing in hanging basket with other veggies. Hope you have a good weekend too.

One~ Just an ordinary mom and curious person.

Takaeko ~ I see you are practising crop rotation. I think it is good idea to plant leek after sweet corn. Furthermore, it is easy to grow leek as they have few pest and disease.

Ellie~ The dahlia is a small type I think in the label it said to about 30cm height. I have another pot which I grow viola and leek together that the viola is smothering the leeks now. I am waiting for the viola to stop flowering so I can pull them out and leave those leek. I harvest the leeks if my dahlia need more space to grow:)

JGH~ Yes they are super quick as fast as radish. Sometime much faster.

p3chandan~ and here I envy you with the tropical weather where you can grow all year round.