Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 End Summer Harvest Finale

Summer ending for us here.
I am sure many gardeners living in Northern hemisphere are happy greeting spring.
Did not take many photo lately.
But here some what we had been harvesting at the end of summer.
Sorted some of our brown onions that are left curing in the shed, brought in some onion for the kitchen use which does not going to store well.
Pak choi grown in container and miraculously survive the extreme summer heat.
We harvested our first batch of kang kong/water spinach bamboo leaves, second summer broccoli and bonica eggplants.
Mice have been nibbling on the top of our root vegetables, so we harvested carrots and beetroots.
Beans, cherry tomatoes, brown onions and shallots.
Carrots and self-sowed amaranth (bayam).
We harvested our first banana capsicum that we grown from seeds this warm season. 
Pak choi, hon tsai tai, daikon, baby beetroot and cherry tomatoes.
The weather has cool down a bit now.
Hoping that our summer veggies will set fruit well now.
It was too hot before for them to set fruit, although they have blooms.
Wishing for more cucurbit and solanum family harvest at the moment.
Visit Daphne's Dandellion for harvest monday and see what other gardeners doing with their harvest.


Malar said...

That's a lot of harvest in summer! If it was here for sure the monkeys have taken half of it! ;)

rainfield61 said...

I admire your harvest.

There are no much from my garden,

Mac said...

Beautiful and bountiful harvest, I haven't started summer veg seeds yet. How do you grow the water spinach, mine don't grow well at all.

Jody said...

The brown onions you sent to us germinated 100%! Thank you. Your variety of veggies and your harvests and are inspiring!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

MKG dear,
Mice in the garden??? I'm sending Seb to you. Let him learn mice catching. purrr....meow!

cookingvarieties said...

hi diana, wow, you have over 10 varieties harvested this time around.. lovely to look at, only now i know that sawi is pak choi, ha ha
i love sawi. have a nice day

littlekarstar said...

You always have such great harvests!!

You have mice and I have possums :(

Sue Garrett said...

Certainly looking forward to spring but it isn't really here just yet - at least you can carry on gardening through winter - it's hibernating time for us!

Liz said...

Mice eat my root veg too. Your Pak Choi looks great, mine has huge leaves with holes all through them - not nearly as attractive as yours.

Daphne Gould said...

Beautiful harvests as usual.

Dani P. said...

Great variety ! Good appetite !

Anonymous said...

Here in the Northern Hemisphere it's our turn now!

Mary Hysong said...

What a wonderful and varied harvest you have. Usually we do not get a lot of overlap of summer and winter vegetables.

Norma Chang said...

That is quite a variety of vegetables harvested. Have not had water spinach for a long time, used to grow them but somewhere along the way I stopped growing them.

kitsapFG said...

Given how hot you got there for a while, that is amazing the pac choi produced so well without bolting. You always amaze me with the diversity of your garden harvests. Well done!

Ayam said...

Nice things to do when we start to grow vegie and get fresh by daily ...lucky .i realy admire.

i amsterdam said...

Your pak choi looks so healthy, I'm into pak choi lately :D

Kelli said...

Your veg looks fab as always. Impressed with you pak choi - no nibbles on it.

KL said...

You have really good produce. I am new to gardening; have started since 2011 and trying to become self-sufficient in growing fruits and vegetables.

izahdaut said...

seronoknya tengok hasil dari bumi dan dari tangan sendri.. so nice!!

tina said...

Your end of season harvest is so pretty with all those colors. It looks delicious!

Sean L said...

Nampak bayam Diana tetiba pulak nak makan bayam. The leaf texture looks so velvety. So the weather must be cooling down for you.

cikmanggis said...

macam macam sayur hasil kebun Diana ni.Agaknya Diana tak pernah beli sayur di kedai kan?

Hari ini kami gali keledek yang kami tanam tempohari.Ubinya tak banyak.Dalam satu batas sepanjang 8 kaki kami hanya dapat 1 1/2 kg keledek.

lena said...

the bok choi here looks thick and healthy!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Malar~Some of our root vegetables has been nibbled by mice and snail like carrots and sweet potato tubers.

Rainfield61~Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit.

Mac~Water spinach really needs moist soil to grow well. In tropics you see them growing so easily in drain fill with water. Mine don't grow much in mid-summer after I harvest them in end-summer getting fed-up waiting, it looks more bushier now. A little bit of pruning give more stems.

Jody~Happy to hear that those brown onion growing well in your place.

Cat-from-Sydney~Waiting for Seb here;-).

Cookingvarieties~Oh did not noticed that last week we had more than 10 varieties harvested. I sometime confuse to with which one is sawi.

Mrs. Bok~With the cooler weather the snail are making a come back again. I have mice cause they hide in the sweet potato patch. We grow them more compared to last year. Probably the main reason we have mice this year.

Sue~Summer too hot for us to garden. Winter is much milder for us and more water for the plants.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Liz~It was too hot in summer for the white cabbage butterfly to fly around the garden. Probably the reason why the Pak choi leaves were saved.

Daphne~Thank you. Somehow we had some harvest.

Dani~ Many of our harvest like the root vegetables were used to made juice early in the morning by my mama like a mixture of beetroot, carrot and other veggies.

Anonymous/Mark?~March is a busy season for preparing cool veggies for us here.

Mary~It is weird too for us having harvested cool veggies in summer. The broccoli was attacked by aphid and growing in partial shade during summer.

Norma~We like water spinach in summer as it cools down the body. We usually fried them with bird chillie, shallot, garlic and shrimp paste (belachan).

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

KitsapFG~I was amazed to that the Pak Choi survived the heat, although on day the leaves flop to the ground. But Choy Sum bolted earlier than usual in summer.

CitarasaKu~There is a lot to learn in the gardening world. So many plants to try, will always be a novice trying new plants to grow each season.

I amsterdam~Pak Choi grows quickly than other green veggies.Makes it easier to grow and enjoy.

Kelli~Probably pest were preferred other edibles that are growing in our partial shade than sunny area. Those pak choi were grown in a sunny spot.

KL~Good Luck growing your own fruits and vegetables. Each harvest give you satisfaction and more safer to eat then the one bought in market.

Izahdaut~Alhamdulillah ada juga hasil dapat dari kebun sendiri.

Tina~I am hoping fall harvest will be more colourful than summer. Although we don't have green leaves turning to red tree much around our area, we hope many peppers will ripen this fall.

Sean L~Bayam cepat sikit hasilnya. Tapi saya tak suka sangat bayam. Kekadang biar je berbunga...hehehe...yes the weather cooling down.

Cikmanggis~Mama ada tinggal dengan kami sekarang tolong tengokkan cucu masa saya pergi sekolah. Ada jugalah beli sayur yang pelik-pelik tak de dekat rumah untuk mama rasa. Ada jugalah hasil keledek cikmanggis. Mungkin awal lagi untuk digali kut. Saya gali satu pokok keledek tanam dalam container tadi takde isi sangat habis si tikus makan.

Lena~Kali ni nampak cantik...hehehe...selalunya berlubang-lubang.

Krishna101380 said...

what a bountiful harvest! i'm new to gardening vegetables and i am very inspired by your posts.