Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jalan Gajah 4 Postcards

I took some random pictures of my mother garden.
The front yard and back yard is much in contrast.
More than half of my plants were gone this mid-summer.
At the moment our kebun (garden) here in Adelaide is unsightly.
So let me give a tour of some part of my mother garden.
While I wait for some green sceneries coming back in our garden here.
This is the front yard. On the right side is a bottlebrush tree that attracts many birds when it is blooming. The bottlebrush branches is full with orchids plants naturally hanging by its own root strength. It is a favourite spot of my father to take photos of my siblings during festival season. Those palms trees were there since we moved in. On the pergola are passionfruit veins rambling all over it and laden with fruit.

Goose and ducks are given permission to enter the frontyard in the late afternoon. There is a medium size mangosteen tree at the back of the slide. My record so far of the time to complete mowing the front lawn when I was a teenager was more than 2 hours. It was tricky to maneuver the mower around the trees and other things.

It was just the end fruit season of rambutan when I came back for a visit. Not much left on the tree, they were over ripe. Those ducks don't even bother with the fallen rambutan fruit anymore.

I never realised before that we have a tamarind tree at the back yard in my parents small orchard. Tamarind is commonly use in South-East Asia cuisine. Sometime we use the tamarind juice combine with chilli and shallots for grill fish dipping sauce. I don't think it will easy to pluck them as it is a very tall tree and none of the fruit is within my reach. If nobody helps mama harvesting them, I think it will just be left hanging there.

Papaya trees at the back yard is really tall that it is not easy to harvest the fruit. The yellow flower is luffa bloom. My mama's luffa bloom is triple the bloom size of the luffa that I grow here in Adelaide. In the photo, a luffa fruit resting on top of the old wooden shed. Mama did not need to erect a proper trellis of that luffa plant, it climbs up on other local fruit trees.

Uncontrollable sweet potatoes plants that even climb onto that citrus plant tree as it please.

One corner of mama backyard photo that I took on a ladder. It is going to be rather challenging and time-consuming to make it more organise when I come back for good. It is not harvest-friendly at the moment. 

Ilhan and Rayyan is helping grandmama to clean up the backyard now.


i amsterdam said...

It's a lovely garden full of plants!! I love mangosteen and your mum has ducks and goose too :D

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Sungai Buloh? Serious? We are just five minutes away!!!! Maybe my Mama can help your Mama in her garden...teeheehee... purrr....meow!

Mr. H. said...

Now I can see where you got your interest in gardening from.:) Your Mom has a very beautiful garden all those fruit trees.

makcikmanggis said...

Masyallah Cm baru balik dari kampung Kubu Gajah..Mama diana tinggal kat sana?bestnya....suka temgok itik tu...

Mark Willis said...

This post reminds me a lot of my childhood. I was born in Batu Gajah, near Ipoh, and we had trees just like all of those in our garden too. I also remember there being guava trees.

Sue Garrett said...

Seems to be a real paradise garden - are you planning on returning as you said when you go back for good?

Aishah said...

What a mystical garden. Now we understand whose magic hands you inherit. Enjoy your stay at home and thank you for continuing to visit me and leaving wonderful comments.

cookingvarieties said...

hi diana, its such a beautiful and peaceful feeling when we see a garden grow... your mom has got veggies and fruit trees in abundance.
i sure love her garden and the geese and ducks... cool!
have a nice day

Stephanie said...

Happy New Year! This kebun is awesome!! Love the spacious green space. But those geese... err...they are scary... chased by one before so don't like to bump into any of them hehe...

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Like to see the Goose and ducks, they are noisy but cute, hehehe..

rainfield61 said...

I like to eat the Assam (Tamarind) fruit fresh.

And Fried Assam Prawns taste very well too.

Unknown said...

your parents's front area looks so good. Must be beautiful surrounded by so much green. IT looks like its such a lovely place.

Liz said...

I didn't realise tamarind trees were so tall - I love it, but I think I'd send my partner up the ladder to get it.

Jody said...

What a beautiful garden. You know every detail of it so well. You're garden too is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your mama's. By the way, the boys call Belle "mama" too.

Malar said...

That very awesome agrden. Mangoesteen? Wow! I like to eat them very much!
I bet you get the gardening interet from you mum!

kitsapFG said...

What a lovely and tranquil place - and the ducks and geese made me smile. :D

I hope your visit was good and thank you for sharing this beautiful corner of the world.

Kelli said...

Nice photos. I like the way you've framed them as well. Alot of ducks and geese!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I amsterdam~Mangosteen my favourite fruit too.

Cat-from-Sydney~Oh did not realised that you live very close. You can come and visit us when we return this year. You can bring the whole family as we have cats as well. They will have a big area to play and explore. The bottlebrush plant is our cats favourite place to climb.

Mr. H~So many fruits that I did not know that my parents has actually planted them long long time ago.

Makcikmanggis~ Dah duduk dekat Kampung Kubu Gajah lebih 17tahun dah. Dulu duduk Shah Alam tapi mamapapa nak bela binatang dan tanam2 mungkin tu sebab kami pindah.

Mark~You must now what 'Gajah' stands for. We have several guava varieties growing there too.

Sue~Yes we plan to return middle of this year.

Aishah~Your post reminds me of things that I forgotten.

Cookingvarieties~It does takes years for my mom to create a garden like that by herself. I am not sure whether I can follow her footstep or not.

Stephanie~I used to be scared of them before. But now I understand is to show them I am not afraid of them. Show who is the boss ;-).

Sonia~When we have tresspassers at night, those geese will usually give an alarm with the noise they make.

Rainfield61~Fried Assam Prawns sounds good. I like to eat fresh tamarind too.

Sri Ranjani~We do have wild life visiting often.

Liz~It will need a really tall ladder to gather the fruit.

Jody~Each time I visit I am surprised there are always new plants added to mama garden.

Malar~My grandparents are farmers.

KitsapFG~My parents are very lucky to have a land which has been a green reservation. No factories are allowed to be built there.

Kelli~Have to be careful not to step on their poo.

Dani P. said...

Beautiful !!! So many unknown trees and plants for me, it's like a botanical garden. I enjoyed your post, Diana, thank you .
Have a nice weekend !

kumittyi said...

I had the exciting and wonderful tour. Your mother garden is really fantastic and large,isn't it?
It looks like a botanical garden.
those passion fruit,mangosteen,ranbutan fruit are temptations to me.And the ducks am cute.
Thank you very much for great pictures.

lena said...

oh, now i know that's a tamarind tree, i probably have seen it before not knowing that'a a tamarind tree!

Wendy said...

what a beautiful place!! THose look like the chinese geese that my father keeps. He had to drive to a farm about 6 hours away to pick them up. A tamarind tree?! Yum!

CathJ said...

You sure miss hometown kan? :)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Dani~We probably have to make a walk path for easy access to make it look like a botanical garden ;-).

Kumittyi~My youngest son is very fond of those ducks.

Lena~When I was small I think tamarind tree was so big when we visited some villages.

Wendy~The Chinese geese is more common there. Your father must really like them to drive faraway to pick them up. It is getting expensive to buy a pair of them now here.

CathJ~ Oh sentiasa rinde. Tapi rindu lagi nak balik Sabah.