Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nellie Kelly 'Sweetie' Strawberry

We entered end summer season now. The weather changed drastically when February came, the weather really cools down. Instead of summer, somehow felt like autumn weather. Wishing that some of the plants will bounce back. I was hoping eggplants and peppers will be able to flower and set proper fruit in the end summer season as it usually does since mid-summer they spent more energy to survive. We will just have to wait and see. Due to the heat this year, more than 90% loss of strawberry plants for us this year. This is the first year we actually loss any strawberry plants. The only variety of strawberry that survived are Nellie Kelly (the first strawberry plant we bought from Bunnings 3 years ago and provided many runners) and alpine strawberry. These are the varieties that produce well for us in our micro-climate here in Adelaide plain. I am sure in other areas, other gardeners have their own strawberry variety that does well in their garden.
Nellie Kelly strawberry growing in container at the end of December.

Last end winter transplanted some of Nellie Kelly strawberry runners in this polystyrene container. Now after mid-summer only one left in this container.

We tried growing pansy and Nellie Kelly strawberry plant together.

Pansy and strawberry flowers blooming together. Rayyan did managed to enjoy several strawberry fruits from this container before the 40 degree Celsius came. I was aiming for natural mulch after the pansy wilted and died beside the strawberry plants during summer which it did. Mulching with straw will just attract birds to uproot strawberry plants.

So far, Nellie Kelly strawberry has been the most prolific and heat-tolerent variety apart of alpine strawberry that we grow here in our small garden.
What is your favourite variety of strawberry?
Which strawberry variety does well in your garden?


Mark Willis said...

I don't have any Strawberries in my garden at present. I have grown them in the past, but I had so much trouble with pests (especially birds) that I gave up growing them. I do love the little Alpine ones when I can get them - e.g. "Mara des Bois", which is very popular in France, where my daughter lives.

Sean L said...

The strawberries looks delicious. You should bring some back for your mum to plant. I had strawberry plants from Cameron Highlands and gave it to my aunt, and they do produce fruits albeit mini sized ones but full of flavour in the lowlands.

Liz said...

I'm really keen to know what people think about this. I have some strawberry plants in the garden which were here when we came but I don't think the flavour is great - but it could also be they don't get enough sun. Regardless I am keen to try some different ones.

Sue Garrett said...

I've never heard of Nellie Kelly strawberries.

We like Marshmello and last year Flamenco did really well considering it was newly planted.

We planted Marshmarvel, Amelia and Finesse too last year but they haven't really fruited yet so I can't comment on taste, production etc.

We also grow lots of alpine strawberries from seed which is really easy. Usually we have grown Mignonette but we are trying another variety next year too called Woodland Strawberry

Daphne Gould said...

I so love strawberries. I planted a lot last year, but before then hadn't grown them in a while (our chipmunks would eat every berry at the last house no matter what I did). Back then Sparkle was my favorite. But I hadn't grown any alpine strawberries. Last year I grew a few from seed and loved them. The red ones were just so so, but the yellow ones (Yellow Wonder) were delicious. I'm hoping they spread a bit so I can make all of them yellow.

kitsapFG said...

Never heard of that variety before - is it an everbearing variety? I have a big bed of ozark beauties and a container planting of the same. I am going to grow some Fort Laramie strawberries as an understory to my ultra dwarf apple trees - they are scheduled to be planted later this spring. Hopefully between the multiple beds I will end up with a more reliable crop of strawberries. Last year was a bust for them as I had a bunny rabbit eat down all the plants in March and April and while they bounced back - they never went on to produce.

lena said...

the yellow flowers are pansy flowers? they look like a face to me :) as you know our local strawberries all come from cameron highlands, i dont think it can be grown in low land here

Bom said...

We can't grow strawberries in our climate so I'll content myself by watching yours.

Kate said...

I love Alpine strawberries, mostly because of how sweet they smell. Haven't tried to grow big ones yet. Maybe next year.

africanaussie said...

I keep trying to grow strawberries, but they don't grow here - lucky you! some years are good for certain things and hopefully next year your strawberries come back bigger and better than ever.

Wendy said...

good point about mulching with straw. I would say that strawberries are my best crop (maybe along with peppers). I just think they're so fun for kids to pick. I love that little snap sound when you pull them.

CathJ said...

40degree?????? Wowwww!!

TK said...

Strawberry kat sana besar dan manis...yummy!
I igt dulu pegi pasar kat sana I rasa stroberi kat semua gerai dlm pasar..sampai kenyang. In the end tak beli pun.

rainfield61 said...

Are those yellow one the flowers of your strawberry plants?

They show me their angry face.

rosie@mygardenhaven said...

When I brought some plants from the Cameron Highlands, they fruited, but each time, the fruits got smaller. Not the climate for strawbwrries here, but I like to try...you never know. :)

Unknown said...

I don't know what variety my strawberry plants are but I recently found out that they are year round type. My first and plant and the biggest is flowering since a month now. I can see tiny berries forming too. That's because its still early spring here in India. Hope my plants survive the summer too 'cos summer can be pretty brutal here.

Malar said...

Those are yummy strawberries. The one I tasted here taste sour. Good luck with your strawberries!

Sunray Gardens said...

Sorry you lost so much. I hope this is not an indicator of our upcoming summer also. Last year was enough for a long time.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Kelli said...

Nellie Kelly sounds Irish. I'm not too familiar with strawberry plants so can't suggest much.

cookingvarieties said...

hi linda, pretty looking strawberries will always enhance a garden landscape.
Where i am, strawberries wont grow, except in the colder highlands/ mountain areas and there is only one variety.
happy gardening and have a nice day

Dani P. said...

Our strawberries are no-name. They are ok in spring and early summer. I replant them every 3 years.
Last year I plant some italian strawberries " Quatre stagione ". Will see the result in the next months ...
Have a beautiful day, Diana !

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

We can only go Cameron highland to see strawberry ^_^

kitchen flavours said...

We love strawberries and wish that we could grow them here, weather too hot and humid! So jealous seeing your plant in the container, looks so cantik!

Sue Catmint said...

you have set me a challenge, to copy you by planting strawbs and pansies in a container together for my grandsons.

cikmanggis said...

Cm tak tahu jenis jenis Strawberry .Ingatkan semuanya sama saja.Sekarang Cm tak berkebun kerana berehat sehingga kecederaan lutut sembuh.Rindu nak pegang cangkul:)

Judith said...

Can you believe our weather at the moment. We had another 11mm of rain this morning. While I don't like the hot weather I am looking forward to seeing a bit of sunshine this week. :)

Norma Chang said...

So cheerful to see strawberry plants bearing fruit in someone's garden this time of year. Yea, I have major problem with birds they always know which is the largest and sweetest berries, never touch the small ones, smart critters.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Mark~I never seen "Mara des Bois" selling here in Australia yet. We have problem with slugs with strawberry fruit.

Sean L~Each time my mama came she will definitely bring some of our strawberry runners back. She grow them in container. When I came back to Malaysia recently, I saw her strawberry was much greener than the ones in our garden now.

Liz~Our alpine strawberries does well in part shade. It has been bearing us fruits since we grow them 3 years ago. The wonderful thing each year that they provide us plenty volunteers. My children really like alpine strawberries.

Sue~I just check the label and it is actually a variety call "sweetie", Nellie Kelly is the nursery name. Hope you have a good strawberry season next like last year!

J.J. said...

I think it is a work in which you dedicate body and soul and I appreciate what you do.

Sean L said...

Did the plants bloom in your mom's garden? If Sweetie is a a day-neutral strawberry, it will probably flower in tropical region with no difference in day length.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Daphne~ I have not tried the yellow alpine strawberry yet. Must find the seed now. Hope you have more strawberries growing in your garden this year.

KitsapFG~I forgot what the term everbearing meant. This variety produces in spring and autumn. Our summer is too hot for them though. I imagine it your Fort Laramie and dwarf apple tree will look great together. Hope your garden is bunny proof this year.

Lena~Yes the yellow flowers are pansy flowers. They do look like faces don't they.It never hurt to try tough growing in the lowland.

Bom~In Malaysia we grow strawberry in the highland. A place call Cameron Highland is a popular place to pick strawberry.

Kate~The alpine strawberries does smell good. My sons like them very much.

Africanaussie~It is always different each year for us which plant does well and which don't. All much depend on the weather. The only think we can do is just try.

Wendy~Love that little snap sound too. I rarely can take some photo of our strawberry harvest. It dissappear too quickly.

CathJ~ Hari ni pun panas sangat.

TK~ Tulah kat pasar sini banyak free sample. Sedap dan fresh pula tu.

Rainfield61~Not the yellow one. The yellow one probably a scarecrow to shoo the birds from getting the strawberry fruit.

Rosie~Yes they do fruit like my mama...not that many fruit, small but its fun to try.

Sri Ranjani~That is great that you bought the all-year round ones. Then you can enjoy them all through the year.Hope you get many fruits before the hot summer weather comes.

Malar~Different variety of strawberry have their own distinct taste.

Cher~This summer was really hot compared with last year. Hope fully we get longer warm weather in fall though so we can enjoy more of summer bounty.

Kelli~I did not know that it sounded Irish. Maybe the nursery founder came from Ireland.

Wan/Cookingvarieties~Strawberry does have a very cute shape compare to other berry type. Have a nice day!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Dani~Hope you get good result with "Quatre stagione"!You must be busy preparing your spring garden as spring comes near.

Sonia~It has been so long since I went to Cameron Highland. I think the last time I have been there was when I was 5 years old. How much is the strawberry there?

Joyce~They look horrible now. I had to prune them harshly. Tinggal berapa daun je.

Catmint~I hope your grandsons love the colourful combination of pansy and strawberry come spring.

Cikmanggis~Macam-macam jenis strawberry ada seperti banyak yang blogger lain ada komen pun saya baru dengar. Sebab jenis strawberry ikut kesesuaian satu tempat.Harap lutut cepat sembuh.

Judith~ Its hotter again. Now I wish it will a little cooler and a mild weather.

Norma~Our small ones are taken by snails and the big ones by bigger animals.

J.J.~A passion.

Sean L~Some strawberry did fruit from the plants my mom brought back from here. But I was not sure which type though. Because for them stawberry is all the same where I am more particular of the different variety we grow here in the garden.But "Sweetie" and our alpine strawberry will fruit all year round as long as the weather is mild or cooler than the hot summer weather. Sometime they even fruit in winter.