Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hazy Harvest

 Haze condition in some of the places in Peninsular Malaysia is really bad. Schools has been closed now until the haze level goes down. The kids are now limited indoors and fortunately has not get bored yet on the activities they focusing on at the moment. The television has not been switched  on at all for more than a week at least. Gardeners too need to avoid not spending too much time outdoors. Hope the plants will be strong and fare well in this kind of predicament. Tuberose plants has been producing flower stalks one by one this month, I think this bulbous plant has respond the need to create offspring in giving flowers due to the drought and hot weather. It nice to get to snip some tuberose flower stalks starting to bloom bringing them inside the house for their strong alluring fragrance. Because we have haze now, harvesting the butterfly pea flowers task came back to the parents instead of the kids. The haze has kind of effected the duck and eggs production in our place too. We also harvested a tiny squash last week. Readily available to harvest last week and this week are also lemons, pea eggplants and chillies.
 Some of the fresh traditional raw salads available in our garden to eat with sambal belacan.
 We also harvested some roselles, Surinam spinaches, and a guava last week.
 Papaya fruits also some of the main harvest last week from our garden. Why are they in the plastic? This is for my next door neighbour portions.
 I just realised that the okras has already started producing yesterday and I harvested all the fruits regardless some are still small because I knew I won't be able to go into the garden in this bad haze condition today or probably tomorrow. I skipped the garden for 2 days locked up after some late night ruckus that is why I did not realised they started flowering. This is the first time I harvested 'Mammoth Spineless' heirloom okra. Quite surprised this variety okra fruit size are fatter than the other varieties that I usually grow. We also harvested some Marjerine fruits. Almost seven year old male cat 'Jack' having a nap. Jack is always a good boy towards me since I'm his adopted mom, so this is not his doing but unfortunately mine. I am sorry I am kind of slow replying comments or visiting as I am still suffering from my postnatal depression from time to time. But it does make me cheer up reading your comments or receiving your emails. I do know I need to seek professional help but I guess I got tired or couldn't be bothered anymore for trying to think how I am going to drag myself there with kids while having some session with the expert. I am still kind of lost as well where to seek the closest help I can. Enough of the rambling today and I try to keep my mind quiet, hush hush hush.


Kancil 8349 said...

andu bah...tangan tu calar2,..jangan lupa bubuh ubat

Cik KemBhoJha said...

hi diana

boleh tanya kah, bunga yang warna putih dalam gambar yang 1st itu, bunga apa? cantik.

Mark Willis said...

I hope the smog / haze / smoke doesn't keep you indoors for too long - you will begin to suffer from "Cabin Fever".
Despite the problems, I see that you are still managing to produce a very varied harvest. Hopefully cooking them will help to keep your mind off your other problems!

Sue Garrett said...

Is the haze a natural thing or cause by air pollution? It must be serious to keep you indoors.

Your harvests always look so attractive.

Look after yourself and I hope you are feeling better soon!

gina marna said...

Salam Diana, nmpk mcm bunga sundal malam iyeke? ade benihnya x? :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

luckily just rain at my place, phew..like to see all the harvest from your place.

Norma Chang said...

I hope your air quality has improved and you are feeling a lot better. You harvest baskets are always so colorful.

Daphne Gould said...

I hope your haze goes away soon. I hate getting stuck indoors. I'm stuck because of the heat. I'm a real heat wimp and tend to faint in the heat so I stay inside during our heat waves. But at least the early mornings are nice and I get to garden then.

Helyanti said...

I love the flowers in the 1st picture, they are pretty! Is Jack part of harvest too? Lol.

Dasyatnye tangan smpi calar balar. I hope u get well soon. Just keep doing what you love and you'll recover from depression in a just matter of time. Cheers :)

kitsapFG said...

I love the harvest picture with the sleeping cat in it. Don't love all those scratches on your arm though and am sorry you are suffering from post natal depression. I know it feels like too much effort when you are feeling down to find some help - but I beg of you to please do just that.

The harvests are gorgeous (as always). You are a truly talented gardener.

shaz said...

Keep well dear, hope you can get out there in the garden soon. Being cooped up all day probably doesn't help your feelings. And I hope you find the help you need . Sending hugs your way.

Kate said...

We had a bit of haze last week. Smoke actually. A big fire was burning toward some houses not too far from here. The wind changed and the temperature dropped just in time to save many homes. I bet those people feel pretty lucky about what they have. It's a good lesson for all of us.

CJane said...

Ohhhhh I'd love to have a garden like yours!!

Bee Girl said...

Oh man...I do hope the haze lifts quickly! being trapped is no good for anyone! Congrats on your harvests, though! everything looks wonderful!

KL said...

I feel so happy whenever I see your harvest. That's a harvest to be proud of. What's creating the haze?

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Hope you can get in the garden more soon. I can't imagine haze so bad you have to stay inside. Take care and enjoy those harvests.

Dewberry / Amanita said...

Your harvests look so both exotic and appetizing! and these blue pea flowers are your trademark! Beautiful!

Fay Jesselton said...

The margarine fruit! I never try that, is it sweet?

Anonymous said...

Diana, I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well, and I hope you'll find the help that you need. Your harvests are beautiful, as always. You take very good care of your garden, now you must take good care of yourself! Sending hugs to you.

Unknown said...

What are those pretty little red things that look like flower buds?

I hope your haze clears and you are able to go out as fresh air is remarkable for lifting one's spirits. Nature is so amazing.

Have you ever tried St Johns Wort? It is a herbal that helps to enhance one's good feelings. You have beautiful children, a wonderful garden and are quite talented but yet sometimes are moods need some help. You are in my prayers!! Hugs!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Kancil 8349 ~

Nasib tidak dalam cepat sembuh Cikgu.

Cik Kembhoja ~

Bunga putih tu harum sundal malam.

Mark Willis ~

We had a long drought, now is raining season.
Lucky no severe have during the drought season. Maybe no open fire in neighbouring countries.

Sue Garret ~

Haze not a natural thing.
One of the cause is some country does open fire to clear sites for farming during drought season.
Open fire should be banned outside wet season.

Gina Marna ~

Hehehe...harum sundal malam ya. Tapi tiada stok bawangnya.

Sonia, Nasi Lemak Lover ~

I when visit your blog drooling drooling drooling over your delicious cooking.

Norma Chang ~ Hopefully no haze this year.

Daphne ~
Nice weather at the moment to garden. Usually sunny but not that hot in the morning and rains in the afternoon. Laundry is not a problem as well since it will dry before the rain comes.

Helyanti ~ Jack is getting chubbier compared to last year.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

KitsapFG ~ The cat Jack is the one that like to lazed around and nap on my favourite photo shoot spot.

Shaz ~ Hope the showers will come often and make the garden more easier to grow food.

Kate ~ Fire during the drought season is really scary. It can spread really fast. Do be careful.

CJANE ~ Posibble, possible dear. Once you have a hang of it you will become addicted in gardening.

Bee Girl ~ Getting trapped in rainy season sometime can make the gardener feel restless. But being coop because of the haze is so much tiring.

KL ~ Open fire during drought season makes the haze as they become trapped.

Gardener on Sherlock Street ~ Now the haze no more. But with so many commitment this year have to wait till the weekend.

Dewberry ~ I am happy that many enjoyed looking at the blue pea flowers.

Fay Jesselton ~ Some said like boiled topiaca tuber.

TheNoviceGardener ~ I have been taking a very very very long time rest :).

Judy Sheldon Walker ~

The red flower bud is Roselle.
You can make juice and jem from the red petals.
Thank you for the tips, I have not tried St Johns Wort.

Thank you very much everyone for the good well wishes.