Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pink Curly Hair

 This month of June this orchid has been continuously blooming one by one and I find this orchid species very attractive with its curly pink hair and red stripe inside. I don't really know much about orchids, so I lack specific terms to name the parts of the orchids structures. I grew fond of this girl with pink curly hair. Any gardeners can help me identify this type of Orchid?
 This orchid leafy part of the plant look like this. They really like to cuddle onto tree trunks. This type of orchids plants adorned quite a few tree in our garden. I have been wondering how the orchids will look like since I came back last year and now around the garden one by one the flowers starts the bloom. It must have been something that triggers them to bloom, the weather or some kind of other switch mode. I have noticed the flower stalk appears before I went for my first trip to Sabah this year. It took a while before the flower bloom.
 Red ants seems to like wandering around the flower bloom and I wonder what attracts them.
I am tempted to cut some flower stalk and bring it inside.
 At my mother's place in Sabah state, this white orchid is currently blooming. Don't know which category of orchids it belongs to as well. This one is comfortably living high on the coconut trunk since I was still in secondary school. The picture above was taken earlier this month when we were in Kiulu while below photo was taken yesterday by my mother in full bloom.
 This orchid was taken deep in the forest by one of my son ex-babysitter sister. They live very faraway from the closest gravel main road, they had to walk at least 3 hours to the main gravel road. This orchids has a long blooming season. Not sure what is the name. Not the type to multiply quickly.
 Personally I don't think orchids take much space to grow in the tropics and they don't need to be grown in pots unless they participate beauty pageant. So many to choose from which does not need to be grown on soil in pots and can save money from spending to buy pots. It seems that orchid and coconut has a good relationship. Not only the orchids can live together on the coconut trunk but often the coconut husk is also used to grow them. You can even set the orchids to live/grow/bloom at your eye level so you don't need to strain your neck looking up in the hanging pot or look down in pots.
 The orchids can naturally grow by their own on a old wooden plank as well.
This crafty one seems to be making its home on an empty can. 


Unknown said...

It is unusual and very pretty. I don't know what it is either.

gina marna said...

cantiknya..suka orkid :)

africanaussie said...

Oh that pink frilly orchid is beautiful! I find that the ants eat my orchid flowers, so make sure yours are just admiring them, not taking sneaky bites!

MaDiHaA a.k.a Ratna said...

arwah ayah akak peminat orkid... mak pun suka.. dulu dorang byk juga berhabis duit tanam orkid.. tp dek kesibukan berkebun.. orkid kurang terjaya.. now ma akak dah mula aktif semula tanam orkid.. anak dia tumpang ambil gambar aje.. hehe..

orkid yg curly tu tak pasti jenis apa.. tp kalau yg bunga putih tu rasanya phalaenopsis...

Sue Garrett said...

I'm not any good at orchid identification but they are beautiful especially growing as nature intended. One of our house grown ones is producing a new flower stem.

Kate said...

Here are my guesses for you:
The pink one might be a Cattleya.
The first white one might be a Dendrobium.
The second white one looks like a Phalaenopsis. (I have one blooming in my kitchen, although it's not nearly as giant and fantastic as yours!)

Sean L said...

The white one is definitely a Phalaenopsis. Do you have pics of the plant of the first one? The bulbs can shed more light into what orchid it is.

KL said...

What lovely orchids. You are lucky to be in a tropical land to have such natural orchid growing. That lead me to think -- why and how are plants classified as orchids?

Anita Sari said...

hello... your blog is beautiful :D

Lea said...

So very pretty!
Have a wonderful week-end!
Lea's Menagerie

Kelli said...

They're lovely looking plants. I've alwaays admired orchid plants.

rainfield61 said...

Those are curly pink hair.

Sean L said...

The curly pink hair looks like a Myrmecophila tibinicis or its primary hybrid. The pseudobulbs should be hollow. Myrmecophila is an 'ant-plant'. It used to be called Schomburgkia. If it is the species, the flower stalk can go really long (450cm!).

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Thanks for sharing how the orchids just grow in the wild for you. Here, we can have them in a pot inside only!

lena said...

hi diyanah, the pink ones are very pretty..i hv one purple orchid plant in my house..artificial one..hehe..

Stephanie said...

Orchids from the jungle? The white one could be moth orchid, Phalaenopsis... but just guessing as I am not no expert. And wow that orchid is hard to get it bloom... you are amaze me again!

Helyanti said...

Cantiknye pink orchid tu

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Judy SheldonWaker ~ The frill makes it look a bit unusual right :) .

Gina ~ Senang tak banyak pakai tempat.

Africanaussie~ Thank you for sharing. Will observe if the ants nibble on them or not.

Kak MaDiHaA ~ menanam ni bagus bagi gerak-gerakkan badan kan. Untuk penglihatan pun bagus :) .

Sue ~ Your orchid must have woken up to the warmer weather that time.

Kate ~ Amazing, you are very good at identifying them.

Thank you so much once again for the detail identification Sean.

KL~ Plant biology is not my strong subject :) . I usually prefer animal biology. But I like to learn about it now since we love gardening much.

Anita ~ Thank you for dropping by.

Merry Christmas Lea!

Kelli ~ And I have always love your flowering blooms.

Rainfield61~ Like some characters in animation.

Gardener on Sherlock Street ~ Indoor blooms will be nice as well warm and cosy.

Lena ~ Next can change a real one hehehe... get the fragrant one.

Stephanie~ Just got lucky I guess.

Helyanti~ Menarikkan.

Ismail N said...

Wow. Cantik semua orkid tu. My parents pun suka bela orkid dulu2. My mother-in-law pun suka. But my generation dan lepas tu..erggg.. bukan tangan orkid lagi. :D