Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sabah Honey Pineapple (Nanas Madu Sabah)

 We enjoyed the pineapple fruit above yesterday and it was very sweet like honey. Much much much sweeter than the pineapple slice syrup liquid in can. So much different than the common variety ones sold in the market to this honey pineapple from Sabah state the original plant came from my aunt. If you visit Sabah, don't forget to ask the farmers whether they are selling Nanas madu or the common one. 'Nanas' is pineapple and 'Madu' is honey in the national language of Malaysia. The Nanas Madu Sabah will be more expensive than the common one but worth it. I asked some middleman in one  of the farmer market I went looking for some pineapple, they said they can't afford to sell them as it is expensive, a luxury item.
Pineapple flower.
 Anticipation for the coming harvest. Ours are actually growing in partial shade and they seem to be doing fine even lack of full sunlight. The fruits takes more than 2 months to ripe from flowering stage. You spent time to peel the skin and take our the 'eyes'. Then finished eating it faster than peeling the skin. However, the sweetness of Sabah Honey Pineapples lingers in the mouth.
 Sideshoot underneath the ripening pineapple fruit can be used to grow a new plant which gives you much faster harvest compared recycling the pineapple fruit crown top.
 One of the funniest Sabah Honey pineapple fruit I found in my aunt's small pineapple farm in front of the house. I planted some Sabah Honey pineapple plant last month before I went to Sabah and they are doing well without any care or watering. Also, planted a few plants this week too.

Have a lovely weekend.


Liz said...

How cool are they? I love that you have spotlighted them. They look fabulous - I would love to eat one one day.

Sue Garrett said...

How lucky are you? I love pineapples - the Malay word for pineapple is very similar to the French 'anana'

Michelle said...

Those are so beautiful! They would be wonderful in the garden even if they weren't so sweet. And it sounds like they are easy for you to grow too. Almost the perfect fruit if they weren't so hard to peel.

cikmanggis said...

dulu makcik pernah tanam nanas madu depan rumah tu tetapi berbuah hanya besar penumbuk je last sekali terbiar dan mati benihnya.

Mark Willis said...

It must be so nice to have pineapples growing in your own garden! Somehow I had imagined they would be really difficult to grow. I suppose you just need the right weather - so a definite No-No for us here in the UK!

Dewberry / Amanita said...

Wow! I've never seen them growing yet! I only see them on the market, or canned :)

I wish I could grow them in Poland, I love their taste.

Erin said...

Hi, my hubby and I are interested in growing plants/veges for food. Do you let visitors come see your garden? We would love to see what you grow in your garden. And talk to you about what plants are suitable for our tropical climates. I live in Petaling Jaya. Thanks!

Unknown said...


KL said...

Now I have to can you show this in your blog?? I love pineapples but would not be able to grow them in this cold weather, and you are showing us such lovely honey-filled pineapples? My mouth is watery...How much space does it take? I planted two small plants in the greenhouse with the hope that they will survive the winter. Let's see.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics... I love to bite on pineapples once in a while...

rainfield61 said...

I have grown 2 pineapple trees for more than 1 year.

Yet to see any pineapples.

Fay Jesselton said...

Nenas madu is like RM5.00 per kg here in KK but only available in certain shop. It's like rare :)

Unknown said...

Wow.. Yummy yummy. I love pineapple. Just wondering where did you get the seedlings from. Mind to share? I'm from KK, Sabah.

Kadazan sis.TRG said...

Hi, I love pineapple, eaten fresh or made into pineapple jam. Planted a lot at home(SBH). Some of the species are so sweet that we don't have to add sugar in making the jam. Love pineapple pickles too! Any new pineapple recipe? I would love to try them, especially during this Rammadhan..tq

Jay said...

Those pineapples are just beautiful. It is always wonderful to see fruit growing.

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Diana,
I have never heard of Sabah Honey Pineapple! I have a few pineapple varieties growing right now, Yan Kee, Josephine and Philippine.
Wow, as sweet as honey, sedap!

Mac said...

Have never seen pineapple flowers before, thanks for the photos.

KL said...

I planted the top of the pineapple in my garden and they are growing as plants, but I am pretty sure they will not survive the cold in the winter. But, it's just for fun :-)

lena said...

hi diana, hope all is well with you. Coming by to wish you Selamat Hari Raya, enjoy the festival!

Bom said...

I didn't know there is a variety called Sabah honey. Now I'm curious about its taste. Is it consistently sweet or is there a specific time to eat it?

ساريده سنين said...

hi...selamat berkenalan...I dh follow...

cathy@home said...

Congrarulations on the new baby and moving see much time I have not been on the internet.

cathy@home said...

I am just going to catch up.

KL said...

Where have you got vanished? I hope everything is fine with you and your family.

KL said...

Where are you? I hope everything is fine with you and your family. It has been almost 3 months since you posted.

Adriannasyaz said...

Bestnya nanas..sya tanam x pnh tumbuh diana..huhu

Jay said...

I see you have not posted in a little while. I hope that you and your family are doing alright. There are many of us gardeners who garden because it is our best therapy from the demands of life.

Best wishes and thinking of you.


Stellamarina said...

mmm...will have to see if anybody is growing this type of pineapple in Hawaii. I love your reminds me so much of the two months I spent wandering around Malaysia a couple of years ago. Just loved going to the food markets in every town I stayed in and seeing what people were growing in their gardens. Aloha

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hi Liz.

Nice to know you like it that I link it to the Saturday Spotlight. Don't forget to try them went you visit Sabah.

Sue ~ Probably the origin of the word came from the same source and evolved.

Michelle ~ They do look ornamental in the garden right. Yes once established they kind of look after themselves.

CikManggis ~ Mungkin tak cukup zat kut atau faktor cuaca.

Mark ~ With the right weather, they are easy to grow. But you have to wait about a year to harvest the fruit.

Dewberry ~ You can try growing them on the heap of compost in a green house to warm them up.

Erin ~ At the moment due to the kids weekend activities we pretty in a rush all the time.

Hi Forskning Beta :).

Hi KL...

Oppsss Sowwy ;).
You can space them like growing zucchini I think.
I tried growing them before "outdoor" in Adelaide with neglect did not grow much but the plant never died.

Hi LrongLim Sensei,
A must on your balik kampung trip when in season :).

Hi Rainfield61~
Depending on the variety and on which part the crown was taken the harvest time will varies. Suckers are much faster.

Fay ~ Yes in Sabah also very rare kan. Harga boleh tahan.

Hi Booshee Lion,
My aunts has been growing them for years. So my mother brought some back to grow here.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hi Kadazan sis. TRG ~ Yes some species is so sweet to consume just like that. The sweet ones will be a waste not eating them just naturally fresh like that. I have not made any experiment in the kitchen lately.

Hi Jay,

Yes seeing them growing although taken time is satisfying.

True gardening has been helping me a lot to keep me sane.

Thank you for thinking about us :)

Hi Joyce,

That is a nice collection of pineapple you have in your garden.

Hi Mac,

It is so a rare chance to notice the flowers. I am glad had the chance to snap some photo of the flowers.

Hi KL,

Why not growing them for fun :). Did the same thing to when we were living in the Adelaide. Just to watch how tolerant plants are.

Thank you Thank you so much for your concern and thinking about us :).

Hi Lena.

Thank you for the wish and this coming Raya is getting close too.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Bom ~ It is consistently sweet if you pick them the right time. I noticed even the color is not dark yellow yet the squirrel has bite them.

Salam Sis Saridah,

Selamat berkenalan terima kasih berkunjung.


Thank you she is 1 year and a 1/2 now.
Now is my turn to catch up.

Sis Adrianna,

Jangan terlampau banyak air masa awal tiada akar nanti mudah reput.

Hi Stellamarina,

Enjoying many different type of fruit while visiting Malaysia is a must! I wish to visit Hawaii someday, many plants I would like to see.