Saturday, August 7, 2010

1st veggie swap

Since last year I wanted to join community fruit and vegetable swap near my local area but did not seem to have the time. Today, hurrah we finally get to join them. Woke up early this morning and ran outside looking at our patch what excess vegetables that we could share with other people. We decided to clear one of the patch that were growing chinese celery and cauliflowers for spring planting preparation (done and manured today). So we brought with us chinese celeries, coriander leaves, a punnet of coriander seedlings and chilies.


So excited were we that we were the first one to arrived. Many interesting vegetables that I have not seen or cook before. I got to bring home some jerusalem artichoke. I had never eaten or hold it in my hand before. All of us thought it was ginger at first. Lan the man who brought those jerusalem artichoke said they have flower similar like sunflower and can grow 3metre tall. I plan to cook it tomorrow and see how it taste like. Any good recipes I can try anyone?DSC08183

I learn a lot today from other people how to grow veggies in Adelaide. Kids were also enjoying themselves playing bubbles and climbing trees.

bubble copy

I am looking forward for the next fruit and veggie swap meeting.

Anyone interested to know more about community fruit and veggie swap here is the website.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Veggie swap must be exciting. In a long way, it binds society better. In my case, I have to grow a lot more to get into veggie swap, if it is organised here... haha.. For now, we are happy with veggie giveaway to the neighbours.... ~bangchik and kakdah

Malay-Kadazan girl said... don't just have to bring fruit or veggies, smiling face and foods are also welcome. I read the Kosmo online today there is an article about 'Kursus percuma jadi pekebun' for public.

Sue Catmint said...

Hi M-K, One of the wonderful things about a veggie is also swapping recipes and learning about unfamiliar vegetables. I did a cooking course in Cambodia and learned how to use veg like galangal. Haven't yet got round to experimenting. Jerusalem artichokes are good in soup. Your plants look wonderfully healthy. I started gardening when my kids were little too. cheers, catmint

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Dear Catmint thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for the cooking tips for jerusalem artichokes. I planted some galangal rhizome last year but have not harvest any of them yet. Galangal adapt well with Adelaide climate. How about your place?