Thursday, August 5, 2010


I start to love growing polyanthus since last year after they show me their cheerful colour that warm the heart during the bleak cold weather. What wonderful about polyanthus is that it still bloom well in shaded area. Polyanthus is a perennial. I plan to pot this flower plant after their glorious season in over. The place where they are growing now is shaded during winter but when summer come it will receive sunlight after noon which will scorch them.

It was not blooming when I was on my way to school this morning. By the time I reached home it was blooming trying to cheer me up after feeling so sorry of myself over my fail experiments.

polyanthus (1)

polyanthus (6)

I am so looking forward at other polyanthus plant to start bloom hinting that they will be red or yellow flower to gaze onto.

polyanthus (4)

polyanthus (3)

Primula (lollipop) also has started to bloom this week.

primula lollipop  The thing that cheer me most today is Rayyan smiling from the window welcoming mama back home.

celery peekaboo (1)

Looks like my celery plant is trying to cheer me up as well is growing really fast.

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