Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spring preparation (春の準備)

Finally its weekend and its a no wet day today after almost a week of erratic weather. I could do some gardening in the morning before I go to the lab to look in the microscope looking at chromosomes in the afternoon. Mik helped sowed seeds in recycled containers and I transplanted seedlings.

This veggie bed is in front of the kitchen window that I have manured 2 weeks ago. I transplanted leek seedlings here.

leek transplant

Harvested some leek and other winter vegetable today to make porridge (rainfield61 gave me the idea) for buka puasa. Lettuces growing well for one of the lazy cooking day.

leek lettuce

Last week I posted a blog about this nest that we found but don’t know what kind of bird nest it is. Yesterday we saw the bird inside the nest. We think it is laying eggs now. The bird is slightly bigger than a crow.

nesting (2) My next door neighbour back yard has many big trees that is flowering and many species of birds are flocking on top of those trees. It is a heaven for bird watchers. I don’t have a sophisticated tech camera that can zoom out that far to get a good picture. I got really distracted looking at those beautiful birds yesterday from gardening. Because of that I did not get to do much gardening as I like and went to lab later than I planned to.

End August propagation:


  1. Tomato Super Sioux (Eden seeds)
  2. Challenger tomato ( Phoenix seeds)
  3. Tomato ‘ Cherry Rainbow Mix’ (Green harvest)
  4. Romanesco Zucchini (Phoenix seeds)
  5. Eggplant Early Long Purple (Eden seeds)
  6. Capsicum “Golden Calwonder” (Green Harvest)
  7. Cucumber green gem (Eden seeds)
  8. Lettuce salad mix (Yates)
  9. Mustard spinach (Phoenix seeds)
  10. Hon tsai tai (Phoenix seeds)
  11. Celery Crisp & Tender (D.T. Brown)
  12. Choy Sum (Eden seeds)
  13. Cabbage Earliball (Grower’s Pride)
  14. Bloomsdale spinach (Phoenix seeds)
  15. Wong Bok Cabbage (Phoenix seeds)
  16. Lemon Basil (Phoenix seeds)
  17. Basil Thai (Mr. Forthergill’s)
  18. Chives (D.T. Brown)
  19. Spring onion (Phoenix seeds)

Direct sowing>

  1. Sunflower Evening Sun (Home save seed)
  2. Bush Bean Redland Pioneer (Eden seeds)
  3. Apple cucumber (Phoenix seeds)
  4. Saskatchewan watermelon (Phoenix seeds)
  5. Radish daikon (Eden seeds)


Sue Garrett said...

Interesting that you are looking forward to spring as we watch summer prepare to leave us behind. Is your bird some kind of pigeon or dove?

rainfield61 said...

Haha, I had porridge as my lunch today as well.

takaeko said...


"Spring preparation" does sounds exciting and inspiring.

We in Osaka are facing record-hot temperature days in this summer which make us concern when we should start preparation of autumn-winter vegetables such as white radishes and cabbages.

The hot summer does make not only us but veges tired.

Autumn Belle said...

Looks like you have a lot going on in your garden. The greens look so healthy and fresh. Looking through you list, the radish makes me think of the delicious daikon salada I had at a Japanese restaurant in Glenmarie.

Malar said...

It looks like your garden have a lot of edibles! You have very helpful child! Thumb up to him/ her?!

Stephanie said...

That pink yellow flower is so bright and attractive. Very pretty! Primula? Hope you will have convenient time to complete sow the seeds by end August.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

G.L.A.~ I am not sure either what kind of bird it is. But not pigeon. We in the southern hemisphere gardeners are getting busy. We have been watching the northern hemisphere gardeners tomatoes for months now:)

Rainfield61~ Ours was chicken porridge

Takaeko~ Hot summer will mean autumn is coming soon and prolong summer vegetable harvest.

Autumn Belle ~ Radish is good for health too. Oh I did not know that Glenmarie has a Japanese restaurant now. When I was little there was nothing at Glenmarie. We used to use the old Glenmarie (Batu Tiga) road for short cut to Subang Airport (no KLCC back then) from Shah Alam.

Malar~Both of my kids are he. But people always confuse them with girls:)

Stephanie~ Sow seed list all done. Polyanthus, a Primula member.