Sunday, July 24, 2011

Talam Labu/Sweet Potato

I was really hoping that this weekend it will be sunny and I can complete the task that I set this week in the garden. However, it rain in the morning. So we decided to make Malaysia traditional cake~ kuih talam labu (pumpkin) or talam keledek (sweet potato) while waiting for the rain to stop. Talam in Bahasa Malaysia means tray. What interesting about this recipe that it can use either pumpkin or sweet potato as its main ingredient. Since we still have some pumpkin that we harvested from last autumn and recent harvested sweet potato we decided to try both. I got this recipe from Iyajuyi author of ARAH blog.

Ingredients :
For the bottom layer
300gram sweet potato/pumpkin (boiled/steamed and mashed)
75gram rice flour
75gram tapioca flour
150ml coconut milk + 150ml of water
200~150gram sugar
1teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanila essense (optional)
colouring (optional) the pumpkin one I did not use any colouring but for the sweet potato I added colouring for the layer which contain only coconut milk. Sweet potato did not give any colour. But pumpkin has its own natural colouring.

For the Top layer
100gram tapioca flour
200ml coconut milk + 200ml water
2Tablespoon rice flour
1Teaspoon salt

Preparing for the bottom layer:
Mix well rice and tapioca flour with coconut milk. Then sieve.
Blend all the ingredient together including mashed pumpkin/sweet potato.
Put the mixture into a pan and stir until it gets concentrated at moderate heat.
Pour the mixture into a container that fit your steamer with half fill in the size of that container. Beforehand, brush the container with very little oil. Steam for about 7 minutes.
Time to prepare the top layer which is the similar process with the bottom layer.
Pour the top layer mixture on top of the bottom layer. Steam for about 10 minutes.
Let it cool. Then cut and its ready to serve.
It actually will look much more prettier if I have an artistic talent on how to cut and make it more presentable. But it tasted very good. You have to take my word because I usually got C in art class. The bottom layer is sweet potato which does not have any colour add on. 
This is talam labu (pumpkin).
The top layer are pumpkin which does not need to add yellow colouring, it is on its own natural colour.
I prefer talam labu more.
How about you?
Hope you had a great weekend.
Please join us!


Mark Willis said...

I have never had either of those, but I would like to try them. They look very appealing.

Daphne Gould said...

I've never had them either. If you wanted to be artistic it would be fun to mix the two since their colors are so different. I could see patterns of sweet potato leaves using the sweet potato red as the color.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

MKG dear, fav is talam ubi kayu though, more for the texture. har har har *evil laughs*

inahar ali said...

dear MKG..thnx 4 visiting my blog! woww ur talam looks really appealing! must try it one of these days..

lena said...

you must be a very good gardener with really green hands! that saves money too and so much better than home grown, you know what you put in there for growing. Very nice kuih!

Mr. H. said...

You certainly do have quite the repertoire of interesting recipes. I have saved a few of them, including this one, and we are excited to try them out this winter.:)

Kelli said...

Your layered cakes look really pretty. And your cooked chard in your last post looks fab too.

rainfield61 said...

You have a good garden.

You have a good kitchen, too.

Malar said...

I wonder how you can manage verythings o well! family, garden and cooking! WOw!

Jody said...

That looks delicious. We have sweet potatoes in the garden. Maybe we can try this when it's time to harvest.

Sue Garrett said...

It looks very different from anything I've ever made. We must try growing sweet potato.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Oooooooo Kueh talam and Kueh lapis please!!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Mark~Maybe you had a different version like taro, brown sugar or tapioca during your childhood in Malaysia.

Daphne~Thats a great idea.

Cat-from Sydney~ My favourite is actually talam keladi. Unfortunately, the weather here does not permit us to have fresh home-grown keladi.

Inahar ali~It is fun making it. Wish we had a bigger steamer though.

Lena~Growing own vegetables definitely save a lot of money and we know what we eat:).

Mr. H~Hope you like it and will enjoy it very much. I am looking forward to see your colourful pumpkin this year. Wishing you luck with sweet potatoes too.

Kelli~In this winter season, we have some time off from the garden to experiment a few new dishes in our kitchen.

Rainfield61~Happiness from the garden.

Malar~I am still struggling though, when its rain and cold then I cook something. Because I can't be in the garden.

Jody~Hope you enjoy this cake with your home-grown sweet potatoes.

Sue~ Sweet potato can grow well as long as there are no frost. It will be a fun adventure Sue next year for something new!

Mrs Bok~Did you ate many of them when you visited your grandmother?:).

miruku said...

Talam keledek is always my love for tea time. Don't know how the talam labu taste like? Pandai masak betul Diana, boleh jual di flea market lor. Milka pandai makan saje...

Wendy said...

looks really yummy!! I like this kind of thing and I have a 1/2 kabocha pumpkin in the fridge that I could try this with. I LOVE anything with coconut milk!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Milka~When its raining can't berkebun. So main masak-masaklah. If I am in Malaysia I probably just order pasar malam,mama not here so kena buat sendiri;-).

Wendy~Kabocha pumpkin will be perfect for this cake :).

shaz said...

I like kuih talam but never tried with labu or keledek before. The labu colour is so cool! Thank you for joining us for MM dear :)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Shaz~ I was surprised that with labu the colour is so strong. But different pumpkin variety will give different shade of colour I think. Thank you for hosting!