Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Growing Finocchio in container

Well-grown finocchio can have very big roots. However, it does grow well in medium size pots. The shallowest pot so far that we have success growing finocchio is about 25cm. This year we did succession sowing of finocchio from end March until June. None of the seedlings bolted. All of it produces bulb even the ones grown in shades.
Germination of the seeds was also almost 100% during the sowing period we did for growing in cool season. I sowed some seeds in containers, which left one undisturbed to grow in pot and the rest transplanted on the veggie patch.
I had to use a lot of strength to pull this one out from the pot.
More than half of the pots was filled in with roots rather than soil.
Spring-sown finocchio, can be thin out as baby fennels. One of the last-batches of finocchio that will be harvested in the near future.
The biggest finocchio that we grown in container so far weight about 950gram.
This is one of the new vegetables that we tried growing this year and will happily grow them again.
I gave some of finocchio produce to my parents last September and my mother made some finocchio juice.
I forgot to ask how the juice she made taste like.


Sue Garrett said...

I must admit fennel as we call it isn't one of my favourite tastes so we don't grow it but your plants look great

cathy@home said...

we lucky that it grows wild here I love it in salad or in the oven with other vegetables

cikmanggis said...

besar nya.Boleh ke dia tumbuh kat Malaysia agaknya?selalu nampak di pasaraya tapi kecik kecik je

Makarimi Abdullah said...

Never see the size like this before....huge! Alangkah seronoknya jika boleh di tanam di Malaysia... ;(

Mr. H. said...

Wow, that is huge. Perhaps I should try growing them in containers too, one of the problems we have had is that the mice really enjoy eating them but maybe if they were in containers I could keep them safe.

Mark Willis said...

Like Sue, I am not very keen on Fennel - perhaps because it reminds me of the fish with which it is so often served (I don't eat fish!). Alittle bit shaved finely into a salad is nice though.

Dani P. said...

Love fennel ! I envy you for those huge bulbs . Bravo, to the gardener !!!

Jody said...

I love fennel. It reminds me of black licorice! I bet it's great to cook with.

Phoebe said...

mmm yummy! Oh I wish I was eating some baked with bread and olive oil right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malar said...

Besar nye! Is it same as fennel?

lena said...

oh, i dint know there's another name for fennel. infact i just tried making fennel for the first time last week, i must admit it has its very own distinctive taste.

petite nyonya said...

i've never tried fennel before and i wonder how it tastes like. your fennel grows so well even in an average size container. well done!! can i ask if you use fertiliser and if you do, what sort of fertiliser is it?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Sue~The foliage does look ornamental in the garden especially in winter. When the brassica look ugly, fennel cover it up.

Cathy~How lovely to have them grow wild. Maybe I should left some to flower.

Cikmanggis~Saya tak sangka ada jual kat msia, tak pernah nampak dulu. Tak pasti boleh tumbuh ke tidak, tak cuba tak tahu...mana tahu boleh.

Orchid de dangau~Pernah cuba tanam?

Mr. H~I did not know mice like them. But I found that the seedling was easily attack by slug/snail. I found transplanting them does not effect the bulb size.

Mark~I enjoy them in fish soup;-).

Dani~Thanks, how do you enjoy your fennel usually?

Jody~I recently understand what licorice means.

Phoebe~I wish I could have given you one since I know you like them very much. I planted too many since I did not expected that they all survived.

Malar~ Yup its the same as the bulbing fennel.

Lena~I rather like the name finocchio cause it sound like pinocchio. Yes it has its taste of its own.

Petite nyonya~I rarely fertilise the plants after I planted them. If rajin maybe once a month with liquid seaweed fertiliser or fish fertiliser. I usually prepared the pot/patch beforehand with digging in green waste mix with manure and top the soil up with compost.


my name as... said...

besar betul... ai yg tak suka sayur bole terliur la...

petite nyonya said...

thanks for yr answer. i have not come across nurseries here selling compost and i find it's too hassle to make my own esp with the humid weather here. i always imagine there will be lots of worms. eeuuwww. haha. hmm..i've never come across fish fertiliser being sold here too. perhaps need to pay the big nurseries a visit to check out soon. all yr garden produce is truly encouraging.