Monday, November 1, 2010

Rose pageant

On Sunday there was ‘Plant it, Grow it, Eat it 2010 event at Adelaide Botanic Gardens which was my actual main purpose of going to this place. It was my first visit to Adelaide Botanic Gardens. In Adelaide Botanic Garden there is the National Rose Trial Garden and all the roses were blooming and you can be surrounded by heady rose fragrance. When we visited the garden during that day, you can give a vote for 5 roses that you like most. But since I am not a rose expert and to me all of them are beautiful so I did note vote any.
Begun in 1996, the National Rose Trial Garden is the first garden of its kind in Australia where roses are tested for their suitability for Australian climates. The Garden is a joint venture between the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, the National Rose Trial Society of Australia and the rose industry. It has been built on part of the former Municipal Tramways Trust Hackney Depot. Roses are planted in groups such as, Noisette Roses, Bourbon Roses, Tea Roses, Ramblers, and Perpetual Roses. A trial is conducted over two growing seasons and all plants are treated equally with regard to horticultural practices. The roses are judged by a panel of 10 experienced rosarians who view them and allocate points over the two growing seasons. The results are announced publicly at the end of the trial and the best performing roses receive an award.While in Adelaide in 2004, Sir Cliff Richard planted a rose named ‘Sir Cliff Richard’ in the Rose Garden surrounded by a small group of fans and rose enthusiasts. Sales of the rose support the Bone Growth Foundation. (Wikipedia)
DSC09651 Here are some of the beauty contestant.
Black Madonna
DSC09639  Hannah Gordon
DSC09667 Victoria Gold
DSC09630 Brass band
DSC09672 Valencia
Miss Australia
DSC09624 Which one will you vote for?


miruku said...

These roses are so beautiful! Im not good in roses too, to me any rose is beautiful. I only have miniature roses at home, which is suitable to our climate here, and im already very happy with the tiny blooms.

rainfield61 said...

I like Elina, red hot!!!

Sue Garrett said...

Beautiful roses but my vote would always go to one with perfume. To me a rose without scent isn't a 'proper' rose at all

One said...

All your pics are beautiful. The pink one with the sky as the background is the nicest.

p3chandan said...

All the roses are beautiful..are they as sweet smelling as they are beautiful? My favourite are white roses, though I love the red and pink roses too..

Mr. H. said...

I don't think I could vote for any of them either as they are all so very beautiful. I do like the brass band one a lot though...very pretty colors.

Thomas said...

Beautiful. I love roses but don't know anything about growing them. Maybe I'll get a couple of bushes next year.

Ellada said...

The Victoria Gold is gorgeous, I love it.
But I like also all the other, they are very beautiful.

fer said...

So many beautiful roses! I just got a rose myself. I hope i get some nice blooming next year.

Malar said...

Those roses are so pretty! I will vote fo all!