Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ichigo-gari (苺狩り)

Strawberry season is here now. One of the most popular pick your own strawberry farm (Ichigo-gari) in South Australia is  Beerenberg farm in Hanhdorf. We have a very nice weather today and off we went pick our own strawberry in Beerenberg farm.
The season is just starting but there is still enough for everyone to pick many big fat juicy strawberries.  Beerenberg farm grow their strawberry on the ground. In Niigata (Japan)where I usually went when I was living there, the pick your own strawberry farm were growing strawberry  hydroponically.  However, I prefer the taste of strawberry grown on the ground.
I wish I can grow rows and rows of strawberry plants too.

One of the strawberry section with new strawberry plants.

DSC09775 We ate many fresh big beautiful, sweet and juicy strawberries. We brought back 3 full of plastic containers back home.
DSC09769 We plan to visit this farm again next month. This boy can really eat so many strawberries!
Have a great weekend!


Sue Garrett said...

WE have pick your own here too but maybe not as many venues as in the past. The problem is that when faced with so many berries you just don't know when to stop picking!!!

Mr. H. said...

Wow, look at all of those. They are some really big strawberries...lucky you. I like how they grow them, the plastic must help to keep them clean. The boy seems to really like them.

Chloe m said...

I am craving some berries now. But our season for berries is in March. Now we get to enjoy apples and pumpkins.
Interesting story about your Henna experience. Thanks for sharing that on my blog.
Happy berry picking!

One said...

Wow! The strawberries are really beautiful. I have picked them once in Canada. It was fun but cold too.

fer said...

I want to go to ichigogari too!
but i guess i have to wait for next year.
The strawberries look great, I wish mine would grow as well

Garden Sense said...

Beautiful! We only have to wait about 7 months for stawberries here in Pennsylvania. My mouth is watering already!

Paul said...

I wish my little girl could be there with your little boy. I think there would be an eating contest!

takaeko said...


p3chandan said...

Wow! Big juicy strawberries, nice to eat with ice creams! How do the farm charge you for what you pick, I always wonder abt that..

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Green Lane Allotment~ Yes, its difficult to stop picking.

Mr. H.~ The boy really enjoys it. I had to remind him not to wipe his hand on his T-shirt several times.

Rosey~ Strawberry is one of the berry which is your favourite colour red!

One~ I think Canada is much more colder than here.

Fer~ I hope your strawberry will give you many fruits come spring.

Garden Sense~ 7 months not that long.

Paul~ It will much fun seeing them together:)

takaeko~ 広い苺畑なので、歩くのも時間がかかります。

p3chandan~ It was 3dollar per entry but if you buy strawberries to bring back home there is a refund.

Ayu Mahayu said...

OH MY GOD!!!!I always wanted to be in any fruits or veggies farm. I can offer myself to work for free because I love picking fruits/ veggies.

Autumn Belle said...

The strawberries look very red and delicious. I have picked strawberries in Genting Highlands but I have to pay money for doing this, not the other way round. The strawberries in GH are grown in platforms above the ground, not like this.

SMK Pengiran Omar II said...

eee look at the strawberries.. sedapnya! ilhan suda besar!

warmest regards,
mimi and family ♥

Unknown said...

I grow my own and those are always the best berries! I got my plants from an so far so good!