Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Container gardening ~ Early November

Australia Brown Onion grown from seeds (Phoenix seeds) in July is growing nicely (cross fingers). It is long day-light sensitive onion variety.


Carrot in the middle of the box and some cucumber seedling at the side. I have prepared trellis surrounding the container box. Looks very funny but I show it next time when the cucumber has started climbing. Our first trial growing cucumber in container. We hope that the cucumber leaves will provide some shade to carrots when we have heatwaves here. Last year November we had a week of continuously heatwaves. Anyway these carrot variety (topweight) on its seed packet label information printed it can be grown half-shade.


Potato and leeks. Pests has attacked the potato leaves but I am not sure which type of pest. I found that leek is not a good pest deterrent as many book suggested. I experimented with other plants but still I am not convinced.

DSC09730 In between the leeks I direct sowed turnip seeds but some of the new emerged turnip seedlings has been nipped or disappeared. Thus, leek not good for scarring away those pests. I think I have sufficient leeks for the kitchen until next year. At least 50 leek plants is growing in different area of the gardens and in containers with different stages of growth. However, leek takes a long time to grow, I sowed more leek seeds yesterday. I will grow more leeks in containers than the ground now because I don’ find any much difference growing them in pots or ground. The important thing to note is the container depth soil.

DSC09716 My fun experimental container box. At the front is carnation which I propagated from stem in late autumn. Actually it was a part of stem from pruning and almost dump into compost. Now it has many buds to bloom and give some colours for this container box. Carrots to be harvested this week because in between the carrots are brown onion growing and its going to need more space to grow. The carrot was juicy and melting in the mouth cooked together with chicken curry


How many types of fruit and vegetable plant can you see from this container box?

Counting the days when we can harvest those 3 mexico garlic plant (garlic bought from supermarket). Carrots that require thinning but we will see if all survived the heatwave or not. Pak choi seedling that grow so quickly. Little chives that is slowly growing at the side of the box. A month later, the Banana-shaped rockmelon emerged which I thought will not ever show up that the reason why I transplanted one cherry tomato in the box.

DSC09718 What is growing in your container gardening?


miruku said...

You can actually plant carrots in the container with that depth? I tried potatoes in container but it never success so i just hold back my carrot seedlings since carrot is more picky to soil. Never dare to fail, haha. Planting vegetable seems so easy to you, your veggies are all so healthy and strong and productive!

p3chandan said...

Wah so many plants growing in that small box! Carrot n potatoes too? You are amazing..

kitchen flavours said...

I have some carrot plants in my pots, but they are so slow at growing! Is it always like this with carrots? I love all your veggies!

Stephanie said...

Your vege always turn out to be so good. I have tried planting spring onions before. After the rain keep breaking the leaves... I pulled out all the spring onions and replaced them with one aloe vera. Now my aloe has grown so big :-D oh I used a deep container.

Wendy said...

wow, you have so much going on in those boxes! Now that we've been having frosts, I'm finally feeling restful - your posts are making me tired feeling like it's summer again! ha ha!

Makarimi Abdullah said...

You have healthy veggies to harvest! Nice to eat with special recipes...what you have done before in your post.

rainfield61 said...

Dreams keep growing in my garden.

Sue Garrett said...

Heatwave and November just don't figure as wordfs to use together in our part of the world. Look forward to you keeping the growing season going over our winter!

JGH said...

Everything is looking great. Can't wait to see those carnations when they bloom, too.

Autumn Belle said...

Your container garden is very productive. My chili flowers has started to bear chillis and I'm so happy the flowers were pollinated after all. I also have spring onions, curry leaf plant, kunyit, serai, sweet basil, kangkung, bunga telang in containers. I see that you can grow galangal. Can you grow pandan, lemon grass and bunga kantan there?

fer said...

Your containers are amazing! you are growing so many things, I hope they all do great.

So many things I want to grow too. let us know it goes.

takaeko said...

I planted 100 onions today! That was tough but my kids helped me.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Milka~ I always harvest my carrot when they are babies. So I don't have to grow them in very deep pots. About 25cm depth works for me:)

P3chandan~ Your containers are lovely and nice.

Kitchen flavours~ Carrots are so slow growing. My kitchen can't wait for them to grow as big as the shops so I usually harvest baby carrots.

Stephanie~I have spring onions grown among flowers. Save space that way cause spring onion sometimes takes 3 months to be big.

Wendy~ Now is the busiest month I think to get everything on the patch as soon as possible before it gets too warm to garden here. Another 2 months we will have some rest and worry about watering the plants regularly.

Autumn Belle~I have lemon grass but I can't find bunga kantan to grow. Pandan my favourite but I don't think it will survive the cold season here.