Friday, November 19, 2010

Anticipation, then jubilation

I did a little spying game with Ilhan this morning on which vegetables are almost ready to be picked. Ilhan has language disorder so it takes a lot of repetition teaching him new words. He has more vocabulary now but mostly nouns not action words or verb it is still difficult for him to understand. He can only combine 2 or 3 noun words at the moment. I try to add more words for him while both of us spy on the plants.

I spy a loop shape bush bean in the polystyrene box. But why is it loop shape instead of straight.


I spy a few bush bean dangling near the viola and spinach.Soon see you in the kitchen.Bush bean

I spy a few ‘tigerella’ tomato plant fruits. I wonder will it has more define stripe like the tiger as the fruit ripen.DSC09974 I spy the white turnip root pushing out from the soil.  Our second grown turnip what are we going to do with it?


I spy the yellow button squash has produce flowers. I wonder are all squash female? DSC00043

I spy Romanesco Zucchini has flower about to bloom. But unlike the squash this is male flower. Will it taste good if I cook deep-fried tempura with it? We never eat zucchini flower before because this is the first time we grow one. I first know the Zucchini flower can be eaten while watching Masterchef this year.


I spy there is still many peas and Ilhan is waiting beside me hoping that I find some for him.  He anticipates lunch because he knows the peas will be together with his lunch meal..

DSC00032 I can’t wait to harvest them.

What are you anticipating from your garden?


Sue Garrett said...

Lots of promise there - we sometimes get looped beans too. I think some varieties are more prone to curling than others. If the beans touch someting when growing the pod with change direction but your don't look as though they would have touched anything else. I wonder if it is something to do with varying temperatures or moisture

♥peachkins♥ said...

Those are cute plants..we only have bittermelon in our yard...

One said...

Those looped beans are cute. One side is growing faster than the other causing a loop. My theory. :)

Stephanie said...

I am spying on your flowers! Those violas are so attractive!

Your veges... oh those white turnips... all are in excellent shape. You have such green fingers :-D

Hope Ilhan will be able to pick up more words.

kitchen flavours said...

Wow, delicious looking garden! I could have a bowl of salad right there in your garden! I would gladly share the peas with Ilhan! ^..^

rainfield61 said...

You spy in your garden, I spy in Cerok Tokun.

p3chandan said...

Oops sorry, deleted wrongly!

From the look of those I Spy photos, you are going to have another bountiful harvest! Im hoping for one too but dont know...the rainy season here...:(

fer said...

Your veggies look great!
Funny those beans got all curled, I don't remember seeing that ever before

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Green Lane Allotment~ I think it might be the temperature. The temperature keeps fluctuating everyday when the beans were growing.

Peachkins~ I like bittermelon. But we have to wait for another 3months before our plant start producing. They are still baby.

One, Fer~ I picked the loop bean too early. But it still taste ok.

Stephanie~ We got lucky this year with many self-sown viola. I would have gladly given you some.

Kitchen flavours~ Ilhan will quickly finish the peas off before you got your second:)

Rainfield61~ I wonder what detective work you doing in Cerok Tokun this weekend.

p3chandan~ When rainy season is over your plant will be so refresh and perhaps give you bountiful harvest.