Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Am I in the tropics now?

The last 2 days the weather were so warm many of our plants had "sunburn".  It was close to 40 degree Celcius. The plants must have quite a shock from the sudden increased of the temperature. Some of our potato plant got cooked with the sun, they wilted and died. However today it was raining heavily (well according to Adelaide standard, one of the most driest city in Australia). So hopefully it refreshes the plant and help to recover from the heat shock. But in the heat came sweet surprises, the turmeric rhizome we planted more than 2 months ago has sprouted and in my eyes develop beautiful leaf in just a few days. Turmeric plant surrounded by melon seedlings, well I thought you never going to sprout so I sow in other seeds.
Galangal don't want to be left behind as well and have grown a leaf.
The self-sowned curry plant that a friend dig out for me under the curry tree from our fruits & vegetables swap event host garden is growing so fast. It was only 3 young leave shoots back then. But I don't know why instead of stannding tall, our curry plant is sprawling.
Bitter gourd (Malay language-peria, Japanese~goya) is one of the most hardy cucurbit in our garden to withstand these few days heat where other cucurbit family leaves are wilting, bitter gourd still hold it stand.
Looking on this plant make it feel closer back at home. In South East Asia this plants are 'almost a must' for gardener or cook to have in the house backyard (or frontyand).


Sue Garrett said...

I know that I too would shrivel in that heat

Autumn Belle said...

The first tumeric leaves look so lovely among the melon plants. Let's see which grows faster - the tumeric or galangal, haha!

Are you sure that is a curry leaf tree or is it another herb? The leaves and stems does not look like it. Does the leaves smell like curry leaves?

takaeko said...

I experienced heat wave this summer. That made my all sweet-corns dead. I recommend you check weather forecast and keep on watering.
You raise Goya? When I went to Okinawa I ate Goya-Chanpru, a grilled Goya with other vegetables and pork.

♥peachkins♥ said...

I've never seen a curry plant..

Stephanie said...

You are right, these are much needed ingredients for our dishes and curry leaves is a must for curry. hey it is good to know you have all these there! Enjoy gardening and cooking altogether ;-)

miruku said...

Ahem, i still have time to bum in to see how's your garden doing :) Im learning from your blog! My mum just back from Miri and she bought me some brinjal seeds, thought i can share with you some as i havent' seen you plant any in your garden so far (?)

rainfield61 said...

Yes, I also have a few Bitter gourd plants in my garden.

Chinese believes Bitter gourd can cool our body down.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

GLA~ My "Nicola" potato plant has wilted turned yellow and most of the leaves burn to crisp due to that hot hot day.

Autumn Belle~ I also a bit suspicious whether it is truly curry or similar plant that looks like it. It does smell like curry though.

Takaeko~ Yes the last picture is goya. Okinawa famous for it right.I heard of that Goya-chanpru before but never taste it.

Peachkins~Oh I just assumed that Philipine has curry plants because Malaysia and Indonesia is so close with your country.

Stephanie~ For 8 months I have them but not winter they can cope.

Milka~Thank you for the thought but alas leaving in Australia we can't received seeds from oversea. I have brinjal plants started flowering this month but it still not producing fruit due to cold temperature at night.

Rainfield61~ I never knew it can cool down the body thanks for the info. But I know it is popular for women health and beauty.

Malar said...

Beautiful tumeric seeding!
I think it's not curry plant. Let it grow a bit more and see thou!

fer said...

I know first handed what 40 and above feels, is not very nice. I hope your plants survive well the heatwave. They seem to be doing well

yuhana said...

I live in Perth. This morning my turmeric plant went loose and i thought it was reaching out for sun. So before i left for work, i took some initiative and cleverly move my pot for sun. I returned from work at 6pm to find that its leaves have shrunk and almost dying!!! :(:(:(
And so i found your blog :)
Lots of great tips. Wished i found you earlier but glad i do now anyways.