Saturday, February 5, 2011

PROJECT: Save the Bees

Holly the author of Tasty Travels…food talks, I listen blog is hosting a Project: Save the Bees on Sunday, February 6th. This is a very interesting project that I would like to participate and encourage friends to join in too.
To participate in PROJECT: Save the bees, this is what you’ll have to commit to:
1) Purchase a seed packet of bee friendly flowers & figure out how many people you'd like to share with.
2) Announce the project on your blog/website & offer seeds to others on Sunday, Feb 6th
3) Link back to Holly post (to be posted Sunday, February 6th)
4) Mail your seeds to your people
5) Update your original post with a list of places you mailed your seeds to
This time I am offering our bee friendly flower home-saved seeds to 3 people which resides in Australia only. You can leave a comment that you would like to receive this seeds and I will pick 3 blogs randomly if more than 3 people are interested.
This is our top 5 bee friendly flower in our garden last year:
Shirley double Mixed poppy
Bees really like this flower. Always buzzing around this flower especially in the morning and here a link where I capture the bees playing around new bloom of poppies to show how much bees like this flower. This is the only seeds that I am offering which is not home-saved seeds. I regret so much not collecting poppy seeds last year.
Calendula (Sunshine)
Calendula Sunshine
Calendula always brighten up our garden patch in winter. Since it is always blooming through spring as well, the early hungry awaken bees can sip the calendula nectar when other spring flowers is not blooming yet.
Blooms longer and grow majestically tall.
Evening Sun Sunflower
Evening Sun sunflower sky
After all the spring season flower ends, evening sun sunflower provide many blooms for the hardworking bees to gather nectars.
dapur corner
Not only a gardener best friend in the garden but bees as well.
What is your favourite bee friendly flower in your garden?
For more flowers on Saturday visit Simply-Life Photographs.
For Flora and cottage ideas visit Tracie at Fishtail cottage.


Sue Garrett said...

I'll turn this around and mention the flowers that seem to be the bees favourities!

Globe artichoke, buddleia, lavender and sunflower.

One said...

Save the bees, please! I see all sorts of insects but seldom see bees around.

I'm feeling really bad that I have yet to post you know what. Will do it next week.

rainfield61 said...

A flower is never lively without a bee around.

A girl is never beautiful without a boy around.

Ginger said...

Visiting your flower photos made me actually feel warmer! I especially love the sunflowers.

JGH said...

Really enjoyed seeing your colorful photos on this grey day!

Anise Hyssop is a really popular one with the bees here. Thanks for the info on the project. I'll have to see if I can round up some seeds - I would love to join but don't know if I can get a post up tomorrow - definitely this week.

There was recently a leak from the Environmental Protection Agency here confirming what many have suspected: A certain pesticide is affecting the bee population, so I hope people will also help to get this pesticide clothianidin banned worldwide!

CathJ said...

the flowers are beautiful... can make me cry... ^_^

Amy H said...

I love the sunflowers!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

Your garden make s me want to start.. but we are covered in snow.. which is unusual here! When I lived in California, there were wide HUGE fields of poppies.. LOVE your shots!

p3chandan said...

I think I dont have what it takes to attract the bees to my garden. But soon I will plant all the flower seeds that I received from you, hopefully then, bees will be busy in my garden!

~TastyTravels~ said...

Gorgeous flowers!!! Thanks for posting this! The flowers that have done really well in my garden have been lavender and cosmos!

Hafiz said...

So far bee has started to come to our place. I'd be interested to save the bees! Got my sunflower ready already.

Mark Willis said...

I know I should plant more flowers and less veg, but I LIKE veg! I salve my conscience by having flowering herbs like Marjoram and Oregano.

Channal said...

beautiful flowers... Anna

Liz said...

Those sunflowers are beautiful.

Mr. H. said...

In 2009 we did not have many bees in the garden for some reason but last year there were lots. I think it might be because we did not have nearly as many flowers in 2009.

fer said...

Great, I will put some more flowers for bees this year! Thank you for the seeds.
I will tweet about this to help too

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list! I have almost all of them in my garden. I will have to get some poppies. Marigolds and zinnias also attract bees.

shaz said...

So pretty! My favourite bee-attracting flower is actually flowers off the basil bush (the poor bush is dead now). The purple flowers attracted a blue banded bee and I was so excited. It was my first chacnce to see the native bee up close. Pity it wouldn't stay still long enough for a photo op.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Sue~ I have not heard of buddleia, have to google it.

One~ Don't worry no rush. Enjoy the festive seasons.

Rainfield61~ A gardener will be lonesome without bees around in the garden.

Ginger, CathJ, Amy, Channal, Liz ~ Thank you. I am glad you like it. The sunflower really brighten up my day whenever I see the blooms.

JGH~ I never grown Anise Hyssop, hope I have a chance to grow them in the future. Not only bees are effected but other small creatures as well. For a bee size the effect we can see much faster but how about human which the effect we cannot see immediately from using this pestiside for food crop. I shudder with thought of pesticide accumulation in our body.

Mom of M&Ms ~ I would like to see huge poppy fields. The first time I ever see that many poppy is in my own garden.

p3chandan ~ Hopefully we get to see many flower blooming in your garden which bees like.

Holly~ Lavendar and cosmos is definitely bee-friendly flower. Thank you for hosting.

Hafiz~ I think Safiyyah will like the sunflowers very much.

Mark Willis~ I think bees like more flowering herbs. I began to think that bees prefer flowering herb more than ornamental flowers. Herbs fragrant must be very enticing to the bees.

Mr. H~ I am not sure why but I think the weather does play a role in how many bees are around in the garden at the same time. Did you have more flowering herbs in your garden in 2010 than 2009. I think flowering herbs attract more bees in the garden. We had many bees around when the red onion were producing flowers.

fer~ Thank you, I don't have a twitter ;-). Hope you received the seeds.

vrtlarica ana~ Our self-seeded zinnia does not have many blooms this year compared last year. So we have less bees this summer after the sunflower finished blooming.

shaz~ How exciting, I have never seen a blue banded bee.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea and post. I am a bee ambassador here in Niagara Falls. I have many plants to attract them and they come to my garden all summer. I have a friend who speaks on saving the bees, plus raises bees. I may interview her for my blog and do my part.

meemsnyc said...

I'm doing this giveaway too! I love your poppies, they are gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

That's right. Bees love sunflowers a lot. I notice them more when I have sunflowers in my garden. Other than that I do see them around here and there. They probably like all my bright coloured flowers first then try to find nectar he he...

Sue Garrett said...

It's a shrub Diana with flowers that smell like honey. It's nickname is the Butterfly Bush but bees love it just as much. I have aphoto of one of our bushes here but they come in all sort of shades of purple and also white.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Gardenwalkgardentalk~ I look forward to see you garden in summer! Looking forward to read your post on saving bees as well.

meemsnyc~The bees will love your foxglove and hollyhocks.

Stephanie~ I have more bees when the sunflowers were blooming.

Sue~ Smell like honey? Oh I wish I can sniff one. The purple flowers are really beautiful. It looks very pretty in your allotment.

Unknown said...

My favourite bee friendly flower in my garden is the sunflowers

Anonymous said...

Not in Australia, but your poppies are beautiful! I just planted some last year...and I love larkspur too. It goes on and on forever, and yes! The bees seem to love it.