Saturday, April 9, 2011

At the other side of the fence (April)

At last the veggie patch at the other side of our backyard fence have many things growing on them in this early month of April. Instead of bare patches since we finished harvesting onions and sunflower evening sun had spent their blooms. With the help of mild weather, vegetables are growing really fast. This is sweetcorn that we sowed middle of February which I hope will produce before the weather are too cold for them. Some of the sweetcorn plants have already male reproductive organ poking their head out. A bit worrying actually cause I hope pollens are not finished quickly when the female silky ear appear.
This is sweetcorn plants that were sowed by Ilhan when we were away in Melbourne (early March). We are just doing some trial whether it is possible to get crop from sweetcorn seeds sown End of Summer here in Adelaide.
Another trial sowing bush beans in End summer whether we get anything to harvest or not. The beans can be green manure if they don't produce anything which made them every gardener's bestfriend. But I think I spot some sign of flowers on some of the plants.

Lenay's veggie patch~ Daikon, snow peas and peas. She made the trellis for the snow peas and peas using evening sun sunflower stalk.

Cold season root vegetable patch with rows of parsnips, carrots and daikons. Chives grown from division planted at the front as a border and I hope they flower come spring. Thinning and weeding a task waiting to be done from this patch.
We made a potato patch today and planted potates (Kennebec, Sebago) given by Julie so we called that patch Berry Gnome Patch.
Have a nice weekend.


CathJ said...

so healthy!! love it..

Daphne Gould said...

They look so nice. I hope they make it for you.

Patricia said...

Your plants look so healthy and happy!! I have never tried to grow potatoes.

veggiegobbler said...

Good luck with your corn. I had no luck wih my crop this year.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

can i say it?... macam ladang!!..yeap, when plants are in neat rows, they warm anybody's heart.

Sue Garrett said...

Fingers crossed for the sweet corn!

Mr. H. said...

Your corn plants look very healthy, hope they produce well for you.

cikmanggis said...

Suka sangat lihat kebun jagung Diana ni.Cm selalu gagal jika tanam jagung..gagal dapat hasilnya.Selalunya pokoknya subur tapi tiada buah.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Thank you all we will be very happy if we get some produce from that sweet corn plants.

Bangchik~I have only few patches that are still in a neat row. Usually everything look like a jungle after few weeks.

CikManggis~ Saya pun tak pernah lagi dapat hasil lumayan dengan jagung selalu isi tak penuhlah. Kalau tak pun habis riwayat jagung sebab kena bakar dengan matahari. Harap jadi kesian kat si Ilhan masa tumbuh cantik hari tu dia minta nak makan segar tapi bila check tak de isi tak menjadi. Sekarang ni dah kena tanam untuk 2 orang pula nanti berebut.