Monday, June 13, 2011

GTTC:Stir-Fried Baby Kailan with salted dried mackeral

Previous week harvest were white winter coloured-harvest theme. However, last week there is a dramatic change of colour theme harvest.  Last week we got more purple produce harvest. Last week we harvested our most probably last batch of Lebanese eggplants which we deep-fried coated with tempura flour. We also harvested some Giant Purple Mustard, beans, carrots, snow peas, chilies, yellow cherry tomatoes, chinese celery and volunteer nicola potatoes. This year the weather is unusually cooler so I must have sowed our kailan (Chinese broccoli) late than it is supposed to be. So our kailan has shown the sign of bolting and we harvested them as baby kailan. Every Monday, Daphne host Harvest Monday where gardeners all around the world shows what they have harvested each week.
We usually like to stir-fry baby kailan with salted dried mackeral. This is a popular dish in Malaysia and has a place in every restaurant menu. Linking with Wendy's Garden To Table Challenge.
Stir-Fried Baby Kailan with salted dried mackeral
Kailan/Baby Kailan (separated the hard stem and leaves)
Minced Garlic
Small cut pieces of salted dried mackeral (fried)
Cooking oil
Fish sauce
Oyster Sauce
Chili (optional)

Heat oil in wok. Saute Garlic. Add in kailan hard stem, chili and fried salted dried mackeral. When the stem is half tender, add in the leaves and stir-fry. Put in a bit of fish sauce and oyster sauce and stir well. Enjoy.

Other recipe and ideas to prepare kailan visit this fab blog:
Baby Kailan Ikan Masin ~CikManggis Kitchen


Unknown said...

That stir fry sounds delicious and your harvest looks wonderful!

One said...

Now only I remember about Harvest Monday. I harvested my mango just now because they keep disappearing anyway. Your veggies looks delicious.

kitchen flavours said...

That's a fresh and delightful plate of yummy baby kailan! It has been sometime since I had kailan with salted fish! You have a lovely harvest. Thanks for the link!

cikmanggis said...

ooo sedapnya:)kailan yang Cm tanam tak hidup hanya sawi yang hidup subur.Mungkin benih yang tak elok atau benih lama.Seronok lihat hasil kebun Diana ni.Agaknya Diana tak pernah beli syur kat pasar ya?

Barbie~ said...

And team purple comes back to swoop up the season! Your harvest looks fantastic.

Mark Willis said...

Love the veg harvest, but being a non-fish-eater I wouldn't like your recipe!
My first "Kaibroc" was harvested this week (cross between Kailaan and Broccoli). I'll be writing about it on my blog in a day or two...

Daphne Gould said...

What a beautiful harvest. I love your harvest posts as you always have something different. And purple is one of my favorite colors in the garden.

rainfield61 said...

I can smell it.....

thyme2garden said...

I can always count on you to blog about vegetables not often seen here in the US! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Unknown said...

Lovely dish! You cannot beat fresh veggies!

Shawn Ann said...

What a beautiful, colorful variety you have! Looks great!

meemsnyc said...

Look at all your beautiful eggplant! Wow, just gorgeous!!

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

The dish looks fantastic. Is kailan = chinese broccoli? Beautiful harvest!

Bee Girl said...

What a phenomenal harvest! And your photos are remarkable! I love your presentation!

Jody said...

You're an amazing cook. Thanks for sharing another wonderful recipe for yet more delicious garden vegetables.

Stephanie said...

Your purple produce is so purple! Very nice colour. You added fish sauce... hmm... the next I stir fry vege with oyster sauce... I'll add some fish sauce too. Sounds good!

~TastyTravels~ said...

That dish looks delicious! I love mackeral!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

MKG dear,
Talk about telepathy....we just had this dish for dinner last nite. yummm... purr...meow!

Unknown said...

Those are dramatic colours all right! Very beautiful, what a lovely harvest. :)

Sue Catmint said...

the produce is impressive - I think you've defintiely graduated from novice!

shaz said...

Yum! Had my mouth watering. I find it hard to find the salted mackerel here though. What a great harvest. Very colourful.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Allison~You have so many gorgeous lettuce!

One~ Ripe or green mango? I like the green ones. You have so many fruit trees in your garden. I try to remind you of next Harvest Monday since you are a bit distracted with butterfly;-).

Joyce~I hope some of my kailan will grow in this cold weather so I can try your delicious recipe.

CikManggis~Syukur alhamdulillah sekarang ni tak beli sayur lagi kecuali kentang dan bawang.

Barbie~ You still have blueberry?

Mark~You will be seeing many seafood to come since we love them very much:). Very curious with your kaibroc.

Daphne~Purple my favourite too...maybe thats why we are trying many purple variety of cool season this time like kohlrabi and cauliflower.

Rainfield61~I wonder what my neighbour thought about ikan masin smell from my dapur.

Thyme2garden~Hope you enjoy the recipe. Congratulation on your wedding!

Judy~Thumb up for fresh veggies.

Shawn Ann~Thanks.

Meemsnyc~Hope your eggplants will start to produce soon.

Charmcitybalconygarden~Yes kailan is chinese broccoli. Some call gai lan.

Bee Girl~Some people like to arrange flowers, I guess I like to arrange our harvest. It release some of the stress.

Jody~I have so many amazing cooking blog friends that have help me learn to cook.

Stephanie~Fish sauce is new to me. But I like how it blends well with some dish.

Holly~We caught some mackeral last summer. Hope we have some luck again fishing mackeral.

Cat-from-Sydney~Good telepathy. Maybe the strong wind make us connect much closer.

Caitlyn~Thanks it gives a bit warm in this cold winter.

Catmint~There are still many to learn. I have not succeed with ginger yet;-).

Shaz~Sometime in the Asian grocery, don't know why they keep it in freezer. Sometime there are just shove into one of the rack near dried stuff.

Malar said...

Delicious stir fry! I love eating kailan too! Your harvest is great as always!

Wendy said...

sounds like a delicious dish - I havne't tried it but gai lan is my favorite and I bet the salted fish adds really good flavor.