Sunday, December 11, 2011

'Topweight' Carrot for Winter season

We have been trying to sow carrot seeds each month (succession sowing) to ensure continuous supply for our kitchen as it is one of our favourite vegetables.  Sowing carrots in winter is tricky it probably won't give you root but gives you flower. Last cool season, we tried growing 3 different varieties of carrot which is Afghanistan carrot, dragon carrot and topweight carrot. Sowing Afghanistan carrot and dragon carrot after the month of May (end autumn) has the tendency to bolt rather than produce root. This is the second year we grow topweight carrot in winter season and they tend to be more resistant to bolt. I sowed some topweight carrot in polystyrene container early winter (June) and the seeds germination rate was good. The seeds germinate quicker than it usually does.
New topweight carrot seedlings last June.
After 16 weeks from sowing, a reasonable size of carrot roots to harvest. In winter, growth should be slower than usual so I was not expecting a big root. Winter growing carrot taste sweeter.
We usually harvest only the amount needed and left the rest to grow. But by November all those carrots have to be harvested because the carrot core begins to become woody. It was nice to have fresh carrots in spring while waiting for the spring-sown carrot roots to grow.
Topweight carrot seems to be a good all year round carrot.
This variety also does well in partial shade.
It also can be force grown in hard clay soil.
But you won't expect a good size of root from clay soil.
But you can get a baby carrot size.
We started to harvest topweight carrot sowed in end winter.


Sunray Gardens said...

Nice to see you can grow those pretty much year round.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Mr. H. said...

It's pretty amazing that your ability to succession sow allows you an almost continual harvest of certain vegetables like carrots. We have struggled to grow the purpled colored carrot varities as they tend to bolt on us as well, regardless of when we plant...they must be a little more "wild" than their orange cousins.

Unknown said...

bestnya boleh tanam carrot...i wonder kat mana nak cari benih carrot kat cni so i can try growing carrot in my garden pulak..skrg tgh tunggu lobak putih membesar..cant wait to see the results..:)

Mark Willis said...

Topweight is a variety I've not heard of before, but it looks pretty good. I thoroughly approve of your desire to have carrots all year round, and I hope you succeed, but we use so many carrots, that it would be difficult for me to achieve this!

Shoutforfood said...

wow! beautiful. i love carrots.

Kelli said...

I haven't heard of topweight carrot but sounds good. Carrots are such a useful veg and yours look great.

Sue Garrett said...

I really hope we have carrots again next year - I miss them

Anonymous said...

Nice carrot harvest! I wish you luck with the succession planting.

We tried some succession planting a season or two ago with some things but had only marginal success with some things. Our climate (hot, humid summers) probably has something to do with that as well. We've since decided to focus on growing stuff in the season it grows best and figure out good ways to preserve any excess. And some things (like lettuce) we just enjoy a lot of during Spring and Fall and are glad when it's done for the season, but we are eager for it again a few months later. We have found we enjoy eating with the seasons very much :)

veggiegobbler said...

I never have had any luck with carrots. But I'm thinking I might give them a go again soon.

kumittyi said...

I love carrots very much.but my husband hate them.
So I haven't yet grow carrots in my garden. However,I came to try to
grow Winter growing carrot when I read your blog.
I want to taste its sweetness badly.

rainfield61 said...

Carrots are good for eye.

Especially for those who always go blogging.

Sean L said...

Comel sungguh carrot yang bercabang-cabang, macam bonsai. Looks like all of us would be needing carrots from all the blogging and posting comments :-)

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

wow...fresh n tasty it..;)
Tasty Appetite

Malar said...

That's handful of carrot! I love carrot!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Cher~It is very good that carrot can managed to grow all year round here. It depends on the season to grow which carrot variety.

Mr. H~The orange ones has been bred to be not sensitive on the day-length change compared to the carrot ancestors probably. Topweight carrot suits us well as it can grow in partial shade and grow in our hard clay soil.

Loveforfood~We wish we could grow more carrot that we can make orange milk juice.

Kelli~Its from Mr.Forthegil seed company which I think UK has the same brand company as well.

Sue~I hope your fall-sowed carrots are faring well with winter season.

Foodgardenkitchen~For this hot season we are using different varieties of carrot. But we still sow topweight as it seems to be faring well in hot condition at the moment.Growing food in the season is good. We are lucky that carrot is one of the vegetables that does grow well all year round for us. It just that we use different variety of carrots in hot and cold season.

Veggiegobbler~Hope you find a carrot variety that suits your place. March/April and Sepetmber/October is always the easiest season to sow carrots.

Kumittyi~Which part of Japan are you living?Southern? Hope you can grow some carrot in your winter season.

Rainfield61~I must plant more carrots so my eyes can stay awake for blogging;-).

Sean L~Hahaha...yup all of us need carrots. Kekadang consider carrot bercabang as bonus since you get extra roots for one plant:).

Jay~Fresh home-grown carrot always taste sweet in curry and korma.

Malar~Its fun pulling them and see what shape has it grown too.