Friday, May 4, 2012

Someone has been stealing all my blog postings!!!

I need help and advise.
I am not sure how to complain to blogger administrators regarding this matter.
Tried to browse through the 'Report Abuse' but the legal term was too hard for me to comprehend.
Take a look at this blog and you can clearly see that the postings is mine with all the images and wording exactly 100% of what I have done.

What really surprise me is that they copied my posting from my first one!

As clearly seen the header is not my blog- Kebun Malay-Kadazan Girls.
why is it Konsultasi budidaya.
I think this blog has also copied from other blogger as well.

How many do you think they have copied up till the recent one they updated from my postings?
They have copied up till this post.

So all together they have stolen 349POSTs from me.

I usually don't mind if people use my photos and post by linking or giving credits to me even without my permission.

It is not right if I did the whole job of photos and writing but the end of these posting is not my pen name but I see these name at the end of the post- Posted by Lobster Air tawar.
At the moment, I am only using two pen names for blogger- Malay-Kadazan Girls or TukangKebun.

This is very shocking and I feel a bit less motivated to post because it kept getting stolen.
The photos are convincingly mine as I often uses watermarks.

Thanks to Sean for alerting me this matter.

Its very weird as well if I look at my most popular posting hits.
Its not a kind of post that I would expected I get readers for this posting everyday.
So I had checked the URL which often came up when this posting has been read,
I found that the post 'Kitaran Hidup Bayam' is often link back to one of this agro commercial company in Indonesia. Isn't it a lie to your customer when you are using someone else post? On top of that from a different country.
The okra 'clemson spineless' life-cycle post also been used in several webpage sites about okras without any notification from them to me. But it is an educational one for gardeners who likes to try grow okra and the links comes back to my post blog. So I just turn a blind eye for this one.
Sigh, I have already track many website that steal my postings for their commercial use.
But this is more surprising -all of my posting stolen.
I really need a tutorial help on how to complain.
I should start getting serious.
Don't feel like rambling on our garden adventure at the moment ;(.

What do you do in this situation?


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

This happened to me last year and to a number of other blogs I follow. We all reported it. The info Blogger needs is pretty straight forward. It took them a while to pull the site but they did.

Here is a site with some good info on this topic.

I hope you find away to reclaim what is yours!!!!

Daphne Gould said...

On all blogspot blogs there is a link at the top to report abuse. One of them is stealing copyrighted material.

Dani P. said...

I am so sorry, Diana !!! Hope you will find the way to stop the stealing ...

TK said... bad for them to ciplak everything..... but this always happen in blogging world. Apa2pun hope ull find a way to stop them.

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

This is so low...why would they do this? I get that your pictures are so beautiful, but its creepy when they also steal pictures of your son and present it as their own. I hope blogger takes it down soon! Sorry this is happening to you:(

Cat-from-Sydney said...

MKG dear,
I will gladly claw their eyes out for you. Well....what they can't see or read, they can't steal, right? Grrrrrrr......!!!!

africanaussie said...

so sorry - I hope you get it resolved soon - have you left comments on their blog to contact you?

lena said...

so sorry to hear about this stealing. On and off, i do hear bloggers encountering this sickening matter! i see that some of your readers have advises for you, hope you will find the solution to these.

Autumn Belle said...

Diana, I am so sorry but you must take action! It happened to me in 2010. You can read about it here:

You can find some useful links at the bottom of my post on how to deal with this.

To summarise, I wrote to the offender to remove the copied posts immediately. Next I reported to Blogger who investigated and took the offender posts off.

Then I
1) installed 'right click disabled' on my blog
2) inserted watermarks in my photos
3) inserted a copyright message in all my blog posts

Good Luck and take care! This is so sad but you have a lot of work to do.

James David said...

It happens.
Don't give up and don't loose your zeal in blogging

Liz said...

What a shame and how annoying - I do hope it doesn't put you off blogging as I love reading what you have to say. The blog that stole them is weird - theres no advertising, no comments but they have been blogging since 2006 - I don't understand why the would steal other people's posts - how does it benefit them? Very odd indeed - sounds like Autumn Belle has some good advice.

Liz said...

What a shame and how annoying - I do hope it doesn't put you off blogging as I love reading what you have to say. The blog that stole them is weird - theres no advertising, no comments but they have been blogging since 2006 - I don't understand why the would steal other people's posts - how does it benefit them? Very odd indeed - sounds like Autumn Belle has some good advice.

Andrea said...

Hi Diane, it was actually Autumn Belle who told me about this happening to your posts. I am so sorry, but i think they already gave you good advice, i hope blogger acts soonest. My photos were also stolen last year and i was also alerted by a blogger. I don't know if any of my posts are stolen because i am not checking regularly and also don't know how check in detail. It is really a shame that there are people like them. Good luck.

Mark Willis said...

Diana, this is horrible news. There are so many thoroughly dishonest people in the world! If it were me in your situation I would be very annoyed, but I'm not sure I would do anything apart from trying to report it. The fact that someone else is using your material probably does not detract much from your readership - and anyway you are probably blogging because you enjoy doing so, therefore the more people who read your material, the better, I think. You should also make sure that as many peole as possible know about the theft. I will mention it on my blog and hopefully others will too, so the word will get around. Don't stop blogging though, please!

Unknown said...

diana, im shock also. however please do not stop posting.

autumn belle- u give very good info

Unknown said...

i just open that blog. she/he also stole you post about "tempahan bunga2 "..

Unknown said...

Oh, that is so horrible! I hope you find a way to notify and earn back your copyright.

If you stop blogging about your garden; for any amount of time, I am going to sourly miss reading about your garden.

Sue Garrett said...

It's all already been said Diana. LIke you I never mind people using material if they ask and acknowledge the source. Recently I found a site that had stolen all the recipes that I had attached to my website in PDF format so visitors could print them out. They were even offering them as an ebook. Apparently the site just trawled the web for PDF files. I removed all the files as had they had somehow linked to them using a feed rather than copying them. This removed them from their site. I then replaced the PDF files with a copyright message at the bottom so if it happens again at least the copyright and where the file came from is acknowledged.

On a positive note think of it as a compliment - they only stole it because it was good!

Kelli said...

Sorry to hear this. Please don't stop posting. If it were me, I would follow Autumn Bell's advice. I think this happens to many bloggers unfortunately. Such a shame. Hope you can reclaim your own! P.S. Your post is very good at explaining the issue.

Sean L said...

Autumn Belle has indeed provided very useful links for this issue. It so happens I was just doing searches on plants and vegetables, lo and behold, out pops a blog post that sounds like yours, but isn't yours. Plus the blog has all sorts of post of different topics that made it feel like a scam investment site.

kitsapFG said...

That is just despicable and I hope you follow everyone's suggestions to report it and leave a comment that they are notified to cease and desist using your copyrighted material.

Veggie Gnome said...

Don't let that get you down, Diana!

Just think - bad karma will bite them big time one day! :)

shafirul suffian said...

so sorry to hear that happened diana...
why they did this in the first place.. bahaya jugak kalau post tempahan bunga pun diciplak..

Jody said...

How discouraging. You're blog is done so well. It represents you and yours. To see someone else posting your own kid and claiming them as their own. I know you'll find a way to shut it down. Google doesn't want this to happen. They'll help you, once you reach them. Hang in there.

tina said...

It is a very frustrating thing for others to repost your posts. Most annoying and I take action right away. Autumn Belle gave you very good advice. I go one step further too. I think the people reposting posts are using a feed to collect your complete posting and are not so much right clicking as having the whole thing feed in. If you change your feed settings to short instead of full (found under settings-other-feed) then I think that helps as the whole post won't go out. I believe that is correct but am not sure. Here is a link to a post I did on one of the thefts of my posts:

There is a link to the reporting page and the page is very easy to navigate. It can be found here: Just follow the directions. Google has helped many times. I've also taken the route of a cease and desist letter either faxed or sent certified. Then people take the sites down. All urls have a listing in a database you can get info on who owns the website. Good luck.

rainfield61 said...

The seed you have not sowed but it grows over there.

Sad to hear about that.

And at the same time I am learning from you, and some others on this matter.

Bee Girl said...

Ugh...this is disappointing and disgusting. I hope you are able to rectify this situation and that it will not stop you form blogging...your voice would be sorely missed! I am grateful to everyone here for their words of advice and hope we can all learn a few positive tools form this sad situation. Good luck, my friend!!!

BilboWaggins said...

So sorry to see this has happened to you. Sadly, it probably happens way more than any of us realise because the chances of you (or a friend) stumbling upon your own work on another blog is probably very small.

I have my blog set not to be indexed by search engines because I write for myself, I'm not interested in collecting large numbers of readers, don't know if doing that would help.

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Diana! There are some muka tebal people out there, no shame in regards to steal other peoples's whole post! It has happened to me twice. Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover posts was stolen too by the same one who stole a few of my posts. I think Sonia and a few others reported, now that blog is not active anymore. I think that you should follow the advices of others and report. It irritates me to see your posts and even the photo of your son at their blog. These people tak tau rasa malu and tak segan langsung. The site deserved nothing else but to be removed!
Good luck and hope everything will work out soon!

allotments4you said...

Hi, I came over from Sue's blog at GLA after she had mentioned some of your posts being stolen. You have a very nice blog and I'm sorry this happened to you, I don't know why people feel the need to do this and I hope it gets stopped. I hope you soon get it sorted out. Best wishes to you and your family.xx

cookingvarieties said...

hi diana, i am so saddened by what you went through, you must be shocked in the beginning when you realized this..tho its already been hijacked for a few years.. scary huh.

I hope your complaint attended and matter resolved. anyway , i will e mail to you on how to disable right click, so that they cannot copy your tex.. gimme 2 hours ok. i magrib dulu. take care dear

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

Awful!I hope you have some luck getting them to pull the site down. Lots of great advice there.

Bom said...

That's terrible, Diana! I think you can easily request blogger to take down the other site. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your blogs/ideas being stolen by another blogger. Please don't let it put you off from sharing your gardening thoughts/ideas with the rest of the world and, more importantly, don't let it put you off enjoying doing so.I don't have my own blog but I do gain so much benefit/help from people like yourself (and others) who are kind enough to share their knowledge.PS I only found out about you and your 'blog thief' from another blogger 'Marks Plot' whom I recently signed-up to. Good luck and keep on going!

hijaudaun said...

simpati dengan situasi diana. hara diana banyak sabar. zaman sekarang ni kat mana2 pun ada jer yang jenis ambil kesempatan.kadang2 apa yang kita tak sangka tu lah yang berlaku.harap tindakan yang sewajarnya dikenakan kepada mereka ni.

JGH said...

I would be furious! If it ever happens again, I would make a comment on the blog letting them know that you are pursuing a complaint and have hired a lawyer, and intend to pursue the harshest possible punishment. It's a little bit unsatisfying just having it taken down. The person should be investigated, arrested and punished.

cookingvarieties said...

Hi diana, just posted 5 minutes ago, my post on your case of blog theft. would appreciate if you can put your latest comment, where other bloggers can share . we have to be strong. thanks diana..e deartake car

BilboWaggins said...

Forgot to mention something I heard ages ago:

You can't report another blog for stealing your material unless you know about it. To see if your content has been lifted, select a random part of a sentence from a recent post and search for it in Google. You need to "enclose the words" in quotation marks to make Google search for the string, not individual words.

Hope this helps.

Wendy said...

Wow. that is pretty incredible. 300 posts? And word for word - even "strawberries for Ilhan"? i just don't get it!!!

baguznet said...

so horrible... sorry to know that. But I believe there is away to claim your rights. There must be a tracking from database to compare who did the posting first in actual fact.

Try to communicate with the google/ with regards to copyright.

kumittyi said...

You've really have been a terrible experience. I cannot definitely forgive to steal your valuable and affectionate photos and words.
But,I am not sure how to deal with.
I'm so sorry.
However,I hope the things will resolve soon.

Unknown said...

Di...mmg sekarang nih byk sgt berlaku benda2 mcm nih....salah satu cara utk elak dr berlaku.l...cube lps nih each pic tu letak watermark...besar2 tgh2 pon diorg da tkbley edit pic tu....lg satu leceh sket edit html blog nih sket...ade arahan yg kite boley letak utk elakkn dari org klik then copy kite punyer pic...diorg just boley view shj....

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Gardener on Sherlock Street~ Thank you for the wonderful sites, I got lots of helpful advise from it.

Daphne~Thanks I was confuse at first which button should I select.

Dani~I hope I can prevent more stealing in the future:).

TK~Biasalah tu tapi blog pencuri tu at least selectivelah sikitkan nak ambik posting mana. Ini yang related dengan family pun main posting je.

Charmcitybalconygarden~Yeah it feel weird to see my sons pictures in the theif blog.

Cat-from-Sydney~Thanks you are so sweet.

Africanaussie~I have left comment on their blog, I have not visit them as yet to see how they respond to it.

Lena~I am happy and grateful to received many support and good advices.

Autumn Belle~Thanks you have helped me a lot and other readers as well have benefit from your advise.

James~Its very common. I am just cooling my head off and to refresh.

Liz~It won't put me off from blogging. Its just take time to report everything which makes time to blog reduce because of this. Very odd I am not sure either why.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Kalantikan~The blogger thief was copying everything word to word and images. They probably subscribe my blog by feeds. Sometime you can check your stats and see whether there are some URL that always visit your blog. So you can click on the URL and check out.

Mark~Thanks for mentioning in your blog. I have known that some of me images or post has been used. But this time is was quite a surprise to see my whole post stolen and used in other blog. That would be too much. I am lucky to have many blogger friends that have support me through all this time.

Hernyhafiz~Semua posting orang tu ambil. But it has been quiet in the theif blog since May no posting. I wonder why.

Sri Ranjani~You are so sweet dear.

Sue~I remembered you mention about them. That is a good way to resolve it Sue. At least the readers know where it has originally came from. Many bloggers are generous enough to share their experience and knowledge. But they are still someone who does not know shame and claim it as it own.

Kelli~Thanks Kelli you made me feel much better.

Sean L~ Thanks Sean for alerting me.

KitsapFG~I am still wondering what the blog purpose for the theif. Its a bit puzzling since no advertisement is there at all. I do have some commercial web stealing my post for business purpose.

Veggie Gnome~Yeah hope they got Bad Karma :).

Shafirul Suffian~ Semua post diciplak 100%. Takde edit langsung. Tak tahu tujuan sebenarnya.

Jody~I think the thief blog just do an auto setting to copy all my postings since it is not discriminating enough to not post my sons images as well.

Tina~I have change my feeds to short now. Thanks for telling me this. Yeah I read about someone stealing your post last year with your glass bottles creation photo in your garden.

Rainfield61~I hope everyone is much alert now regarding this matter. Its very common now to find photos or text being stolen.

Bee Girl~It won't stop me from blogging. But at the moment my blogging time has been reduce to report the stealing which is annoying. Hope we all learn from this.

BilboWaggins~I am not worried about losing my reader numbers because this blog is to share my gardening passion with other people. I have been receiving so many good advices from readers which I really appreciate very much and my gardening journey has become more fun. It was easier to convince blogger this time around because the thief copied my whole post text by text and images without any editing. I hope that other bloggers did not share this unfortunate experience like me.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Kitchen Flavours~I hope blogger will remove the blog. Terima kasih for your support. Tak laratlah nak provide 300 URLs copy to blogger. Maybe kena tunggu after I deliver baby masa pantang. Dah give 10URL to blogger and they deleted the post.

Allotment4you~Yes I need to stop that thief from stealing any other of my post onwards. Thank you so much for the best wishes.

Cookingvarieties~Really scary cause it my whole posts stolen. Its like my blog but not my blog. But I was not happy this time because some of other postings which is not mine has some adult content with it. Thank you for your support. I hope all of us can learn together from this experience.

Kirsty~I feel very blessed to receive many supports:).

Bom~Maybe I give them more than 30 URL copy next time I file a complaint to blogger. It will sound more serious and blogger will take down that site.

Anonymous~ Thanks I benefit a lot with this blog as it give me an opportunity to made many friends around the world sharing the same interest. I am still very young and wet behind the ears so I need many advise from people who has more experience.

Hijaudaun~Macam-macam sekarang ni. Curi beberapa takpe ni semua. Tuan blog pun jadi keliru ni blog saya ke blog orang lain.

JGH~We should harras the theif blog ;-).

Wendy~ Yup word by word an exact copy. Not sure what the purpose. Its strange though how they can get away from it for a long time like that. But at the end, it does got sniff out.

Baguznet~Yeah I think blogger will know which is the original post.

Kumittyi~Other readers has been giving many advise and I have summarised some in the next post.

Yus~Tulah lepas ni nak kena letak watermark besar pula kat tengah-tengah tak boleh nak edit atau crop. Kekadang kalut lupa nak letak code tak boleh ambil.

mat jon said...

memang tak patut, tapi jangan putus asa. Blogging je macam biasa, tiap sesuatu ada balasan dan hikmah. ;)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Mat Jon~ Bukan pertama kali tapi kali ni saja kepoh sikit;-).

Anonymous said...

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