Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carnation cuttings

Carnation was one of the first flower we planted in our place here in Adelaide. I bought a punnet of carnation ‘Chabaud mix’ seedlings in autumn year of 2009. Carnation need to be cut down very often as they grow lush and spread out pretty fast. This also promote more flowering. Carnation is a herbaceoues perennial plant and it is said to be originated from the Mediterranean region. The lower branch of our carnations were getting woody and old. We also liked to clear the area which the carnation was growing and move the carnation to another place. I think it will be a waste not to keep this plant because it thrive in neglect and it blooms longer than other flowers. So I google and see what option I can keep on growing this plant; to transplant the whole plant, grow from seeds or can it grow back by cuttings. I decided to have a go at growing them by cuttings make new baby carnation plants.  I cut some new shoot stems and stuck it into the soil.
I cut some carnation cuttings and stick it in polystyrene container in End of August last year.
carrot onion
More than 2 weeks later, we can see some growth from the cuttings.
carnation cuttings
Blooming profusely by Mid of November and need regular headings for promoting more flowers. Young plants give more blooms rather than the old plants. I will put in our autumn plan to grow new plants from cuttings and put in in the layout plan Smile.
This is just the collection of ‘Chabaud mix’ that we have in our garden.  For my notes, to decide to have a colourful mixture or single colours in one row for next autumn/spring. I hope my photographic memory won’t failed me to remember which colour is growing in which area.
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cikmanggis said...

salam Diana.cantiknya bunga carnation ni.Tak tahu pulak begitu senang tanam bunga carnation.Oh ya Cm baru dapat 2 bekas Polystyrene yang di kutip dari pasar hehe..mula mula tu malu nak ambil tapi bila balik rumah..wah seronok btol.Terima kasih Ya sb beri idea yg sangat bagu sekali:)

p3chandan said...

I love your carnations and Im amazed how easy it is to grow them! Its not easy to find the big blooms carnation seedlings in Sg Buloh which I prefer, only the miniature ones. I pun nak cari bekas polystyrene macam cikmanggis di pasar..

miruku said...

Sweet colours in your garden! I grow my carnations from cuttings too. I dead headed the flowers but couldn't find any seeds inside. Do you know where and how to get the seeds? Cikgu!

Unknown said...

My purple carnation was bought from flower shop. I wish I would have any carnations in my garden in summer but no so be happy what you have. Purple carnations are very beautiful and pink ones which are almost purple.
Those in third photo are very beautiful colored, specially the pink ones.
Greetings from Finland

Tezzie said...

Very interesting to see your carnations growing! And, what a beautiful final result :D I wonder if I could get carnations to grow up here in Finland...perhaps if I plant them in a greenhouse so they can get a little longer growth period that what nature gives us... If not, I'll just have to enjoy them as a rare treat from the shop ;D

Buckeroomama said...

I love the second-to-the-last carnation. :)

Sue Garrett said...

I sowed some carnation seeds last year and have plants but they haven't yet flowered so I hope they will look as good as yours.

In the past I've also bought bunches of carnations for a vase and taken cuttings from them!

Lrong Lim said...

I understand that they are also called 'pink', no? Pretty flowers you have...

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Cik Manggis, P3chandan~ Saya pun tak sangka mudah pula carnation ni tumbuh. Saja cuba-cuba menjadi pula. Kumpul polystyrene ni pun membantu menjaga alam sekitar :).

Milka ~ I too don't know where the seeds yet. Like you belek-belek the dried one but I cannot guess which is it.

Henrietta ~ The purple one is really rare here.

Tezzie ~ I hope they will continur to grow in the greenhouse.

Buckeroomama~ It is very hard to pick favourites.

Sue~ Oh what a good idea, if I see a rare colour carnation in the florist maybe I can try growing them. Do you know how to collect carnation seeds? I never grew one from seeds before so I don't know how it looks like.

Stephanie said...

This plant reminds me of dianthus. Dianthus can be propagated using stem cutting also. Good job on multiplying the plant. They look soft and sweet. Glad you posted. Thanks!

rainfield61 said...

You have a good window view.

Sue Garrett said...

I don't know whether the seeds from carnations will produce plants true to the parent - I bought a packet of seeds to grow mine.

Just hope mine flower this year and have a perfume too as I like that as much as the colours.

Apparently they are called pinks too because the edges are frilly or pinked nothing to do with colour which is what many people think.

One said...

Beautiful! I am very impressed that your plants are always very healthy and beautiful. What fertilizer do you use? Horse poo?

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

I love your carnations.. well sone.. you asksed about my flower photo.. and I think that is is a form oz azalea. I live in North Texas, ( jsut moved here) and it is on a shrub. I could be wrong...still trying to find out about a lot of flowers here.

joey said...

No novice gardener ... I'd say you have a green thumb!

Unknown said...

I love carnation, its one of my fave flowers.

Malar said...

Those are lovely carnation! I like to see your carrot!

James David said...

I used to play with carnations when I was boy and often thought that look very much like the left-overs of the sharpened pencil.
Somehow I realised that this flower last much longer in the vase as a cut flowers compared to roses and lilies.

LENE said...

I wish my garden was as green as yours! But the spring will come again soon, even if everything is white and covered in snow right now.
I wish you a wonderful new year!

Makarimi Abdullah said...

Nice collections! I wish I can grow carnation here, but sadly it's cannot. This plant can grow for awhile in the raining season, but after that everything rot ;)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Lrong ~ I did not know it is called 'pink' too and Sue @ Green Lane Allotment has provide the answer. Now I know:).

Stephanie~ They are both the same family, carnation is dianthus.

Rainfield~ Somebody else have the view from the window not me.

Sue~ I hope your carnation will bloom this coming spring. Thats mean carnation is frost-tolerant then?I always wanted to know.

One ~ Apart from the soil preparation planting, I rarely fertilise them (I can be very lazy). If I am in the mood, I treat them with seaweed liquid fertiliser once a month.

Mom of M&Ms ~ Thank you for telling me what the flower name is, I really like them.

Joey~ Still have lot to learn about gardening. I do have many failure attempt as well ;-).

Shydub~ Its very pretty flower which bloom very long.

Malar~ I don't have many carrot growing now. Its too hot to sow them now.

James~ The petals also stay intact after they dried up compare with other flower.

Lene~ Spring not that far away and you always captured the garden beauty in your lens which I admire very much.

Orchid de dangau~ Maybe you can try growing them when you further your study in Korea.