Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wildlife in Kangaroo island

We were lucky during our trip to Kangaroo Island to encounter many wildlife in its natural surrounding. Wildlife are everywhere in Kangaroo island. Watching the koalas on the tree at Koala Walk which is near to Flinders Chase National Park. There were also many young baby koalas in their mother cuddles on the tree.
My mother would really like to have this Cape Barren goose on her backyard. The Cape Barren goose is about the same size as a normal domestic goose but different characteristics, such as bright pink legs, grey plumage, black bill with a bright green core. Due to hunting, by the 1950s their number were so low (estimated 200 individuals that biologist feared they may be close to extinction. Various initiatives were put in place in an attempt to save this beautiful bird. Although the population of geese is now steady and increasing it still remains one of the rarest of the world's geese (Koala Walk information centre).
 Tammar wallabies are everywhere on the island. Sadly, you always encounter a dead one while driving. Wallabies has a smaller and fine feature than the kangaroo. In the picture, tammar wallaby in front and Kangaroo Island kangaroo which has evolved differently fom the mainland is at the back of the wallaby. We saw many wallabies beside the road, be sure to be extra careful when driving at night because they are attracted to the light.
Due to island isolation, the echidnas in Kangaroo island also have evolved a bit differently from the mainland like the Kangaroo Island kangaroo. Echidnas are very shy animal.
Don't miss out watching the New Zealand Fur seals at the Admiral Arch basking in the sun.
I saw this little beatle walking on the sand at Little Sahara, remind me of 'The Mummy' movie.

The highlight was walking on the beach watching the Australian sea-lion playing and relaxing on the beach. They are simply adorable creatures. Although the male or bull looks like it has so any extra fat on him, he can run very fast so be careful and listen to your guide tour.

You can see emu along the unsealed road from farm.

This is a sibling of Fairy Penguins that were waiting for their parent to feed them. They were noisy bickering over food.
Don't get accidently spurt by squid black ink ;-).
This is my last post for Kangaroo Island. Thank you for joining the trip with me :).


Makarimi Abdullah said...

Wonderful place to visit. You are so lucky be there. Wish I have chance to go there. Great photos and post.

miruku said...

Your family especially the kids must be very happy to see all these wildlife. How good, without having to go to the zoo. But wait! Where's the kangaroo? lol.

takaeko said...

My daughter loves koalas and always wants to hug them!

Sue Garrett said...

Sounds like you saw everything on your trip!

rainfield61 said...

I have never koalas in real, but the most amazing is the beetle, it is so unique and different.

cikmanggis said...

bestnya!!seronok dapat ikut Diana jalan jalan seperti ni:)lain kali jangan lupa bawa Cm lagi sekali ya hehe.Ceria ceria selalu.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Orchid de dangau~ We were undecided at first to go there. Lucky we decided to go!

Milka~ The kangaroo hiding in the bush in pic3. LOL.

Takaeko~ I would like to hug a koala too. But have to be careful with the claws can be very sharp!

Sue~ We missed the platypus.

Rainfield61~ I almost step on it thought it was some fruit shell. Never now there are beetle living in sand area.

Cikmanggis~ Bilalah dapat pergi berjalan ni bila dah masuk sekolah balik...hehehe...

Mr. H. said...

Wow, the only animal I recognized was the emu, what an amazing place you live. I just read your post below, congratulations on such a fine harvest...that fresh corn looks mighty good.:)

Mr. H. said...

Also, if you decide to do seed week sometime in the future I would be happy to participate.

One said...

It looks like some place I would like to visit. Have you carried a koala before? I took a photo with one and had to carry it. My goodness! It was extremely heavy and the photographer took forever to snap the photo. My wrist almost snapped.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Mr. H ~ My corn pollination was not that good as it was not full but the taste was good. I have not decide the date yet but will inform later.

One~ I never carried a koala before. But the big one weight can be a bit deceptive until you carry them.

Malar said...

Such a great trip! Definately your kids should have enjoyed it very much!
The goose is new for me! Thanks for such a good animal tour post!