Monday, January 10, 2011

Hasil sayur kebun kami minggu lepas

The main harvest for this week is mainly tomatoes and Asian greens.  When I am hungry while gardening, I just pick a tomato straight from the plant and eat it. How did I long to do this since we started gardening here and now my wish has been granted. The day after my cousin returned and stay with us, she told me she ate 28 tomatoes in a day!

05/01/2011~We got to harvest our first yellow cherry tomatoes which we really like the taste.  I think the variety named is ‘ Yellow Pear Cherry’ tomato.


07/01/2011 ~ Carrots, Green Gem cucumbers, squash, Chinese celery. Red Welsh onions, spring onion, Purple King and Redland Pioneer beans.


08/01/2011~ My husband went fishing in the morning. No luck with fish but he did caught some Blue Swimmer crabs. Harvest a bowl of different variety of Asian greens ~ Red Choi, Da Cheong Chae, Amaranth and Mei Qing Choi F1.

DSC08350Harvest (3)

09/01/2010 ~ We got to harvest our first red onions and brown onions grown from supermarket onions that has sprouted leaves. Now we hang them under the shed for curing.  The cut and come again kang kong (water spinach) grows really fast. I think I just cut them about a week ago. I left the spring onions grew until it forms a big bulb at the base. Other harvested veggies were Green gem cucumber, 2 cobs of Early Gem sweet corns and beans.



rainfield61 said...

The crabs are the distraction!

But I still need your tomatoes for the sauce.


Sue Garrett said...

28 tomatoes in one day is a lot - were they grape sized? Tomatoes from the greenhouse are a distant memory for us at the moment

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

How wonderful to have these harvest, since my world is under a blanket of snow. I love the bok choy, and that's my greens..

cikmanggis said...

sukanya!!!!!suka betul baca n3 yang begini.Cm selalu berangan nak makan sayur dari kebun sendiri yg bebas racun....sayur organik tapi belum ada rezeki lagi.Bila lihat ketam tu..seronoknya.

p3chandan said...

Same like me, while picking the tomatoes, at least 3 will be eaten raw! By the way, my cherry tomatoes look like yours, a bit elongated, maybe same variety. I love those greens, my wish this year, I would love to have greens in my garden!

miruku said...

I only ate 2 of the tomatoes from my previous tomato plants. All were plucked and eaten raw by my daughter if she saw one ripen. I can not win the birds, not even my daughter haha.

Mr. H. said...

Fresh tomatoes sound so good to me right now...what a feast.

One said...

That's a great harvest. Today I harvested one jagung. Haha!

Anonymous said...

You guys are in for a great dinner. Fresh picked veggies and some fresh seafood. Yum.

shaz said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and I am so glad I found yours. I have very tiny courtyard garden (we live in an apartment) where I struggle to grow any sort of vegetables because I have 1) not enough sun and 2) two possums that come and help themselves to my plants!

So impressed with the crabs too! Yum!

Katie said...

I love all these shots of fresh veggies from your garden and of your husband's seafood catch!

Makarimi Abdullah said...

Wow great harvest, so yummy with seafood.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Sue ~ I suspect it was medium to beefsteak size because the cherry tomatoes were still green back then. My cousin trying to restrain herself now with few tomatoes perday as we worried about the acid that can upset the stomach balance.

Mumsy ~ Spring not that far away now.

Cikmanggis ~ Tak lama lagi dapatlah makan sayur organik tu sebab tengok sawi dah membesar kat kebun CM.

p3chandan~ The greens are more easier to take care than tomatoes except that the pest love them so much.

Milka~ The birds are always following us around the garden but we feed them with left over rice or bread so they have plenty food to eat and don't disturb the veggies. You girl very clever really like veggies.

Mr. H ~ I reckon your pantry must still have many preserve tomatoes in all kind of form now. I should learn how to preserve them. It just that I am not clever enough to balance my time between the garden, kitchen,kids and school.

One ~ My jagung not doing good this month. I would have trade my tomatoes for your jagung!

Shaz~ I think the possums pose much more problem than the sun. Leafy vegetables do well in partial shade and some herb.

Katie~ You would have taken the shots much more better than I do with your creativity.

Rainfield61, flootietootie, Orchid de dangau~ I would have invited you for dinner with the crabs as main, as I actually don't have that much space to keep the crabs in our freezer as we still have many not cook yet from previous fishing trip.