Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thank you Milka

I received a very lovely Christmas gifts from Milka the author of milka's jishiben blog. I really like it and appreciate the gifts so much. I received a pretty gardening apron and a cute Christmas card.
Very sweet words. Even though Milka and I have never met with each other and we knew each other from bloggingland only a few months, we are fast to become very good friend.

Milka gave me my first garden decoration for my Adelaide garden. I really like what it says, make me fantasies about my self-sown Zinnias, portulacas, violas, gaillardia and marigold in our summer garden  now:).

Last year end of November, I bought my first ever rose plant from the Sunday market.  This is the first bloom, looks like red but wait.....
A baby rose bloom.

Full bloom and the colour is similar with the rose garden decoration gift that Milka gave me. I think Milka has a natural instinct to find and select pretty garden decorations. She really has talent for decorating indoors and outdoors. I always enjoy reading her post. I dedicated my first rose blooms to Milka, if it possible I would have presented her my rose.

Milka has inspire me to decorate my garden a little bit. I have only white cabbage butterfly in my garden and when I read other blogger beautiful butterfly post such as from Onenezz or Rainfield61, somehow I yearn for those colourful butterfly as well (but not their eggs). So I found this big butterfly to compliment the size of sunflower and Milka rose.

Since I started blogging, I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who inspire me to continue and try many new things in the garden, kitchen or other stuff as well. I learn a lot from reading other blogger post and I appreciated your comments and advice. Thank you so much for the friendship as well. I hope the beginning of 2011 has gone off wonderfully for everyone.


miruku said...

You're welcome, Diana. I'm glad that you like the gifts and also glad that they reached you (thought they had lost in post). Oh and thanks for your rose! :)

fer said...

IS so great how we get to know so many people around the world isn't?
Your blooms look great, and so does your decorations.

Katie said...

Isn't blogging great?! I, too, have met some fantastic people with whom I've become good friends!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Milka~ I really like tham and thank you.

Fer~ I remember your rose was a very sexy dark red. I too like that colour but I can see yours when it bloom and thats why I chose a pinkish one:).

Katie~ I totally agree.

Autumn Belle said...

Milka is really sweet and thoughtful. I have a lot to learn from you and her. Diana, you are such a sentimental soul. It's great to know you eventhough we have never ever met in person. How nice that real friendships can be found via blogging. When I started blogging, I never expected that this could ever happen!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Autumn Belle~ It is very fortunate that I found a friend like you via blogging too.