Saturday, January 1, 2011

Evening Sun Sunflower greets 2011

Many of our Evening Sun sunflowers have already bloomed and giving not one bloom but many blooms per-plant. So many shades of colour as well and guessing the colour when it was only a bud was fun. Here are the many smiling faces of the Evening Sun Sunflower with our hope that 2011 will be a very good year for us and especially for Rayyan. I always associate this sunflower with Rayyan for happy thoughts and positive thinking.
My first experience sowing this Evening Sun sunflower seeds was a day before I gave birth to Rayyan. I was so determine to finish sowing this seeds and other plant seeds according to my plan that I did not even realised I was having cramps and Rayyan is going to see the real world soon.I thought it was back pain or my muscle aching because I have a heavy tummy and Rayyan was due for another 2 weeks .LOL. I guessed back then I was preparing myself that when I gave birth to Rayyan we might have to stay in the hospital for long time since our 32 weeks scan show that Rayyan has a severe heart condition.  But we just stayed a week in the hospital and after that nurses come and visit us almost everyday at home which is good.
Evening sun sunflower (22)
Evening sun sunflower (23)
Our first Evening Sun sunflower plants bloomed profusely when Rayyan was discharged from his second admission to hospital due failure to thrive after his first surgery. We spend most of our 2010 New Year in the hospital. The sunflower this year has more blooms than last year indicating 2011 will be a good year as we hope for Rayyan. Also we had the opportunity to do a few travelling this month which has been so much fun as we had always avoid long-distance travel due to Rayyan condition.
Evening sun sunflower (8)
Evening sun sunflower (17)
Evening sun sunflower (16)
This is my favourite colour for Evening Sun sunflower. Which is your favourite colour?
Evening sun sunflower (18)
I am aiming to keep this flower seeds and it next door neighbour which at least 2 metre tall. One of the bloom has already begun to dry but it is too tall to collect the seeds so I am leaving it there if no harm will come upon it.
Evening sun sunflower (19)
At the other side of our backyard fence Evening Sun sunflower festive.
Evening sun sunflower (3)
May you have a wonderful 2011 year!

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cinafong said...

Most beautiful sunflowers I have ever seen esp. the deep red (?) ones

Happy New Year


fer said...

So beautiful! I miss seeing so many sunflowers like back at my country. Here are a bit more uncommon, but they sometimes grow them on little vacant plots.

Sue Garrett said...

LOvely sunflowers Diana bees love them too don't they?

miruku said...

Didn't know it has so many colours. My evening suns are growing taller each day and i expect to see the flowers very soon. Wondering what colour(s) will they bring to me? :)
Hope 2011 will be a good year for Rayyan and your family :)

rainfield61 said...

Secantik Bunga Matahari menceriakan Hari Sabtu saya.

Kalau matahari sebanyak Bunga Matahari di kebun, Si Tupai memang mencari-cari air terjun di Cerok Tokun.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Cinafong~ Its my favourite too. It almost deep red with only a bit of yellow at its edge isn't it.

Fer~ There is a huge sunflower field or festival in August in Niigata. I recommend you to visit because it is in a small nice ski town.

Sue~ I notice the bees like the mature bloom instead of the fresh one. I was a bit worried about the bees quantaties before the sunflower was not yet blooming because it decrease. Moreover our poppies has been well-spent and won't cope with the heat here. Now the bees are buzzing happy again.

Milka~ You noticed the seed that I sent were different colour. I hope I am diligent enough this year to observe which bloom colour match with the seed colour. I planned to record it before but did not have time.

Rainfield61~ Hope you have a ceria-ceria Sunday as well.

Rosie Gan said...

This post of yours is special in many ways...thank you for sharing with us the significance of these sunflowers to you and your hopes for your son. He is so lucky to have a mum like you.

Katie said...

Those are beautiful! I've never seen a sunflower with orange petals.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

Beautiful sunflowers.. I am lookin gfor seeds so that we can plant our own. How amazing to mark your child's progress through the flowers.. AMazing. Thank you for sharing.

Lona said...

Oh how lovely they are. They come in so many great colors now. They are a flower that just brings a smile to your face.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year!!! I hope 2011 brings you lots of happines :)

I love your sunflowers, I planted some last year in my garden, but I think it was way too late for them to grow, or I put them in the wrong place, so i will have to try again nest Spring, and maybe this time I'll be more sucessful with them

Channal said...

Long for sunflowers! Happy New Year! Anna

Phoebe said...

I planted Evening sun too, but they dont seem to be doing so well. The Russian Giants are very tall though, and look great against the fence!

I hope 2011 is healthy and happy for you and your family!

Unknown said...

I hope this year is a great one for Rayyan, who has no doubt been a great sport, dealing with the surgeries, needles, and other things that I hope he won't have to see any more of!! He will love to grow up and learn how he is linked to one of the most beautiful flowers!

cikmanggis said...

salam KMKG,wah sungguh cantik bunga -bunga matahari ni.Selalunya cm hanya tanam sepokok dua je dan bila dah gugur bunganya terbuang begitu saja.Boleh tanya sikit?apa yang KMKG buat dengan bunga bunga matahari ni?sekadar hiasan atau boleh dimakan? oh ya pokok pokok karot yang Cm tanam nampaknya tidak membesar dengan sepatutnya.rasanya memang cuaca tidak sesuai untuk benih benih carrot tu membesar.

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, wow!! I would love to be in a sunflower field one of these days. These are awesome. I've never seen a sunflower that's more than yellow or orange. :)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Cikmanggis~ Setiap pagi mama saya rebuskan kami air rebusan bunga matahari. Cuma ambil bunganya sahaja dan masukkan segelas air. Kata mama kawannya yang ajar baik untuk buang batu (gallbalder stone)atau dalam kidney. Kawannya patutnya buat operation tapi lepas amalkan ni tak jadi pula buat operation pulih sendiri. Cikmanggis tanam carrot jenis apa? Semenjak saya menanam karot, saya perasan yang tahan panas jenis 'Topweight' dan 'New Kuroda'.

Autumn Belle said...

Diana, am I dreaming? I would really love to grow sunflowers like that in my own garden! Happy New Year 2011!

Malar said...

Wow! You have so many bright sunflowers blooming in your garden!