Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mei Qing Choi F1 (hybrid)

I bought a packet of Mei Qing Choi F1 seeds in autumn this year from Phoenix seeds company. Mei Qing Choi F1 is a hybrid variety producing very compact pak choi about half the size of the standard cultivators. Petioles are a soft green and form a thick base to the plant even in the young stages. Shows good bolt resistance and is tolerant of heat and cold, making it relatively simple to cultivate. I tested this seeds in spring and the germination was very good. Seedlings ready to be transplanted.


Germination in summer is also very good so far. But this time I direct sowed them where I want them to grow so we avoid heat-shock from transplanting. Since this leafy vegetables can be harvest anytime it is very convenient. This seedlings grow so fast benefit from direct sowing and the warmer temperature that we begun to have.


Different stages of Mei Qing Choi F1 growth.


I found that this hybrid is pest and disease resistance. I have been busy and not been able to check cabbage white butterfly eggs and caterpillars underside the leaves. However, this variety still look not that bad. The other non-hybrid leaf vegetables usually are almost bare without any leaves only the stem were left for us from the pest or can it be that odour from onions that were previouly grown here still strongly linger. Some of them has gone through the cut and come again stage and the leaves grow back really fast.


This hybrid is very heat-tolerant as well from my trial conclusion growing them. It will be interesting to test them in cooler weather to see whether it will quick to bolt or not. In comparison with red choi which is another hybrid that I tested this year, Mei Qing Choi F1 is not showing any bolting sign yet even though it is now summer and we had extreme hot weather this week. The red choi has already started to bolt. I did sowed some Mei Qing Choi F1 seeds this week and it has popped up in less than a week.  Mei Qing Choi F1 ready to be harvested.


A close up look of Mei Qing Choi F1 that has been watered recently in the late afternoon feeling fresh after withstanding the above 40 degree Celcius temperature for a few days now during the day.


Our main harvest for this week.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

They really grow fast this veggie..... tried a few times, will definitely try again in Tanah Merah.

Makarimi Abdullah said...

Very heatlhy veggies you have. I like to eat stir fry with salted fish, Yummy!

Stephanie said...

Nice job! I just so love the sight of these greens against the dark soil :-D Happy eating them.

ManPreet Kaur said...

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miruku said...

All veggies are growing so well in your garden. Caterpillars, spiders and grasshoppers are my big problems in the garden, especially now in the monsoon season. I think these creatures are 'tame' in Aus? haha.

cikmanggis said...

macamana tanah kebun Diana begitu hitam warnanya?baja kompos ke?nampak ada ranting-ranting pokok yang terbakar,betul ke ranting pokok?hehe banyak soalan ni sebab Cm nampak tanaman di kebun Diana semuanya subur subur belaka.Cm punya kebun hmm mak ooi,hidup segan mati tak mahu:(

Sue Garrett said...

We haven't grown pak choi for ages as it always seems to be attacked by I think flea beetles. Lots of pin prick holes. It's the same pest that attacks the swede and radish leaves but fortunately we don't eat the leaves of those.

Chloe m said...

I am thinking this looks like what we call Bok choy. I am not sure if it is the same or not but we love it in stir fry.
You are going to have a lovely crop!
Thanks for stopping by.

Eliza @ Appalachian Feet said...

I love growing these here in the winter! I have to order the seeds from ethnic specialty catalogs, and they always get to harvest size so quickly (if I can keep the cabbage butterflies and slugs away). Great photos!

rainfield61 said...

These must must be very delicious. Your photos are a great temptation to me.

Malar said...

Your Pak Choi look so green and healthy! I just sowed the seeds yesterday together with some of your seeds!

cikmanggis said...

Terima kasih dgn penerangan yg sungguh jelas tentang soalan cm kat atas.Terima ksih banyak banyak,Nnt nak cuba buat seperti yg diana buat tu.:)

Katie said...

All of your beautiful garden plants really make me miss summer!