Monday, December 6, 2010

Container gardening (December)

I have been away a few days from home for fishing trip with my cousins and family. I was hoping that it won’t be too hot and the plants can survive with a few days without watering. I was worried with the plants that are growing in containers as they can’t keep water that much. When I was driving in through the driveway, I was shocked to see some of our sweet corn leaves dried up and the pollen as well. At this moment, I will think positively because some still don’t have pollen yet so will help with pollination later I hope. I water the plants straight away as many water as I can give them (we only use recycled water). In just these few days, I saw many changes in the garden; the warm loving vegetables grow so fast, newly emerged Asian green seedlings that popped up before departure many died, and many warm loving vegetable seedlings has germinated.

Mei Qing F1 Pak Choy growing in container with less 20cm depth soil. I don’t usually grow hybrid but this Spring~ Summer I decided to try. I found that Asian Leaf vegetable hybrid is more pest resistance. Although with the hybrid it still be munched a bit but not like non-hybrid which usually in time disappear altogether except for the stem. For the naked non-hybrid I just let them bolt and collect seed later so I can grow many of them when the butterfly is not in sight season.


This is also container (depth <25cm) with Mei Qing F1 Pak choy but has been munched more than top photo. The difference? Top~Previously red onions were grown; Bottom~ Previously spinach were grown. Did the red onions smell linger~ there.DSC00096 Cucumber and carrots growing in the same container. Cucumber plants has produced many female flowers. We can see many baby cucumbers.

 DSC00125  Kang kong or water spinach my favourite (soil depth <25cm) growing together with chives and leeks. The seeds I bought were not many so I am thinking of cutting some shoot and put it in water so the root will grow and I plant them back into the soil. Alternatively when I go to the market I buy a bunch of kangkung and plant them back like I did with the sweet potatoes.Maybe I let them grow and spread on the ground covering the soil.


Inter-planting Pak Choy with sweet potato (soil depth >30cm). My first trial growing sweet potato in container.

DSC00114 Australia brown onions are starting to form bulbs.

DSC00122 White spine cucumber, cherry tomato and carrots growing together in the same box with soil depth <25cm.



PJ said...

Looks like the heat gave them a real boost. Some great container combinations there, though some books do suggest cucumbers and tomatoes do not grow well together. I think you might be proving them all wrong as they look to be growing well!

Malar said...

Looks like the hot weather doesn't effect much on your vegetables! I love to see your carrot!

Wendy said...

Everything looks great - I'd be looking forward to those onions!

miruku said...

Glad you're fine! I started to worry and miss you when i didn't see you on, haha. It's good to have some family trips, i hope your hb caught a lot for the dinners :)
Your veggie are still looking great, even without watering for the few days, in summer! I like your onion plants, look so strong. Hope all the seeds you gave me will sprout soon! Can't wait for that already!! LOL

Stephanie said...

Once I planted sweet potato. Tubers rotted due to prolonged rain. Hence plant died. Oh I planted in container. Sweet potato will thrive in pots ;-)

p3chandan said...

I just love to see your greens, though I havent tried to plant any yet cos I still have a lot of seeds germinating in my 2 planters that need to be transfered elsewhere.Im planting the seeds you send me maybe next January when Ive planned to have new raised beds for them. Happy holidays!

rainfield61 said...

This is the problem when my family goes out for vacation.

My neighbour may help to water the plants, but not always.

Sue Garrett said...

At the moment our only problem has been getting out at all through the snow!

One said...

Your plants still look good except maybe the corns. Where did you find so many styrofoam boxes to grow those veggie? I've have sown all Evening Sunflowers seeds directly on the ground. Hopefully the birds don't find them. Can't wait to see them germinate. I'm going to water them again now. Always keep the seeds moist....:)

Mr. H. said...

I hope you caught lots of fish.:) Your plants are looking great.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Kwee Ping~ I got the styrofoam after the pasar tani on the weekend finish cleaning up the area. Sometimes from the kedai runcit as well. Can't wait to see the sunflower blooming in your garden.

fer said...

So many nice plants. They seem to have resisted the away time very well.

Tanya Boracay said...

Hello Fer,

Yes, i agree with you that, they small but they look healthy.

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