Thursday, December 16, 2010

Polystyrene container summer layout.

Yesterday after cutting the grass and weeding in the container at our backyard, I re-organized the polystyrene containers. So this is how the backyard looks like with the polystyrene containers side by side. At this section, brown onions, turnips, capsicum and Pak choi growing.

Chives, Water spinach (kang kong), Pak Choi, ect.
 Jicama seedlings (sengkuang), carrots, spring onions, cucumber, ect.
Leeks, sweet potato, carrots, cucumber, cherry tomato, pak choi, ect.
Bitter gourd, cherry tomato, sweet potato, ginger, carrots, lemon basil, pumpkin, ect.
Hopefully, all the plants that is growing in polystyrene container will do well this summer.


One said...

Amazing! You have almost everything. I imagine there are holes at the bottom of those boxes, right?

rainfield61 said...

You have a small but super garden.

Sue Garrett said...

It's good to be able to rearrange your garden so easily - you certainly have lots growing well.

p3chandan said...

I envy you envy you Diana! Its such a good spread of veggies in those boxes. Actually I prefer container planting although I have a bit of ground space for my veggies, because they can be moved if the weather is bad, like now in Malaysia with rain every few days. Moreover, I noticed the plants thrive better in containers than on the ground!

Malar said...

Wow! You have almost all the vegetables growing in your backyard!
Growing vegetables in the box is excellent idea. Do you cut hole at the bottom of the box? I would like to try this method!

Malar said...

I received the seeds yesterday! Thank you very much! I will blog about it soon!

miruku said...

You have so many types of veggie in your garden! And very neat arrangement!- the floor and the wall are so clean too! :)

Stephanie said...

I saw many kitchen gardens here that are at the back of terrace houses use polystrene containers also. They make great pots.

Your garden is now looking really tidy and pleasing :-D

Mr. H. said...

Your veggies are so very green, this is a sign of good healthy soil. You seem to have a real knack for container gardening...something I still struggle with. I will be most interested to hear how your jicama does as we have often considered growing it but fear that our season is not quite long enough.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

ONE~ We have to make holes at the bottom.

Rainfield61~ Will be nice if we have more super strength to take care of it.

Sue~ Re-arrangement can make it more fun growing in containers. New view any time we want:).

p3chandan ~ Some thrive in container, some need more space for it own. A bit tricky sometime to choose which like to be social or individual. Its a fun guessing game to decide what to grow in the same box.

Malar~ Happy that the seeds has already been received by you. Holes in the bottom. I always asked somebody else to poke holes in the bottom.

Milka~ My landlord send his agent for house inspection every 3 months!

Stephanie~ The one growing in pots still look pleasing to the eye. But the one on ground I cannot control them anymore. Looks like a small jungle.

Mr. H~ In the container when my first time filling them actually the 2/3 are raw green waste then 1/3 top are soil.We don't have much rain here. This way the bottom part of container will stay moist much longer as containers dry quickly.This is my first time growing jicama and a bit nervous on growing them:). I am worried about the season too.

Makarimi Abdullah said...

Salam Diana, are so smart in recycling material. I salute you!
You save the world ;-) You save a lots of money ;-p
Sadly i cannot do that to my heavy to hang it and it really easy to broken/break, but will try to use it for other type of plants.

Unknown said...

Bravo !!!! You did a amazing job.

Wendy said...

are you really meticulous about watering? Everything looks so lush and healthy.

kitchen flavours said...

You did a very good job at arranging your plants. I grow my veggie in containers too, but never have luck in growing them healthily! Love your garden! I am in the midst (half-way done) of clearing my pots at my backyard, there will be quite a few empty containers. As soon as the clearing is done, I can sow the seeds that you sent! Hopefully, they will germinate and strive as well as yours have!

fer said...

Your garden looks amazing! So many great looking vegetables.

So funny I just had a post about polystyrene containers. They do make excellent pots dont they. I want to try doing it like this when I have a garden of my own in the future.
Do you still have the caps of the boxes? you can try to make mini greenhouses at the beginning of the season, when you sow the seeds. Then take the cap away, and use them as normal pots when the seedlings are big enough.

Chloe m said...

Very ingenious idea! I have one of those somewhere in my basement and I am going to have to dig it out and try this. Thanks!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Orchid de dangau~ Do you grow your orchid on the branch of other tree? My mother grow hers like that. Always thinking how to plant veggies the cheapest way...hehehe...

Ellada ~ Thank you. Like to see your snow pictures.

Wendy~ We only use recycle water from kitchen, bath and laundry. Not enough to water everything in one day. But we water plants in pot more often than the one grown on the ground. We have more rain this year than last year.

Kitchen flavour ~ Looking forward to see what you will grow in the empty containers.

fer~ Thank you for the fantastic idea. But we don't have the cap boxes. There are never together with the box when we collect them from the garbage bin in the market.

Rosey~ Hope you give it a try when spring comes to your place.